Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference

17 May 2017

Meeting Minutes

<eparsons> Hi all have trouble with webex... please wait

<SimonCox> Is webex working?

<eparsons> Sorry my host key is not working so I cannot start the webex...

<SimonCox> Plan B?

<ScottSimmons> I can get us a GoTo Meeting

<ScottSimmons> we can use this GTM: https://‌global.gotomeeting.com/‌join/‌655312141

<eparsons> Plan B - https://‌hangouts.google.com/‌call/‌oaedzyiqvnedxh6c7ftvzugntmy

<ScottSimmons> OK, Ed's Hangouts wins as he is chair!

<eparsons> So my microphone is broken !!!

<SimonCox> we're all here ed!

<eparsons> Not my night !!!

<SimonCox> You get me up early for this?!?

<AndreaPerego> Sorry, Simon...

<eparsons> Sod it go on without me I need to restart

<SimonCox> We have no leadership or direction without ed!

<eparsons> But if I do you will lose the hangout so continue...

<eparsons> without my dulcet tones

<SimonCox> Scott - you'd b etter chair ...

<ScottSimmons> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2017/‌04/‌19-sdw-minutes

<ScottSimmons> +0

<eparsons> +1

Approving last time's meeting minutes


<SimonCox> +1

<AndreaPerego> +0 (not there)

Patent call

<AndreaPerego> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2015/‌spatial/‌wiki/‌Patent_Call

<ScottSimmons> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2015/‌spatial/‌wiki/‌Meetings:Telecon20170517

Resolved: Approve last meeting minutes

<eparsons> No others items

Best Practices document report

<ScottSimmons> Chris - we are on the Google Hangout: https://‌hangouts.google.com/‌call/‌oaedzyiqvnedxh6c7ftvzugntmy

<SimonCox> for audio https://‌hangouts.google.com/‌call/‌oaedzyiqvnedxh6c7ftvzugntmy

... presentation to the OGC of the BP

... official positions like the BP document need a vote by the OGC technical committee

... item needs to pass by 2/3 yes to 1/3 no

... for a 45 day vote it is usual day 42 to get the majority in the ballot

... it is also going through the W3C process

... any comments?

SimonCox: OWL Time update
… tied down document 2-3 weeks ago
… review by the international standardisation group
… 6-7 issues were raised on GitHub
… spent the last couple of days on this

<SimonCox> https://‌www.w3.org/‌2015/‌spatial/‌wiki/‌Wide_Review#Disposition_of_issues_raised

SimonCox: Issues were raised by Addison Philips by the W3C i18n Working Group
… Addison Philips is an expert on timezones and had some issues on that
… Have not solved the issue with the numbering of weeks in different jurisdictions

<SimonCox> numbering of week within year is locale specific was the other isse

SSN ontology

<SimonCox> SSN Ontology - currently in public review

<SimonCox> Phila and tidaust have not joined recently

<SimonCox> need to trigger review by i18n WG

<SimonCox> gathering implementation evidence

<SimonCox> Geoscience Australia is implementing SOSA Core (Samples)

<SimonCox> SIgnificant reviews , + f2f conversations

<SimonCox> main item that has been noted as missing is *examples*

<SimonCox> now trying to add more

<SimonCox> SOme continuing discussion about modelling of Properties and ObservableProperties - esp class vs instance

<SimonCox> RDFS & OWL cannot restrict other people's implementation choices, but document will offer recommended patterns

<SimonCox> One comment about how Actuation model was developed

<SimonCox> One comment on Stimulus-Sensor-Observation - is there a similar Actuation pattern?

<ChrisLittle> * Scott I've now installed Hangouts. What was the link again please? IRC was killed in the process

<ScottSimmons> Chris - we are on the Google Hangout: https://‌hangouts.google.com/‌call/‌oaedzyiqvnedxh6c7ftvzugntmy for audio

<SimonCox> SSO pattern introduced non-used class (Stimulus) so reluctant to introduce similar for Actuation (Effect)

<SimonCox> SOme 'features at risk' now marked.

<SimonCox> Have moved many into a separate ontology (file) so can be easily made non-normative without destroying the shape of the document.

<SimonCox> So still significant refactoring of document underway ...

<SimonCox> (back to Armin as scribe)

<ScottSimmons> https://‌lists.w3.org/‌Archives/‌Public/‌public-sdw-wg/‌2017May/‌0221.html


ScottSimmons: QB4ST editor's draft
… EO-QB link to the editor's draft too
… CovJSON also link to the editor's draft




... we are looking into options on what to do with these documents in the OGC

Joint W3C/OGC committee

... timeout period for the working group in the W3C, the OGC does not have that

... we are looking into a joint overarching working group and define a terms of reference

... OGC is the easier side for our joint work, Phil is working through the W3C hoops

<eparsons> Thank you

any other topics?

<AndreaPerego> [Silence]

ChrisLittle: are you happy with how OWL-time turned out?

SimonCox: Chose to allow our hands tied from the legacy
… achieved my objectives

<eparsons> Thanks Scott I think we are done !!

meeting adjourned

<AndreaPerego> Thanks, and bye!

<ScottSimmons> adios

<eparsons> macbook argh !!!

<eparsons> bye bye !!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Approve last meeting minutes
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