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06:41:44 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian is introducing the agenda for today
06:41:47 [kaz]
06:42:56 [DarkoAnicic]
Maria: Minutes from 26th April should be corrected: I appear on the list of participants but did not attend the meeting.
06:44:30 [DarkoAnicic]
Topic: Open Action Items
06:45:03 [DarkoAnicic]
Issue: Adding Semantic Annotations to JSON Schema
06:45:03 [trackbot]
Created ISSUE-1 - Adding semantic annotations to json schema. Please complete additional details at <>.
06:45:23 [DarkoAnicic]
06:46:04 [kaz]
i|Open Action|[ minutes from Apr. 26 TD model call have been updated: ]|
06:46:26 [DarkoAnicic]
Victor: we introduced the issue, use case, someone already gave a proposal
06:49:22 [DarkoAnicic]
Victor: the example shows the issue when within the schema the structure of two semantically described items cannot be differentiated.
06:50:24 [DarkoAnicic]
Victor: thus we need the semantic annotation to to JSON Schema
06:51:31 [kaz]
i|Adding Semantic|-> Issue 309|
06:51:31 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: the context in JSON cannot be added in the same fashion as in JSON-LD
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Meeting: WoT WG - TD-TF
06:52:49 [kaz]
Chair: Sebastian
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06:52:51 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: we should have a TD schema, describing the class, and the TD, describing an instance thereof
06:53:17 [dape]
06:53:31 [kaz]
06:53:58 [dape]
ack dape
06:54:02 [DarkoAnicic]
Daniel: we are talking not only about TD but also about types of elements being exchanged
06:54:13 [MariaPoveda]
no, I was in the queu for the minutes thing, how do I remove that?
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06:57:28 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: talking about type systems of Things and type of data
06:57:30 [zkis]
present+ Zoltan_Kis
06:58:45 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: do we have one schema for all kind of Things?
06:59:55 [DarkoAnicic]
Victor: everybody can add or extend the TD vocabulary if we rely on Semantic Web technology
07:00:47 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: let us keep the JSON as it is. We want to add semantic annotations only.
07:01:30 [DarkoAnicic]
s/JSON/JSON Schema
07:02:14 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: we define Events, Properties, Actions in TD and rely on JSON Schema for Data Types
07:03:57 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: we have to define vocabulary in advance to enable contained IoT device to handle them. But for different domains/devices we need multiple schema - this complicates things.
07:04:21 [kaz]
07:04:33 [DarkoAnicic]
Victor: in addition two devices may use different vocabularies even for the same domain.
07:04:51 [kaz]
present+ Zoltan_Kis
07:05:18 [kaz]
present+ Achille_Zappa, Ari_Keranen
07:05:40 [DarkoAnicic]
Victor: we should not enforce one schema/one structure only, need to be flexible.
07:06:21 [kaz]
07:06:35 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: I suggest we stich to JSON as the mapping to other formats can be made.
07:09:00 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: this will be one of the major topics in the upcoming F2F meeting in Osaka. Please follow and contribute.
07:10:29 [McCool]
07:11:27 [kaz]
ack k
07:12:09 [DarkoAnicic]
Action: kaz to create an issue about two-way approach: device dependent and non-depend path
07:12:10 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-104 - Create an issue about two-way approach: device dependent and non-depend path [on Kazuyuki Ashimura - due 2017-05-12].
07:12:10 [kaz]
[ kaz mentions possible need for 2-layered model for TD: device-dependent layer and device-independent layer ]
07:12:24 [DarkoAnicic]
07:12:37 [DarkoAnicic]
Item: Namespaces used in the TD / WoT ontology
07:12:40 [MariaPoveda]
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07:12:56 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: for the ns we need the year/month etc.
07:13:16 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: Dave already registered the ns without the date
07:13:55 [DarkoAnicic]
kaz: we can add a shot name, e.g., wot-td
07:13:56 [MariaPoveda]
It is not an exception see
07:14:55 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: the version of the vocabulary is needed to avoid errors
07:15:05 [kaz]
s/we can add a shot name, e.g., wot-td/another option could be using the shortname for TD, e.g., "wot-thing-description"/
07:15:33 [DarkoAnicic]
Maria: are you referring to the version of the vocabulary of documents that will be published
07:15:38 [McCool]
07:16:54 [DarkoAnicic]
Maria: the name space without date points always to the last (actual) vocabulary, wheres the previous versions are pointed with links with dates
07:17:08 [McCool]
07:17:18 [McCool]
07:18:57 [DarkoAnicic]
kaz: we use wot-thing-description for the Git and the same can be used also as ns
07:19:26 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: the issue is not that urgent but we should resolve it in communication with Dave
07:19:40 [kaz]
s|"wot-thing-description"|"wot-thing-description" => |
07:19:43 [DarkoAnicic]
Topic: Overview about breakout sessions in Osaka
07:19:58 [kaz]
s/we use/we're already using/
07:20:43 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: topics for break out sessions focus on topics such as: JSON Schema discussion, TD model
07:20:45 [kaz]
s/and the same can be used also as ns/and we're planning to publish a FPWD for Thing Descirption with that shortname. in that case, we can simply reuse that shortname for the namespace/
07:20:52 [kaz]
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07:22:08 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: we have 2 versions of the TD model: one more for web developers and another, more suited for Semantic Web community. We may have both versions.
07:22:11 [kaz]
s/reuse that shortname for the namespace/reuse that shortname for the namespace. probably that would be less confusing./
07:22:18 [kaz]
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07:22:43 [kaz]
07:23:00 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: JSON Schema is one approach. Dave proposed a proposal with plain JSON.
07:23:21 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: please comment the issues/topics/proposals
07:24:05 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: we should set up the remote participation for people not being able to join the Osaka meeting
07:24:46 [DarkoAnicic]
Maria: if we do not join the Osaka meeting, will we discuss the output of the F2F meeting in web meetings
07:25:02 [DarkoAnicic]
07:25:17 [yingying_]
present+ Yingying_Chen
07:25:54 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: I will take your input and present during the F2F meeting. As said we may have the both models in place
07:26:32 [DarkoAnicic]
Maria: I am concerned about the implementation if we had the both models.
07:27:11 [DarkoAnicic]
kaz: Maria, can you join the meetings if they are in Europe-friendly time?
07:27:35 [DarkoAnicic]
Maria: I cannot make it Mon and Tue.
07:27:39 [kaz]
s/join the meetings/one of the sessions during the meeting/
07:27:42 [MariaPoveda]
ok, I can't Monday and Tuesday, ok from Wednesday
07:27:50 [DarkoAnicic]
s/Mon and Tue./on Mon and Tue.
07:27:51 [kaz]
s/if they are/if it's/
07:28:07 [Victor]
(Here is the issue in the TD Github repo:
07:28:07 [DarkoAnicic]
Topic: Broken links in TD draft
07:28:28 [DarkoAnicic]
07:29:30 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: asking for volunteers to look at broken link and to repair the document
07:30:34 [DarkoAnicic]
Dape: I don't have wright access, but have already identified the broken links
07:30:49 [kaz]
[ kaz can help you for that ]
07:31:04 [kaz]
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07:31:05 [McCool]
07:31:35 [DarkoAnicic]
Topic: discussion about Script management vs Thing management
07:31:49 [DarkoAnicic]
Zoltan presents the topic.
07:33:05 [DarkoAnicic]
Zoltan: we need the support form the TD-TF for semantic description for the Thing management
07:33:18 [kaz]
i|presents|-> Issue 22|
07:33:19 [DarkoAnicic]
07:33:46 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: can this be discussed on the next scripting call?
07:34:07 [DarkoAnicic]
Zoltan: yes, but we need people from TF-TD to be present there
07:35:22 [DarkoAnicic]
Zoltan: I can create an issue and describe the use case for it
07:35:36 [kaz]
[ Scripting call is held on Monday at 1pm in Europe, 4am in US Pacific, 8pm in Japan ]
07:36:22 [kaz]
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07:36:22 [DarkoAnicic]
McCool: do you have pseudo code for the functionality?
07:37:00 [kaz]
07:37:05 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: I will try to be present on Monday. Is it planned for the Osaka meeting?
07:37:27 [kaz]
ack m
07:37:31 [McCool]
07:37:38 [MariaPoveda]
07:38:44 [DarkoAnicic]
kaz: please request the time for the Osaka meeting so we can plan, e.g., for Europe participants.
07:39:18 [kaz]
[ also "I'm interested in this topic." :) ]
07:39:42 [kaz]
s/the time/the time, e.g., 30mins or 1hour,/
07:40:19 [DarkoAnicic]
Sebastian: AOB
07:40:51 [DarkoAnicic]
Meeting closed
07:40:53 [DarkoAnicic]
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07:41:13 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
07:41:14 [kaz]
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