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14:12:46 [kaz]
i|https|topic: Use cases|
14:13:03 [kaz]
present+ Colin, Chris, Kaz
14:13:13 [kaz]
Meeting: Web&TV - Cloud Browser TF
14:14:38 [kaz]
regrets: Alexandra
14:15:28 [kaz]
topic: Cloud Browser Architecture Note status
14:18:05 [kaz]
kaz: sent the transition request for the Note out
14:18:17 [kaz]
... and got some comment from W3C Team mates
14:18:39 [coln]
14:19:04 [kaz]
... I'll respond to that but maybe we might want to add references for existing mechanisms similar to the Cloud Browser, e.g., X-Window System and Opera Mini
14:20:08 [kaz]
colin: there is some description on the wiki about the similarity/difference
14:21:52 [kaz]
kaz: what do you think about event exchange within X-Window?
14:22:34 [kaz]
colin: maybe the similarity is entity A renders the graphics and entity B handles user input
14:23:35 [kaz]
kaz: ok
14:25:21 [kaz]
colin: was planning to publish another note for split browser
14:25:45 [kaz]
kaz: maybe would be better to put both within one document and explain the similarity and difference
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14:27:01 [kaz]
-> cloud browser vs split browser
14:28:59 [kaz]
kaz: does ActiveVideo provide Split Browser as well as Cloud Browser
14:29:30 [kaz]
14:29:40 [kaz]
colin: our approach is kind of hybrid
14:33:20 [kaz]
kaz: this wiki page is a good resource for our future discussions
14:34:26 [kaz]
topic: Use Case (revisiting)
14:34:43 [kaz]
-> Use case document
14:34:51 [kaz]
14:37:33 [kaz]
kaz: maybe we might want to think about extensibility for UI for accessibility
14:37:39 [kaz]
... using various cloud services
14:38:15 [kaz]
chris: using additional cloud services
14:38:22 [kaz]
... voice recognition, etc.
14:39:04 [kaz]
kaz: it would be much easier than client-side browsers
14:39:49 [kaz]
chris: any kind of devices can use that capability regardless of their own types
14:40:08 [kaz]
colin: good to have that kind of use cases
14:41:02 [kaz]
chris: applicable to any kind of devices like mobile
14:41:24 [kaz]
... device-agnostic approach
14:42:51 [kaz]
kaz: there is a possibility that a cloud browser application can work on a smartphone
14:44:08 [kaz]
... would it be OK if Chris and I add some use cases?
14:44:18 [kaz]
colin: great to have typical examples
14:45:31 [kaz]
... would be good to keep the scope within TV area
14:46:03 [kaz]
kaz: ok to consider "accessible TV" by extending TV capability using accessibility portion?
14:46:10 [kaz]
chris: should be ok
14:46:53 [kaz]
colin: note that some other standardization bodies also handle accessibility standards
14:47:31 [kaz]
chris: tree of connected devices and serialized resources
14:48:03 [kaz]
colin: web technology allows you create accessible pages/apps
14:48:20 [kaz]
... using assistive technologies
14:49:55 [kaz]
... orchestration should handle accessibility
14:51:01 [kaz]
kaz: Chris can provide some use cases for accessibility
14:51:35 [kaz]
... btw, how to combine broadcasting signals and IP-based video signal might be one use case for hybrid TV?
14:52:09 [kaz]
colin: maybe out of scope of this TF?
14:52:20 [kaz]
kaz: in that case, who would combine those signals?
14:52:39 [kaz]
colin: there is only video element within Cloud Browser
14:53:42 [kaz]
kaz: in that case, cloud browser doesn't care the source of video signals?
14:53:51 [kaz]
colin: it depends
14:54:05 [kaz]
... there could be double stream approach
14:54:35 [kaz]
kaz: how should we update this use case wiki?
14:55:12 [kaz]
colin: we already have some use cases linked from this wiki
14:56:17 [kaz]
kaz: so the expected next step is not only adding new use cases
14:56:39 [kaz]
... but analyzing the existing use cases and think about which are the "Impact Use Cases"?
14:56:43 [kaz]
14:56:52 [kaz]
s/colin:/colin: yes/
14:57:00 [kaz]
... and we need more people for that purpose
14:59:56 [kaz]
kaz: wondering which would be our preference
15:00:30 [kaz]
... publishing a use case note based on this wiki right away
15:03:42 [kaz]
... or publishing a note after updating/analyzing the wiki
15:03:54 [kaz]
colin: let's continue the discussion during the next call
15:03:56 [kaz]
kaz: ok
15:03:58 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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