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Meeting: Silver Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 18 April 2017
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agenda cleared
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Scribe: Sarah
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present+ Jemma
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present+ Jeanne
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agenda+ Check in with Pete McNally
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zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1. "Check in with Pete McNally" taken up [from SarahHorton]
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13:41:18 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Shared preview of survey
13:41:28 [SarahHorton]
Plan to send out in a few weeks
13:42:33 [SarahHorton]
present+ SukilKim
13:43:04 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Survey is aimed at UX role, first question is to define role
13:43:27 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Next question about how long in field
13:43:57 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Next, how much does accessibility figure in position
13:45:42 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Add question about how much time spent on accessibility
13:45:52 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Concern about number of questions
13:46:16 [SarahHorton]
present+ Jennison
13:47:31 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Has seen time question as percentage of time, how much of your time is spent
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13:49:22 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Describe how you are involved with accessibility, free text input
13:49:39 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Getting more description there
13:50:19 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Trying to make the text input bigger, so it's multi-line
13:51:21 [SarahHorton]
Pete: How do you learn about accessibility topics, want to see if they have go-to places
13:51:42 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Ask whether they have people they do to, "colleague"
13:52:02 [SarahHorton]
13:52:38 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Would be helpful to create subset of questions, e.g., demographic questions, that we could include on every survey
13:53:07 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Are you familiar with WCAG guidelines, yes/no
13:53:38 [SarahHorton]
Pete: There's not skip logic currently, but may skip past next questions about the guidelines if they say no
13:54:17 [SarahHorton]
Pete: How well does the structure support learning and remembering?
13:55:11 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Question is from the Silver research questions
13:55:51 [SarahHorton]
Pete: This will be a good prompt for interviews
13:56:36 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Would be good to interview people who are and aren't using WCAG
13:57:38 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Which guidelines are most important to you, people who aren't as familiar might have different ways to remember and reference guidelines
13:58:11 [SarahHorton]
Jemma: Which are important to you in your work? Might be good to add context
13:59:17 [SarahHorton]
Pete: When you're engaged in your work activities, will make this more specific
14:01:38 [SarahHorton]
Sukil: Should we be asking a question about which device the person is using to complete the survey?
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14:03:41 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Sounds like there will another survey that is focused on accessibility issues for people with disabilities
14:04:06 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Could gather more information about what platform people are working on
14:04:26 [SarahHorton]
s/working on/working in
14:05:06 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Will add a question to the demographic questions
14:06:05 [SarahHorton]
Pete: How can the guidelines be improved to help respondent do their job
14:07:12 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Last question, asking if respondent is interested in phone interview
14:08:24 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Will go back to goals and make sure not missing key questions, also balancing length of survey
14:10:27 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Will map survey questions to research questions in Google doc
14:11:32 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Does not have schedule, will want to get it out fairly soon, end of month
14:12:05 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Has a couple of ways to reach out on mailing lists
14:12:29 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Also LinkedIn, Bentley network, students from classes
14:12:37 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Open to other suggestions
14:13:08 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Will help get the word out through meetups
14:13:45 [SarahHorton]
Jennison: Can also share at work
14:14:33 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Can filter stakeholder list and share with Pete
14:15:15 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: First need to send follow-up to stakeholders
14:15:46 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Please look at intro text to make sure it's correct
14:16:24 [SarahHorton]
action: Jeanne to review Pete's survey and follow up with Pete
14:16:25 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-82 - Review pete's survey and follow up with pete [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2017-04-25].
14:17:15 [SarahHorton]
Pete: Will update the survey and follow up with Sarah
14:18:14 [SarahHorton]
Jemma: Question about which guidelines are most helpful to work is very interesting
14:18:41 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Would be a good question to have on all surveys
14:19:29 [jemma_]
jemma: I am really excited about finding out answers on which guidelines are most important to UX professionals!
14:19:31 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Meeting with MSU team this week
14:19:56 [jemma_]
jemma: no update from my research partners
14:20:26 [jemma_]
jeanne: does Jan have any updates?
14:21:00 [SarahHorton]
Sarah: Will reach out to Jan
14:21:37 [SarahHorton]
Jemma: What should be the procedure for posting research questions
14:21:55 [SarahHorton]
Jeanne: Let's put that on Friday agenda
14:22:22 [SarahHorton]
Jemma: Will send Jeanne email with discussion topic
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chair: Jeanne
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