Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference

12 Apr 2017

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billroberts, dmitrybrizhinev, kerry


<billroberts> hi Kerry - we'll just wait for you to come through on webex then can make a start

<kerry> scribe: dmitrybrizhinev

<kerry> scribenick: dmitrybrizhinev

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Patent_Call

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2017/03/21-sdw-minutes

covjson update

billroberts: at the meeting we agreed to make covjson as is into a FPWD
... one condition - add something to motivation to explain why it is of interest to the SDW group. Added a couple of sentences today
... covjson has been designed to work well in a web context, hence it meets many of the BPs of the SDW group
... once merged in, I think the document is ready to publish

<billroberts> Francois's request: "I would also need some form of recorded agreement to use a given short name (e.g. a resolution in the minutes), the name that goes after "/TR/" in "https://www.w3.org/TR/[short name]". I would not use "coverageJSON" to leave that short name available for a possible real "CoverageJSON" spec in the future. Although it is a bit long, it could simply be "CoverageJSON-overview"."

<billroberts> alternative: "covjson-overview" ?

kerry: +1 to shorter version

<billroberts> PROPOSED: use 'covjson-overview' as the short name for the document in the W3C URL

<billroberts> +1


<kerry> +1

RESOLUTION: use 'covjson-overview' as the short name for the document in the W3C URL

billroberts: remaining work on covjson is a section to explain how it relates to BPs, or appropriate references throughout the document
... since there is a section for use cases and reqs, maybe appropriate to have a section

kerry: if there is too much, it gets in the way when it is all inline

billroberts: need to have a chat with jon about including spec in the document
... probably a few weeks away from a final version

kerry: should "cross-reference": put something in covjson about eo-qb (why you would want to use the other one) and vice-versa

billroberts: would be useful to agree between us to agree what the two formats' respective niches are

kerry: and potentially in the BP bit you are working on as well


billroberts: I had a look through your recent emails and the recent edits to the document
... I'm very happy with what you've written

<billroberts> https://www.w3.org/2017/04/12-sdwbp-minutes

billroberts: With respect to referring to EO-QB in the BP doc - jeremy accepted your comments
... jeremy suggested including your comment about balancing quality and cost in BP 10

kerry: I thought the most interesting part of that was the virtual triple store - some suggestion of different storage architectures
... use your own judgement whether that's relevant

billroberts: it could be a nice example because EO-QB is balancing linkability with performance
... jeremy added a ref in the change over time BP where you suggested

dmitrybrizhinev: I've been out of the loop on EO-QB status

kerry: I made a few fixes here and there
... TODO text document in the email

dmitrybrizhnev: I'll have a look at it over the next week

kerry: most significant bit is the URLs for the tiles
... we talked about how it's useful that DGGS provides unique id's, but we don't actually use them that way
... the data value is actually a URL, a fix that sam actually did, maybe that solves it?

dmitrybrizhinev: I will have a look to see if anything needs improvement

kerry: not sure if the problem still exists
... one more thing - we did want to put in example of the client app UI - haven't be able to reach Duo

dmitrybrizhinev: I'll try and get in touch with him

kerry: there is a start but it needs a bit more

billroberts: working implementation would prove its usability

dmitrybrizhinev: we don't have a server for it though

kerry: probably not that important given that it's a note, so we don't *need* to get it running again

billroberts: better to write note as if client is not up, because even if we solve short term, it's not going to stay up
... sounds like a few things to get on with, then we will be ready for final review

kerry: sorry something else - SSN is changing enormously fast, and in fact the stuff we're using in the coverage note is changing or under consideration. This limits our ability to finalize untiul SSN is stable
... It's not hard to fix when we do, but it's not worth fixing yet


billroberts: Agreed at f2f to publish an updated draft based on current status
... I agreed to make some example rdf data that uses the ontology
... maybe port some of the examples from covjson to qb4st
... will also have a look at EO-QB (which uses qb4st)
... There's not much more to do on this

Future calls

billroberts: what would be a good time for future calls?

kerry: a wednesday night (australian) like you were suggesting would be fine for me

billroberts: it's probably less important to accomodate the americans because only a couple of calls to do and all the participants are australian or UK
... could do early evening wednesday australian time
... 8am London, 5pm Sydney?

kerry: later is better
... 11am, 8pm?
... 9 is ideal

dmitrybrizhinev: I like 9

billroberts: let's do that then, noon London, 9pm Sydney

11 UTC

billroberts: 11 UTC

dmitrybrizhinev: when is final deadline?

kerry: end of june. because it's a note we don't need candidate rec. would be nice to finish earlier. Let's go for end of may

<kerry> bye!

billroberts: another meeting in 2 weeks to keep up momentum

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. use 'covjson-overview' as the short name for the document in the W3C URL
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