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14:01:53 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Alexandra, Chris
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14:07:42 [kaz]
Meeting: Web&TV IG - Cloud Browser TF
14:08:00 [kaz]
present+ Colin
14:08:12 [kaz]
14:08:26 [kaz]
s/toi/topics for today should include the group note and the ig charter
14:08:38 [kaz]
topic: Cloud Browser Architecture IG Note
14:08:50 [kaz]
-> updated draft
14:08:57 [kaz]
colin: has updated the draft
14:09:14 [kaz]
kaz: looks great
14:09:24 [kaz]
colin: exactly same as the original wiki page
14:09:35 [kaz]
alex: looks good
14:09:47 [kaz]
... what would be the procedure next?
14:10:28 [kaz]
kaz: 4 steps
14:10:35 [kaz]
... copy the content to the IG repo
14:10:43 [kaz]
... copy the content to the W3C server
14:11:40 [kaz]
... ask the director/project manager for approval
14:11:50 [kaz]
... work with the webmaster for publication
14:12:57 [kaz]
... after this first publication, we can publish the 2nd/3rd... version using Echidna tool without talking with the webmaster
14:13:22 [kaz]
alex: how long would it take?
14:13:27 [kaz]
kaz: usually one week or so
14:13:39 [kaz]
... so we could publish it next week, I think
14:14:45 [kaz]
topic: IG rechartering
14:16:48 [kaz]
kaz: explains the status
14:17:22 [kaz]
... we need to extend the Charter document asap because the current charter expires the end of April
14:17:40 [kaz]
... got a comment from Chris and the Charter draft has been updated
14:18:13 [kaz]
colin: the main changes are rather formality?
14:18:15 [kaz]
kaz: yeah
14:19:27 [kaz]
-> draft updated charter
14:21:51 [kaz]
(Kaz goes through the document)
14:22:47 [kaz]
alex: wonders how to get more active participants
14:25:02 [kaz]
-> AC meeting agenda
14:27:51 [kaz]
kaz: we can ask Mark to mention the Cloud Browser TF there
14:28:03 [kaz]
alex: and the CB Architecture Note as well
14:28:06 [kaz]
kaz: yes
14:28:25 [kaz]
colin: this is for the Web&TV IG
14:28:45 [kaz]
... is there any specific decision point?
14:33:13 [kaz]
(Kaz explains the procedure)
14:33:25 [kaz]
colin: ok
14:34:10 [kaz]
alex: ok
14:34:24 [kaz]
... would like to propose to proceed with the work on the use cases then
14:35:26 [kaz]
... so that we can finish the initial discussion by TPAC 2017 (in November)
14:35:41 [kaz]
... any open questions for today?
14:36:56 [kaz]
chris: question about TPAC?
14:37:32 [kaz]
(kaz explains what TPAC is like)
14:37:41 [kaz]
-> member event calendar
14:38:14 [kaz]
alex: would like to have discussion during TPAC about how to deal with our requirements
14:38:26 [kaz]
... existing groups? new group?
14:39:53 [kaz]
colin: worked on terminology, etc.
14:40:40 [kaz]
alex: happy with this achievement
14:42:28 [kaz]
chris: we have problems with accessibility with set top boxes
14:42:53 [kaz]
s/problems/problems to be solved/
14:43:15 [kaz]
alex: we can see HbbTV stuff next time
14:44:13 [kaz]
... cloud browser can also work with broadcasters
14:45:43 [kaz]
kaz: hybrid TV proposals like HbbTV in Europe, ATSC in US and Hybridcast in Japan
14:45:58 [kaz]
... combination of IP-based streaming and broadcasting
14:47:14 [kaz]
colin: cloud browser handles orchestration of signals
14:47:22 [kaz]
14:47:37 [kaz]
alex: ok
14:47:50 [kaz]
... let's start use case discussion and have the next call in 2 weeks
14:48:21 [kaz]
... next call will be held on April 19th
14:48:27 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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