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Meeting: Efficient Extensible Interchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 March 2017
17:41:39 [taki]
DB: I added an entry to EXI Deploypemt page.
17:41:45 [taki]
17:42:07 [taki]
DB: I also added some context, too.
17:42:39 [taki]
DB: We have code base in the main page.
17:43:27 [taki]
DP: We do not have platforms or applications that use EXI on public page.
17:43:30 [brutzman]
Implementations are listed on EXI working group page, the next section would be for applications that support EXI
17:44:01 [taki]
DP: I am not sure what we should do for those.
17:44:25 [brutzman]
interestingly we might expect that an application list might be short at first, then hopefully really long over time!
17:44:27 [taki]
DB: Application list may get long over time.
17:45:00 [brutzman]
DP people might not tell us about their applications
17:45:03 [taki]
DP: People do not usually tell that their application uses EXI.
17:45:31 [brutzman]
we might add links there to notify us, and (DP) to join the group
17:45:59 [taki]
DB: We have one application of W3D.
17:46:32 [taki]
DP: I know at least one database.
17:46:54 [brutzman]
17:50:13 [taki]
DP: Let's keep the list in EXI Deployment page, and have a link from the public list.
17:52:00 [brutzman]
added a link to X3D-Edit and the Working Group page there
17:55:38 [brutzman]
suggestions for EXI working group page
17:55:46 [brutzman]
- put (EXI) in title
17:56:00 [brutzman]
- put link to public page near top
17:57:12 [brutzman]
oops, just didn't see it at first:
18:05:14 [brutzman]
hmmm, maybe use numbers instead of bullets to show adoption?
18:09:49 [brutzman]
hi Taki, are you with us?
18:13:21 [taki]
TOPIC: Wikipedia
18:13:26 [taki]
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please see binary XML link
18:16:40 [brutzman_]
see bullet "Efficient XML from AgileDelta, Inc., selected as the basis for the W3C Standard for Binary XML (EXI)"
18:17:27 [brutzman_]
how aout i flip that around to put EXI first, and ensure both are linked
18:17:36 [brutzman_]
18:23:42 [taki]
TOPIC: Canonical EXI
18:23:55 [brutzman_]
18:24:33 [taki]
DP: OpenEXI results in an error. I reported to TK.
18:27:16 [taki]
DP: OpenEXI outputs an empty schemaId.
18:27:26 [dape]
18:27:38 [dape]
18:32:14 [taki]
DP: Do we want to say anything about schemaId?
18:42:55 [taki]
TK: We now allow both Header Options and schemaId absent.
18:43:14 [taki]
DP: We need an additional configuration flag.
18:43:37 [taki]
TK: I think so.
18:45:36 [taki]
TK: I will send to the public list about the need for an additional flag controlling schemaId.
18:53:30 [taki]
DP: It looks like omitOptionsDocument and header are conflicting.
18:56:24 [taki]
DP: We can put a choice between omitOptionsDocument and header in Canonical EXI Options Document schema.
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