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Meeting: Efficient Extensible Interchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 14 March 2017
17:46:28 [taki]
TOPIC: EXI Deployment
17:47:32 [taki]
DB: I got a step further this morning wrt. Web3D.
17:49:27 [taki]
DP: WoT is launched.
17:50:32 [taki]
DP: EXI is mentioned as a possible format in WoT currently.
18:00:49 [taki]
DP: I added CoAP and SenML from IETF.
18:09:14 [taki]
DP: We can ask public about applications and products using EXI.
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50 subscribers on public-exi (not counting the WG members)
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TOPIC: Canonical EXI
18:38:40 [taki]
DP: I updated implementation according to the latest spec changes.
18:39:12 [taki]
DP: I updated spec changes as we discussed.
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18:40:13 [taki]
TK: I read DP's email. It makes event codes bigger.
18:40:52 [taki]
DP: We can put "float" and "integer" together in "number" element.
18:44:09 [taki]
DP: In the new structure, integer cost 1 bit. In the original it would cost 3 bits.
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