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15:05:51 [dsr]
meeting: Linked Data and Semantic Processing Task Force
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15:06:48 [dsr]
chair: Darko
15:06:53 [dsr]
scribe: Dave
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scribenick: dsr
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Present: Darko, Victor, Dave, Achille, Maria, Mark, Peter, Kaz
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15:10:45 [dsr]
Darko welcomes everyone to the new task force. Today we will review the charter and roadmap
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Later on we can talk about how to organise the work
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15:15:26 [DarkoAnicic]
dsr presents the current proposal for TF-LD charter and the motivation for the TF
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present+ Achille
15:18:34 [dsr]
Darko asks for comments in respect to the aims and charter
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15:20:31 [dsr]
Peter: I am from Iotics Labs which is aligned with the ideas of the web of things. We see semantic interoperability as really valuable, and we want to see what’s possible. We support a bottom up approach.
15:21:15 [dsr]
Say I want an ontology for farm tractors, what should I do? What corresponds to best practices?
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15:21:58 [victor]
15:22:41 [dsr]
Mark: I also am from Iotic labs. We’re new to W3C. Are people aware of the NSF’s work on units of measure?
15:23:08 [dsr]
Dave: yes, and likewise for a range of groups, e.g. QUDT
15:23:28 [mariapoveda]
I'm from the Ontological Engineering Group and we are involved in VICINITY, an European project in which we plan to develop several ontologies, one of them for WoT. So I think the TF can benefit from our experience with semantics and linked data and we will benefit of being align with your model
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[present: Kaz, Dave, Achille, Aprna, Darko, Maria, Mark, Peter, Victor]
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15:25:22 [dsr]
Maria: We’re a resesearch group at a university in Madrid and working on semantic technologies and we’ve been working on ontologies for some while now, and we want to contribute our experience.
15:26:00 [dsr]
Darko: that’s great
15:27:14 [dsr]
Achiile: I am from the Insight Centre in Ireland, We have done a lot of work on the Semantic Web and are involved in related EU projects, e.g. BigIoT.
15:28:11 [DarkoAnicic]
15:28:27 [dsr]
Victor: I am working at Siemens on the Semantic Web and the Web of things
15:29:31 [dsr]
I’ve worked on using JSON-LD for thing descriptions, and joined this task force with an interest in the role of semantic domain models.
15:30:21 [dsr]
Darko: I work with Victor at Siemens, and have been working with semantics for a while, and for the web of things.
15:32:21 [dsr]
We have yet to exploit semantic modelling for the IoT in a big way, and I believe that W3C is a good place to start this work. We work on defining some vocabularies and have a few slides to show later
15:33:11 [dsr]
Aparna: I too am at Siemens, my main research is on creating semantic models for the web of things and how to support transformations and compositions of services.
15:34:48 [dsr]
Topic: Slide presentation by Darko
15:35:17 [dsr]
Dave asks Darko to send the slides as soon as practical
15:36:52 [dsr]
Darko: I would like to work on use cases & requirements, cross domain vocab for WoT, semantic concepts and demo’s of their benefits, and collaboration and outreach
15:37:56 [dsr]
The use cases and requirements should be limited to those relevant to WoT and semantics
15:38:29 [dsr]
We should survey work in existing activities, e.g. W3C, OCF, oneM2M, and so forth
15:40:04 [dsr]
We should look at existing cross domain vocabularies, and we are expected to lead the work on the WoT ontology (CBP)
15:40:35 [dsr]
We should look at what’s needed to support validation, e.g. how to model constraints
15:41:24 [dsr]
We also need to look at the vocabularies needed for specific IoT platforms
15:41:57 [dsr]
and to look at how to enable interoperability with domain models from other SDOs
15:43:06 [dsr]
We should consider how to provide easy to use tooling for vocabularies
15:44:00 [dsr]
Darko: notes Google’s initiative around on smart home vocabularies
15:44:47 [dsr]
That is still at a very early stage and we should seek to collaborate with them
15:46:31 [dsr]
Darko: My third point is around semantic concepts for the web of things.
15:47:31 [dsr]
What is needed to support semantic search, validation, inference, etc. How can we demonstrate the benefits of semantic approaches?
15:48:53 [dsr]
How can we support lightweight semantic models that are easy to compose?
15:49:22 [dsr]
Darko uses terms like templates and recipes ...
15:51:10 [dsr]
Darko shows a slide on collaboration between WoT WG, WoT IG and
15:52:09 [dsr]
We should aim to minimise barriers for interoperability
15:52:55 [dsr]
We can also work on recommendations for best pratices
15:53:10 [dsr]
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15:55:10 [dsr]
Dave: Michael K is organizing a call for people interested in next week, and we should ask Michael to present the outcome at our next call.
15:56:17 [dsr]
Darko asks for comments on his presentation.
15:56:44 [dsr]
Dave: I would like us to discuss priorities for the task force
15:58:17 [dsr]
Dark: regarding the first bullet
15:58:26 [dsr]
* Clarifying the Linked Data model for things in terms of use cases and commercial IoT standards
16:01:17 [dsr]
Dave: we need to reach a broad concensus for the existing commercial platforms and devices so that we can provide timely advice to the WoT WG
16:02:44 [dsr]
Darko: I want us to work on demoing the benefits of semantic interoperabilty
16:05:03 [dsr]
Dave: I was proposing to do that along with validation of semantic interoperability
16:05:11 [dsr]
and to do so within 6 months
16:05:34 [mariapoveda]
sorry, I have lo leave like in 5 minutes. Just wanted to say that I'll be happy to work on the ontology (or ontology modules and cross domain concepts) development and documentation. I could also contribute to constraints evaluation but I'm not an expert in SHACL. Anyway I think the vocabulary is the base for the validation. For further tasks like demostrating the benefits I can ask my colleagues
16:05:52 [dsr]
We would need to pick some use cass that demo semanticn discovery and compositions
16:08:07 [dsr]
Dave: I would like people to propose changes to the charter as github issues and we can aim to resolve them in the next call on March 17
16:08:14 [dsr]
same slot as today
16:08:38 [dsr]
Dark thanks everyone and looks forward to talking again in two weeks time
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tx dsr!
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