IRC log of wot on 2017-02-20

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12:17:16 [kaz]
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12:17:51 [kaz]
invite zakim
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12:30:17 [kaz]
12:30:34 [kaz]
present: Kaz, Johannes, Nimura, Yingying, Zoltan
12:31:03 [kaz]
topic: Agenda
12:31:10 [kaz]
jh: checks the agenda points
12:31:25 [kaz]
zk: mentions his updates on GitHub pullrequests
12:31:29 [kaz]
jh: will check that
12:32:24 [kaz]
... one question on rationale doc
12:32:32 [kaz]
... how to handle it?
12:32:38 [kaz]
... any more comments?
12:33:21 [kaz]
ka: has just create a dedicated list for Editors
12:34:07 [kaz]
zk: would suggest we associate GitHub messages to that list
12:34:30 [kaz]
jh: will check GitHub repo and check the configuration
12:35:55 [kaz]
s/that list/the group list/
12:36:34 [kaz]
... for the scripting repo
12:37:20 [kaz]
s/the group list/the list/
12:37:31 [kaz]
jh: any other questions on GitHub?
12:38:30 [kaz]
zk: we should wait for the editors briefing?
12:38:52 [kaz]
ka: will send a reminder of that briefing meeting to the Editors list
12:40:22 [kaz]
kn: focus on scripting api and current practice?
12:40:32 [kaz]
jh: focus on normative documents
12:40:42 [kaz]
... but we need a rationale document
12:41:08 [kaz]
... in current practice maybe?
12:41:36 [kaz]
zk: yes, we need a document on why we chose the current setting
12:42:49 [kaz]
ka: if you want, we can create a separate repo
12:44:44 [kaz]
kn: developers want to read WG deliverables, so having the rationale description as a part of the current document is fine
12:45:01 [kaz]
jh: ok with me
12:45:32 [kaz]
... I have 2 more points
12:45:51 [kaz]
... we made some conclusions from the f2f meeting
12:46:12 [kaz]
... Results from F2F: resulting actions of consented points, volunteers to take on actions
12:46:26 [kaz]
... copying the current document to the new repos
12:47:00 [kaz]
zk: IG documents belong to the IG
12:47:17 [kaz]
jh: so should we create new Editor's draft?
12:47:45 [kaz]
zk: would do the new work at a new place
12:48:01 [kaz]
... the IG contents have history
12:49:30 [kaz]
jh: we should have one specific repo for maintenance
12:50:34 [kaz]
ka: we can copy/import the old IG content to the new repo
12:51:02 [kaz]
... and after that, we can add a note saying "this content is moved to the new repo, and not maintained any more"
12:51:17 [kaz]
jh: new edit should be added to the new repo
12:51:40 [kaz]
... I'm open with any proposals, though
12:52:02 [kaz]
kn: should we keep the old content within the IG repo?
12:52:31 [kaz]
jh: IG repo is for keeping the history
12:52:46 [kaz]
... and the new work should be done on the WG repo (separate repo) side
12:53:47 [kaz]
zk: we need to create an Editor's draft first. right?
12:53:49 [kaz]
jh: yes
12:54:01 [kaz]
zk: will do the first version this week
12:55:21 [kaz]
jh: tx
12:55:36 [kaz]
... we can start with some skeleton and put content later
12:55:58 [kaz]
zk: yes
12:56:17 [kaz]
... and we can decide who to work for which part
12:56:42 [kaz]
jh: yes, we can glow the document gradually
12:57:24 [kaz]
... another topic is the time for this Scripting call
12:57:34 [kaz]
... do you prefer some other time?
12:57:52 [kaz]
... is the current slot acceptable?
12:58:00 [kaz]
kn: fine by me
12:58:11 [kaz]
jh: ok
12:58:20 [kaz]
... let's continue this slot for a while
12:59:06 [kaz]
... btw, I have actions from the f2f
12:59:26 [kaz]
... any other points for today?
13:00:07 [kaz]
13:00:59 [kaz]
jh: is the new webex coordinate for this call weekly?
13:01:03 [kaz]
ka: yes
13:01:32 [kaz]
... and the wiki page ( has been also updated with the new coordinate
13:01:35 [kaz]
jh: ok
13:01:38 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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13:03:14 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG/WG - Scripting Call
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13:03:44 [kaz]
Chair: Johannes
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13:06:51 [kaz]
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13:07:27 [kaz]
i/another topic is the time/topic: Time for the scripting call/
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