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Meeting: Browser Extension CG teleconf
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ScribeNick: Florian
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Chair: Florian
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01:32:51 [Florian]
Topic: * Status update and issue resolution on
01:33:14 [Florian]
mikepie: I haven't had a chance to go through the IDs questions yet
01:33:36 [Florian]
mikepie: But other than what we have on the call today that's the only thing left, so we'll look into it
01:34:15 [Florian]
mikepie: on issue 15, we're past the 10 days after resolution, so we can close
01:35:17 [Florian]
mikepie: Next issue, we had already specified that the object returned by webdriver's getBrowserExtension method had an id, and I also specified that it should have the nae
01:35:19 [Florian]
01:35:30 [Florian]
kmag: This needs to be localized
01:35:54 [Florian]
kmag: Not sure which locale to use though
01:36:04 [Florian]
Florian: This is a setting that is often wrong
01:37:06 [Florian]
kmag: if we want to match the browser's UI locale, we need to expose that
01:37:22 [Florian]
Florian: In some cases you may want to match the site rather than the UI
01:38:25 [Florian]
scottlow: since the ID is an inpredictable number, you need a name to be able to know which extension your talking to
01:38:45 [Florian]
Florian: If that's what its for, it doesn't need localization, it needs predictability
01:38:53 [Florian]
mike: so we can use the default locale
01:39:11 [Florian]
RESOLUTION: Add the name property, and define it to be the default locale
01:39:27 [Florian]
^ that was issue 31
01:39:46 [Florian]
mikepie: Issue 46: This is about interacting with permission prompts
01:40:01 [Florian]
mikepie: I made 3 additions
01:41:38 [Florian]
mikepie: the API lets you get the localized text of the permission prompt, and based on it accept it or dismiss it
01:42:00 [Florian]
kmag: I'm worried about text matching.
01:42:52 [Florian]
florian: what options do we have
01:43:12 [Florian]
kmag: we have an permission name string, and return that in json
01:43:36 [Florian]
kmag: these names are already standard
01:44:19 [mikepie]
01:44:27 [Florian]
mikepie: I'll replace that string with a JSON object, including "requestingUrl"...
01:44:48 [Florian]
mikepie: Also "permissions"
01:44:53 [Florian]
Florian: Why plural?
01:45:54 [Florian]
kmag: I think there can be multiple permissions in one dialog
01:46:38 [Florian]
mikepie: Yes, at install time, an extension can ask for multiple permission
01:47:19 [Florian]
scottlow: are these optional permissions?
01:47:49 [Florian]
kmag: in our case, geolocation is a bit special, but otherwise yes
01:48:07 [Florian]
scottlow: are these about security permissions as well?
01:48:17 [Florian]
kmag: no
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01:49:09 [Florian]
Florian: We will deal with run-time permissions with this as well?
01:49:26 [Florian]
Florian: what if there's multiple ones queued up
01:50:22 [Florian]
kmag: you would have to accept or dismiss them in the order they are being displayed at. You cannot get the list of all queued permissions at once
01:52:03 [Florian]
Florian: Don't we have a risk to make author depends on browser specific ordering of the permission prompts
01:52:15 [Florian]
kmag: you do, but that's the sanest thing we can do anyway.
01:53:29 [Florian]
kmag: this can only happen if requesting multiple permissions at the same time
01:53:58 [Florian]
Florian: Yeah, this isn't great, as we may get authors to depend on the ordering even though they shouldn't, but I cannot think of a better alternative
01:54:05 [Florian]
mikepie: I'll add a note to call it out
01:54:53 [Florian]
mikepie: and the third property is the prompt text
01:55:53 [Florian]
Resolution: add requestingURL, permissions and promptText
01:56:18 [Florian]
resolution: the name of the method is getBrowserPermission (without Text)
01:56:54 [Florian]
kmag: we should also return a list of possible actions, such as "accept for session" in addition to just "accept" and "dismiss"
01:57:19 [Florian]
mikepie: Yes, I can add that. I like it.
01:58:28 [Florian]
RESOLUTION: add "actions", which must include "accept" and "dismiss", and and possibly other actions as available
01:58:50 [Florian]
Florian: we need to come of with name for these
01:58:57 [Florian]
02:00:14 [Florian]
mikepie: This is also something you'd want to handled declaratively
02:00:20 [Florian]
kmag: that worries me
02:02:00 [Florian]
kmag: I think the default one should not be "dismiss" temporarily, it should be "deny"
02:02:46 [Florian]
mike: this should be for the session, right?
02:02:58 [Florian]
mikepie: with webdriver, the install are just for the session
02:03:10 [mikepie]
mandatory: accept; deny (for session? permanent?)
02:04:42 [Florian]
mikepie: session and permanent is the same, since the extension is only installed for the session
02:04:51 [Florian]
Florian: right, but deny and dismiss are different
02:05:05 [Florian]
kmag: and we should go with deny rather than dismiss as the mandatory one
02:05:23 [Florian]
RESOLUTION: replace dismiss with deny
02:06:30 [Florian]
Florian: do we need to come up with names?
02:06:54 [Florian]
mikepie: since there's not difference between permanent and for this session only, allow, deny and dismiss are all we need
02:08:45 [Florian]
Florian: so we only have 2 possible cases at install time, and 3 at run time
02:08:59 [Florian]
kmag: at install time, the only choise is really install extension or not
02:09:11 [Florian]
mikepie: I'll add a session to explain what kind of thing can appear there
02:11:04 [Florian]
Florian: if there can be other names, do we need to standardize?
02:11:09 [Florian]
all: yes, but not now.
02:14:03 [Florian]
Florian: mikepie, you can merge the PR once the changes are in
02:14:10 [Florian]
Topic: Next meeting
02:14:24 [Florian]
mikepie: How about the ides of March
02:15:18 [Florian]
all: agreed.
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