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present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Dave_Raggett, Kunihiko_Toumura, Takuki_Kamiya, Tony_Homer
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scribenick: dsr
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13:06:42 [dsr__]
Quick Updates
13:06:43 [dsr__]
Santa Clara F2F
13:06:44 [dsr__]
13:06:46 [dsr__]
Finalize Düsseldorf F2F
13:06:47 [dsr__]
13:06:49 [dsr__]
New repositories
13:06:50 [dsr__]
Editors briefing
13:06:51 [dsr__]
Communications TF
13:06:52 [dsr__]
Agenda for Next WebConf
13:07:11 [kaz]
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present+ Zoltan_Kis
13:09:00 [dsr__]
We welcome Tony Homer from Intel who was invited to this call by Michael McCool.
13:09:23 [tony--]
Thank you
13:10:38 [mkovatsc]
13:11:08 [dsr__]
Matthias starts the meeting and asks if there are any quick updates. [no one speaks up]
13:11:29 [dsr__]
Konica Minolta were due to talk today, but asked for a one week postponement.
13:12:15 [dsr__]
Similarly, I am trying to arrange a slot for Fernando Serena to present on the UPM work on a WoT ontology
13:12:28 [mkovatsc]
13:12:47 [dsr__]
Topic: Santa Clara F2F report
13:12:47 [kaz]
-> draft Santa Clara f2f minutes
13:13:10 [dsr__]
Matthias: I posted a high level summary of the outcome from the meeting.
13:13:46 [kaz]
-> Matthias' slides
13:14:29 [dsr__]
Mathias summarises the summary
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13:16:13 [dsr__]
We’ve invited Frank to join Kajimoto-san for the servient architecture document.
13:17:10 [dsr__]
For the thing description WG spec we have Sebastian and as editors
13:18:45 [kaz]
present+ Katsuyoshi_Naka, Kazuaki_Nimura, Takeshi_Yamada, Victor_Charpenay
13:19:27 [dsr__]
s/and as/ and Taki as/
13:21:34 [dsr__]
Matthias continues with his summary of the slides for the various task forces
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present+ McCool
13:22:21 [dsr__]
The scripting spec will be edited by Johannes, Zoltan and Nimura-san
13:22:54 [dsr__]
For the binding templates the editors are Matthias and Uday (pending confirmation)
13:24:37 [dsr__]
The security task force won’t produce normative specs but will support the other task forces. We have a charter in github and now need to recruit experts to help with the work.
13:25:03 [dsr__]
We also expect to seek help via liaisons including the IETF
13:28:23 [dsr__]
Matthias continues with the Interest Group task force plans
13:29:56 [dsr__]
The Linked Data and Semantic Processing task force charter - we’re seeking feedback on the charter over the next two weeks
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13:33:26 [dsr__]
Matthias walks us through the status of the various liaisons
13:34:34 [dsr__]
This includes reaching out to the OPC for their work on OPC-UA which includes a graph modelling language analogous to RDF
13:35:40 [dsr__]
We’re working with Industrie 4.0 on defining a demonstrator and hope to bring this to the next Plugfest
13:36:13 [dsr__]
OPC is also involved in I4.0 and we’re hoping for a synergy
13:36:57 [McCool]
13:37:24 [dsr__]
Matthias is looking for collaboration with the T2TRG in respect to hypermedia controls and the potential relationship to actions and error handling
13:38:17 [dsr__]
Michael McCool is talk with the OpenFog consortium which could prove relevant to our work.
13:38:38 [dsr__]
Topic: upcoming face to face meetings
13:39:10 [dsr__]
The next one is 15-19 May in Osaka, Japan
13:40:08 [dsr__]
We need to add details to the wiki and open a registration form.
13:40:38 [dsr__]
Kaz will set up a call with the meeting hosts and include the IG/WG co-chairs
13:41:05 [kaz]
action: kaz to generate wiki/registration site for the Ohsaka meeting, and set up local organizing meeting including the host and the co-Chairs
13:41:05 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-101 - Generate wiki/registration site for the ohsaka meeting, and set up local organizing meeting including the host and the co-chairs [on Kazuyuki Ashimura - due 2017-02-22].
13:41:17 [dsr__]
The following face to face is in July in Dusseldorf, Germany hosted by Lemonbeat
13:42:36 [dsr__]
The poll results suggest 9-13 July
13:43:07 [dsr__]
This is timed to predece the IETF meeting
13:43:18 [dsr__]
13:43:50 [dsr__]
The final meeting this year is 6-10 November in Burlingame, Calfornia as part of TPAC
13:44:01 [dsr__]
The following weekend is the IETF
13:45:37 [dsr__]
For 2018, we hope to co-locate with a security conference and perhaps the IETF in London, and a meeting in China
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13:47:20 [kaz]
13:47:36 [kaz]
present+ Michael_McCool
13:48:02 [dsr__]
For Osaka, we aim to have the RDF model for thing descriptions and editors draft for the WG specs.
13:48:39 [dsr__]
For Dusseldorf, a draft test suite and Internet Drafts with security concepts for IETF review
13:49:13 [dsr__]
For TPAC in November, release candidates for first public working drafts for the WG
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13:49:56 [dsr__]
We hope to release W3C Candidate Recommendations by December 2018
13:49:59 [mkovatsc]
13:50:01 [dsr__]
ack Mic
13:50:06 [dsr__]
ack Mc
13:50:37 [dsr__]
Michael: I will be attending the T2TRG meeting in Amsterdam, any one else?
13:50:49 [dsr__]
Matthias: I will attend
13:51:46 [dsr__]
Matthias talks about some of the IETF security groups we should liaise with
13:54:08 [kaz]
-> WoT WG Charter
13:54:09 [dsr__]
Michael has been talking with people inside Intel on the W3C security task force, but so far no takers as everyone is already busy with other work
13:54:21 [dsr__]
ack kaz
13:54:53 [dsr__]
Kaz: the WG charter places expectations for early publication of the architecture deliverable, so we need to make that happen
13:55:28 [dsr__]
I think the due date is June
13:56:01 [dsr__]
Matthias: I will update the roadmap accordingly and Kaz can put this up on the website
13:56:37 [dsr__]
Topic: Github repositories for the WG
13:56:49 [mkovatsc]
13:57:08 [dsr__]
Kaz has created one repository for each WG deliverable and given the editors update rights
13:57:26 [mkovatsc]
13:57:54 [dsr__]
This is a poll for the editors to pick a joint slot for coordination
13:58:34 [dsr__]
The aim is to train editors on the W3C echidina tool chain for spec publication
13:59:37 [McCool]
13:59:46 [dsr__]
ack Mc
13:59:47 [kaz]
i/ethz/@@@links to the repos/
14:00:18 [dsr__]
Michael: there is interest in US people attending the call, but the current slot is too early.
14:00:50 [dsr__]
We’re short of US participation so this matters, and perhaps we can alternatve calls to even out the pain
14:01:17 [dsr__]
14:02:03 [dsr__]
Michael suggests one hour later than now as a possible compromise, or alternating the time slots
14:02:51 [dsr__]
Matthias: alternativing slots tends to result in people only attending the calls that suit them
14:03:32 [dsr__]
Kaz: similar challenge for auto group, we try to pick the timeslot for next call at the end of the current call
14:03:43 [mkovatsc]
(and losing people because they are confused)
14:04:22 [dsr__]
Johannes: we tried alternating slots in the IG and it caused considerable confusion, but good ICS files help with people’s calendards
14:04:38 [dsr__]
14:05:13 [mkovatsc]
14:06:02 [dsr__]
Michael: a good reminder system helps, and to pick somewhat inconvenient but not horrible times to encourage regular participation
14:06:08 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
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ack mk
14:06:12 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
14:06:35 [dsr__]
Matthias: we should set up a poll to see what is the best compromise
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14:07:23 [dsr__]
Michael: we should forward the poll to folks at the plugfest and others who may be interested in atttending if the time is more convenient
14:07:45 [dsr__]
s/who/who are not yet members, but/
14:08:36 [mkovatsc]
14:08:44 [dsr__]
Matthias asks Michael to organise the poll
14:09:07 [dsr__]
14:10:54 [dsr__]
We need to clarify IG vs WG calls
14:10:58 [dsr__]
ack ds
14:11:14 [dsr__]
Michael: prefer to focus on IG call for now
14:11:52 [dsr__]
Kaz: so maybe this call continues as a joint IG/WG call, but WG Task Force calls should be WG members only
14:12:10 [mkovatsc]
14:12:32 [dsr__]
This relates to patent policy commitments for REC track items
14:13:10 [dsr__]
Matthias: we have a joint IG/WG status tracking call, and WG only calls for each WG task force
14:13:14 [mkovatsc]
ack mk
14:14:59 [dsr__]
Johannes: we need to accomodate the people who are in the task forces, but need to reachout to others
14:15:31 [dsr__]
Matthias adjourns today’s call
14:15:35 [kaz]
14:15:44 [dsr__]
chair: Matthias
14:15:54 [dsr__]
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rrsagent, make minutes
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