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or the new location:
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Scribe: TK
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scribenick: tkamiya
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ScribeNick: taki
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13:08:56 [taki]
MK: Sebastian cannot join today.
13:09:00 [kaz]
present+ Daniel_Peintner
13:09:07 [McCool]
present+ McCool
13:09:08 [taki]
MK: Yongjing is on vacation.
13:09:10 [kaz]
present+ Kazuo_Kajimoto
13:09:29 [kaz]
present+ Masato_Ohura, Takeshi_Yamada
13:09:50 [mkovatsc]
13:10:02 [taki]
MK: Summer face-to-face in Germany
13:10:15 [taki]
MK: Final planning. Responses are still low.
13:10:19 [kaz]
present+ Keiichi_Tokuyama
13:10:30 [taki]
MK: Either before IETF or after IETF
13:10:52 [taki]
MK: IETF meeting is in Prague
13:11:48 [taki]
MK: One week after face-to-face, we will decide.
13:11:53 [mkovatsc]
13:12:04 [kaz]
13:12:36 [taki]
MK: Another update, webconf page. I updated webconf page. I split it now.
13:12:45 [taki]
MK: I also renamed them.
13:12:47 [mkovatsc]
13:12:59 [taki]
MK: Since now we have joint-call between IG-WG
13:13:31 [mkovatsc]
13:13:57 [taki]
MK: Old page redirects to new page.
13:14:27 [taki]
MK: For mobile phone, just click a link connects you to the meeting.
13:14:40 [taki]
TOPIC: F2F registration.
13:14:49 [kaz]
-> registration results
13:14:50 [taki]
Kaz: curretnly 37 are registered.
13:14:55 [taki]
MK: good number.
13:15:32 [taki]
MM: Reservation has to be made immediately for dinner.
13:16:06 [taki]
MM: I can reserve with number "25", and we can adjust later. 8pm.
13:16:16 [taki]
MK: I have been there before.
13:16:35 [taki]
MK: Can you make sure we can individually pay?
13:16:45 [taki]
MM: I will ask that question.
13:17:00 [mkovatsc],_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara#Agenda
13:17:00 [taki]
MK: I published the agenda for F2F.
13:17:23 [kaz]
s|https|-> https|
13:17:33 [kaz]
s|Agenda|Agenda f2f agenda|
13:17:36 [taki]
MK: If you have comments, please notify me.
13:17:38 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:17:53 [taki]
MK: If you are a moderator, and the time is not good, please let us know.
13:17:58 [McCool]
13:18:07 [kaz]
presnt+ Johannes_Hund, Kazuaki_Nimura
13:18:10 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:18:26 [taki]
MK: We have some external speakers. Scott Jenson, also a speech on JSON schema.
13:18:36 [taki]
MK: OCF architecture.
13:18:47 [taki]
MK: Johannes on implementation.
13:18:50 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG/WG
13:19:05 [kaz]
Chair: Matthias, McCool, Kajimoto
13:19:06 [taki]
MK: Plugfest is in the afternoon on Monday.
13:19:13 [kaz]
regrets: Yongjing
13:19:15 [taki]
MK: 4pm on Monday.
13:19:52 [taki]
MK: Second day plugfest starts at 2pm.
13:19:58 [kaz]
13:20:00 [kaz]
ack m
13:20:12 [taki]
MM: We should specify end time for plugfest on Monday.
13:20:22 [taki]
MM: So that we can get to dinner.
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13:20:55 [taki]
MM: Let's keep 2 hours Lunch break.
13:21:07 [kaz]
present- Chris_Ashwell
13:21:12 [kaz]
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13:21:21 [taki]
Johannes: Plugfest preparation, there is superbowl.
13:21:34 [taki]
Johannes: Is there any impact on us?
13:21:49 [taki]
Johannes: We have room. Wifi is available.
13:21:50 [kaz]
present+ Johannes_Hund, Kazuaki_Nimura
13:22:01 [kaz]
s/presnt+ Johannes_Hund, Kazuaki_Nimura//
13:22:04 [taki]
13:22:23 [taki]
MM: Also have wired network.
13:22:41 [kaz]
i/f2f agenda/topic: F2F agenda/
13:22:48 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:22:56 [taki]
MM: 2pm, we will have a room on Sunday. I will check.
13:23:32 [taki]
MK: 12:00 - 6:30 on Sunday.
13:24:07 [taki]
MK: We have both rooms.
13:24:12 [taki]
MK: on Sunday.
13:24:38 [taki]
MM: Classroom has wifi, board room also has wifi. Next to each other.
13:25:10 [taki]
MK: "Santa Clara" is the name of the classroom.
13:25:17 [kaz]
present+ Katsuyoshi_Naka
13:25:20 [taki]
MK: The other is "Boardroom".
13:25:36 [taki]
MM: There will be a lot of tables in classroom.
13:25:47 [taki]
MK: I will refine the agenda.
13:26:07 [mkovatsc]
13:26:19 [taki]
Kaz: I will have projectors for breakouts in each room?
13:26:31 [kaz]
s/I will/will we/
13:27:00 [taki]
MM: I have portable projector.
13:27:11 [taki]
DR: microphones?
13:27:17 [taki]
MM: Boardroom has.
13:27:42 [taki]
MK: wireless microphone in "Santa Clara".
13:27:53 [taki]
MK: Not sure if we need microphone in breakout rooms.
13:28:05 [taki]
Kaz: microphone for local meeting?
13:28:22 [taki]
MM: I will bring Jabra for remote support.
13:28:42 [taki]
Johannes: I will also bring one.
13:29:21 [kaz]
s/microphone for local meeting?/are we talking about microphones for local meetings? what about microphones for remote connection?/
13:29:34 [taki]
Johannes: Scripting API workshop, we have two remote participants, can we move it to earlier time?
13:29:57 [taki]
Johannes: 2pm Wednesday, currently scheduled.
13:30:01 [kaz]
i/Sebastian cannot/topic: Agenda/
13:30:09 [kaz]
regrets+ Sebastian_Kaebisch
13:30:14 [taki]
MK: We could shift to the morning.
13:30:52 [taki]
Johannes: Daniel and Uday join remotely.
13:31:09 [DarkoAnicic]
13:31:37 [taki]
MK: I updated it.
13:31:50 [taki]
MK: Please refresh browser.
13:31:58 [mkovatsc]
13:32:38 [taki]
Darko: I want to join Semantics session. Linking is also related topic.
13:32:48 [taki]
Darko: If possible, I would like to join both.
13:33:11 [taki]
MK: Linking is started by Johannes, and moderated by Michael Koster.
13:33:24 [taki]
MK: It is not semantic linking.
13:33:34 [taki]
MK: It is not "linked data".
13:33:38 [taki]
Darko. OK
13:33:43 [taki]
Darko: OK
13:33:58 [kaz]
s/Darko. OK//
13:35:11 [taki]
MK: If you want to participate the agenda, you can add to "remote participants" column your name.
13:35:22 [mkovatsc]
13:35:28 [taki]
MK: We can still schedule one more breakout.
13:35:31 [mkovatsc]
ack DarkoAnicic
13:35:40 [taki]
MM: OCF collaboration topic possible?
13:36:04 [taki]
MK: It will be part of plugfest.
13:36:41 [taki]
MK: Lifecycle is also plenary topic.
13:36:53 [taki]
MM: OCF topic is just for 3 people...
13:36:59 [taki]
13:37:26 [taki]
MK: Plugfest participants. Number looks good.
13:37:33 [taki]
MK: I will bring wifi router.
13:37:37 [kaz]
->,_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara#PlugFest PlugFest participation
13:37:49 [kaz]
i|Plugfest|topic: PlugFest|
13:38:00 [taki]
MK: There will be ethernet ports.
13:38:15 [taki]
MK: If you can bring switch, that will be good.
13:38:15 [mkovatsc]
13:38:26 [taki]
MM: Wifi router and wired router?
13:38:37 [taki]
MK: 4 eithernet ports, plus wifi.
13:39:26 [taki]
MK: If you happen to need lots of ports, please bring your own switch.
13:39:30 [taki]
MK: and cable.
13:39:47 [taki]
Michael Koster: I will bring one.
13:39:59 [taki]
MK: Thank you
13:40:07 [kaz]
s/Michael Koster:/Michael_Koster:/
13:40:41 [taki]
MK: If you did not book through Cindy, please let her now if you stay at the venue hotel.
13:41:01 [kaz]
s/let her now/let her know/
13:41:13 [kaz]
topic: technical topics
13:41:34 [taki]
MK: Victor updated current practices for editorial fix.
13:41:44 [kaz]
-> pull request #300
13:42:02 [kaz]
topic: comm update
13:42:03 [taki]
MK: Communucation Task force. ANy update?
13:42:07 [taki]
Kaz: No update.
13:42:19 [taki]
MK: Any spontaneous topics?
13:42:56 [taki]
Johannes: Dave Raggett and I are working on platform for German industry.
13:42:59 [McCool]
q+ mcCool
13:43:22 [kaz]
i|Any spontaneous|topic: AOB?|
13:43:33 [taki]
Johannes: We will have some code for demonstration.
13:43:45 [kaz]
13:43:52 [taki]
Johannes: We will let the group know when we have something more on this.
13:44:12 [taki]
MK: Security and Privacy TF. Ryan prepared charter.
13:44:25 [mkovatsc]
13:44:26 [taki]
MK: I recovered it now, made available on GitHub.
13:44:56 [taki]
MK: If you are interested on working on security, please propose to join us.
13:45:15 [taki]
MM: OpenFog is working on smart building in Japan with Sakura Internet.
13:45:28 [taki]
MM: For Dusseldorf, I will prepare demo.
13:45:44 [taki]
MM: OpenFog is about edge-computing.
13:45:57 [taki]
MM: Smart conference is happening in Cololado.
13:46:29 [taki]
MK: We contacted a start up in bay area. The company name is fog...
13:46:41 [taki]
MM: I can reach out to them.
13:46:44 [McCool]
13:47:05 [taki]
MM: The issue of services, is interesting.
13:47:36 [taki]
MK: Application can run on devices. Similar to our scripting.
13:47:40 [kaz]
13:47:43 [kaz]
ack m
13:47:48 [kaz]
q+ kajimoto
13:47:49 [taki]
Kajimoto: Architecture document.
13:47:52 [kaz]
ack kaji
13:48:09 [kajimoto]
13:48:11 [taki]
Kajimoto: I would like to write URL of WG version of architecture document.
13:48:26 [taki]
MK: It is in WG landing page.
13:48:42 [taki]
MK: We should move it to final location first.
13:49:01 [taki]
MK: We can send the current link to interested people now.
13:49:28 [taki]
Kaz: During chairs call, we talked about separating repositories for each document.
13:49:45 [taki]
Kaz: Let's talk about it in chars-editors call
13:50:13 [kaz]
13:50:13 [taki]
MK: Let's keep using the above link. Everyone please give feedback on the architecture document.
13:50:40 [taki]
MK: If there are not more topics...
13:50:44 [kaz]
ack k
13:50:47 [kaz]
13:50:57 [taki]
Kaz: One question. We had wikipage about implementations.
13:51:28 [taki]
Kaz: We can add those open sources, MM, Johannes (industry 4.0) to the page.
13:51:34 [taki]
MK: Daniel, can you help?
13:51:56 [taki]
DP: We waited for poeple to contact us, that's how we did previously.
13:52:18 [kaz]
13:52:48 [kaz]
-> wiki for Wot-related implementations
13:52:55 [taki]
MM: Openfog is about edge off-loading. It is a consortium. I plan to layer WoT on top of it.
13:53:10 [taki]
MM: I can provide links.
13:53:27 [taki]
DP: MM, can you take a look at the past postings?
13:53:31 [taki]
13:53:35 [taki]
Kaz: Thank you
13:53:35 [kaz]
ack k
13:53:48 [taki]
Michael_Koster: See you next week.
13:53:58 [taki]
DR: me too, see you.
13:54:10 [taki]
MK: See you next week!
13:54:41 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
13:54:50 [kaz]
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