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07:32:00 [taki]
DR: Water tank with action and properties.
07:32:24 [taki]
DR: RDF, turtle provides independent model.
07:32:35 [taki]
DR: Showing graph...
07:33:08 [taki]
DR: Properties... each property has name.
07:33:20 [taki]
DR: Context is part of model.
07:33:43 [taki]
DR: Shopping basket use cases.
07:34:17 [taki]
DR: It has basket, consisting of product, quantity...
07:34:37 [taki]
DR: product is a union of meat, fruit, vegetables. and so on...
07:35:01 [taki]
DR: Sometimes turtle is easier to read than diagrams.
07:35:40 [taki]
DR: enum and union are used.
07:35:57 [taki]
DR: We need to distinguish integers from numbers.
07:36:14 [taki]
DR: Color Choices
07:36:31 [taki]
DR: rank and color are defined as enumeration.
07:36:44 [taki]
DR: diagram is generated by JavaScript.
07:37:07 [taki]
DR: oneM2M refrigerator
07:37:35 [taki]
DR: it defines device ontologies.
07:37:58 [taki]
DR: importing a number of different modules.
07:38:48 [taki]
DR: That should be enough now.
07:39:08 [dape]
07:39:17 [taki]
DR: boolean, string, number, integer, collections, enums, union, typedef, vectors.
07:39:26 [taki]
DR: 3D printing
07:40:29 [taki]
DR: streaming property...
07:40:54 [kaz]
07:41:36 [kaz]
q+ to ask about (1) unit and type and (2) if we want to include the figure/idea of "app contracts" to the architecture doc
07:41:50 [taki]
DR: Application contracts. "platform" uri. and "sink". streaming properties provides blocks of data.
07:42:15 [taki]
DR: Showing nested properties.
07:44:21 [taki]
DP: You colected all the use cases.
07:44:54 [taki]
DP: RDF, turtle, JSON mapping. Is it similar to what we are doing?
07:45:06 [taki]
DR: I use RDF as the model.
07:45:19 [taki]
DP: OK, it seems similar to what we do.
07:45:19 [kaz]
07:45:40 [taki]
DP: Some people does not seem to like RDF.
07:45:50 [taki]
DR: It depends on the audience.
07:46:56 [taki]
DP: You seem to have different type system.
07:47:06 [taki]
DP: How should we converge them?
07:47:35 [taki]
DR: I looked at more use cases. We need some more such as union, enumerations, collections and vectors.
07:48:00 [taki]
DR: Numbers vs integers.
07:48:21 [taki]
DP: Schema also supports some of them.
07:48:38 [taki]
DR: OCF and OneM2M use cases requires some more.
07:49:06 [taki]
DR: It is not really good at descrining linked data.
07:49:47 [taki]
Sebastian: 80% of the use cases, I think we can use JSON-schema.
07:49:59 [taki]
DR: That is not true.
07:51:14 [taki]
DR: meta-data is critical.
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07:51:59 [taki]
Sebastian: We would like to rely on existing technologies.
07:52:50 [taki]
Sebastian: Matthias mentioned JSON-schema standardization members will join face-to-face meeting. We can collaborate with them.
07:53:13 [taki]
DR: We have to address broad range of communities, we have to bear in mind.
07:53:29 [taki]
DR: By the time of face-to-face, I will do more analysis.
07:53:35 [kaz]
07:53:39 [kaz]
ack dape
07:54:31 [taki]
DR: OPC uses their own modeling, similar to RDF.
07:54:41 [taki]
DR: Healthcare is another use case.
07:54:48 [kaz]
ack k
07:54:48 [Zakim]
kaz, you wanted to ask about (1) unit and type and (2) if we want to include the figure/idea of "app contracts" to the architecture doc
07:55:28 [taki]
KA: How to handle datatype. We can consider JSON-schema.
07:55:54 [taki]
KA: New diagrams. IoT platform contracts.
07:56:16 [taki]
KA: IoT platform contracts. Is it different from protocol mapping?
07:56:22 [taki]
DR: Yes
07:56:45 [taki]
KA: Application contracts. Is it TD and Scripting?
07:57:22 [taki]
KA: You mean various application languages?
07:57:31 [taki]
DR: JavaScript, Java, whatever.
07:57:55 [taki]
DR: Our scope was abstraction layer, I believe.
07:58:03 [taki]
07:58:26 [taki]
DR: We also need security, provacy, etc. Non-functionals.
07:58:37 [taki]
DR: Contracts between applications.
07:59:00 [kaz]
-> automotive architecture
07:59:54 [taki]
KA: I am not saying your diagram does not make sense.
08:00:16 [taki]
KA: It seems as if this approach is similar to automotive architecture.
08:01:33 [taki]
KA: Application contracts layer includes WebSocket interactions.
08:01:53 [taki]
KA: Then this approach is a bit different from the current architecture.
08:02:01 [taki]
DR: I believe it is same.
08:02:11 [taki]
KA: Mechanism seems different.
08:02:27 [taki]
DR: Current architecture is less about layering.
08:03:11 [taki]
DR: I have coordinated with OneM2M, OCF. But the work was mostly done by myself.
08:04:28 [taki]
Sebastian: Thank you Dave.
08:04:40 [taki]
Sebastian: Plugfest.
08:04:59 [taki]
Sebastian: TOPIC: Plugfest
08:05:01 [kaz]
s/layer includes/layer possibly includes/
08:05:51 [taki]
Sebastian: Showing WoT features list...
08:06:02 [taki]
Sebastian: We have testcases.
08:06:32 [taki]
Sebastian: We can go through the list during plugfest.
08:06:52 [kaz]
i/Sebastian: Plugfest/topic: PlugFest/
08:06:53 [taki]
Sebastian: For example, discover things, read properties, etc.
08:07:25 [kaz]
i/Thank you Dave/[ Maybe a good topic for the OCF liaison call :) ]/
08:08:12 [taki]
Sebastian: It would be nice to use table to find what is working and what is not working.
08:08:34 [kaz]
08:09:09 [kaz]
present+ Victor
08:09:24 [kaz]
q+ to ask if this check list is online
08:10:01 [taki]
Sebastian: Let's discuss later during main telecon.
08:10:10 [kaz]
ack k
08:10:10 [Zakim]
kaz, you wanted to ask if this check list is online
08:10:14 [victor]
08:10:22 [sebastian]
08:10:32 [taki]
TK: Sorry I did not ask Nimura-san what he will bring to face-to-face.
08:10:32 [kaz]
ack v
08:11:02 [victor]
08:11:19 [taki]
victor: I wanted to mention that JSON-LD spec was updated recently.
08:11:35 [taki]
voctor: I want to discuss this during face-to-face.
08:11:54 [taki]
Sebastian: Mr. Kellogg will come to face-to-face.
08:12:06 [taki]
08:13:24 [taki]
KA: Is this a draft report, right?
08:13:29 [taki]
victor: yes.
08:13:42 [kaz]
s/this/this ver. 1.1/
08:13:44 [taki]
victor: it will stay as a community group report.
08:13:57 [kaz]
s/draft/draft CG/
08:14:33 [taki]
victor: Dave is trying to specify. The similar is also formalized in the document.
08:14:51 [taki]
victor: therefore, it is worth taking a look at it.
08:14:57 [kaz]
-> 7. Relationship to RDF
08:15:21 [taki]
DR: Thank you. We need to have dialog across group. I will do that.
08:15:43 [taki]
Sebastian: I should close. Talk to you later in plenary meeting.
08:16:24 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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