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scribenick: mjkoster
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present +Matthias_Kovatsch
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present+ Takeshi_Yamada
13:11:22 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: Dusseldorf F2F link for doodle poll
13:11:23 [kaz]
s|http:|-> http:|
13:11:42 [dsr]
Draft charter
13:11:47 [mjkoster]
Dave: Semantic TF
13:12:01 [mjkoster]
Linked Data and Semantic Interoperability
13:12:06 [kaz]
s|7e|7e Doodle for the F2F in Germany|
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13:13:10 [mjkoster]
dave: explains the charter
13:13:23 [kaz]
Chair: Matthias, Yongjing
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13:14:04 [mjkoster]
dave: where should the documents go?
13:14:20 [mkovatsc]
13:14:26 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: create a new area in github
13:15:07 [kaz]
i|Doodle|topic: Dusseldolf F2F date|
13:15:31 [kaz]
i|Draft charter|topic: Semantic TF proposal|
13:15:42 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: F2F: please register and make invitations to colleagues
13:15:46 [kaz]
13:16:04 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: approximately 30 registered
13:16:13 [kaz]
i|mkovatsc:|topic: Santa Clara F2F|
13:16:18 [kaz]
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s|results|results Santa Clara F2F registration results|
13:16:36 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: looking for more participants from the area
13:16:37 [kaz]
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13:16:39 [yongjing]
13:16:50 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: WG-IG split questions came up
13:17:04 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG/WG
13:17:07 [kaz]
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13:17:32 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: IG will be the main thread, last day will be for planning the transfer and operational split
13:18:07 [mkovatsc]
13:18:21 [kaz]
-> WG deliverables
13:18:24 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: please volunteer also
13:18:47 [kaz]
s/volunteer/volunteer for Editors/
13:19:55 [kaz]
present+ Katsuyoshi_Naka, Ryuichi_Matsukura
13:20:26 [kaz]
present+ Keiichi_Tokuyama
13:22:13 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: items for breakouts - REST API vs. program API
13:23:03 [kaz]
->,_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara#Agenda Santa Clara F2F agenda proposal
13:23:34 [mjkoster]
dave: metadata requirements for different platforms to decouple applications from platforms
13:23:48 [mjkoster]
dave: relates to bindings and templates
13:23:59 [mkovatsc]
13:24:09 [kaz]
ack y
13:24:25 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: linking, for example a collection linking a room to its devices
13:24:47 [mkovatsc]
ack yongjing
13:25:01 [mjkoster]
mkoster: will take that subject of links and collections
13:25:35 [mkovatsc],_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara#Input_Breakout_Topics
13:25:45 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: moderators for topics above look at the link
13:26:02 [kaz]
s|https|-> https|
13:26:22 [kaz]
s|Topics|Topics Breakout Topic proposals|
13:26:24 [mkovatsc]
13:26:25 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: moderators contact the people involved to get questions and discussion ahead of time
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13:29:19 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: topic: plugfest
13:29:35 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: table is rough and missing some entries
13:29:38 [mkovatsc],_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara#Participation
13:29:51 [kaz]
13:30:07 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: please complete the table
13:30:30 [kaz]
s|https|-> https|
13:30:31 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: plugfest will go Monday through Tuesday morning
13:30:48 [kaz]
s|Participation|Participation PlugFest Participation|
13:31:18 [mkovatsc]
13:31:23 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: keep the testing methodology to evaluate and record items found
13:31:43 [kaz]
ack k
13:31:48 [mjkoster]
kaz: asked Zoltan to clarify Intel entry
13:32:06 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: any more questions?
13:32:55 [mjkoster]
kaz: where is the link to the table
13:33:03 [mkovatsc]
13:33:09 [mjkoster]
sebastian: the Beijing folder has test cases
13:33:56 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: should read and write properties and invoke actions for coverage
13:34:03 [katsu]
13:34:15 [kaz]
-> Test Case Coverage table
13:35:05 [mjkoster]
sebastial: implementers should discover and interact with things using these test cases, record pass/fail results and note problems
13:35:33 [mjkoster]
13:36:13 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: will need to determine if results may be publicly shared based on participants needs
13:36:41 [kaz]
[ PlugFest template link was broken. so I've just fixed it. ]
13:36:54 [mjkoster]
katsu: how can we sunchronize time zones with Osaka?
13:37:27 [kaz]
7 hours
13:37:57 [kaz]
9am US Pacific is 2am+1d in Japan
13:37:59 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: 7 hours difference (17 hours agead) will need to choose morning or afternoon, which is better?
13:38:07 [kaz]
13:38:53 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: tentatively plan for afternoon
13:39:13 [mjkoster]
topic: TD update
13:39:14 [mkovatsc]
13:39:21 [mkovatsc]
ack katsu
13:39:32 [kaz]
-> TD minutes (draft)
13:39:42 [mjkoster]
sebastian: Dave gave overview of the work described in the email from last week
13:39:58 [mjkoster]
sebastian: would be interesting to see the use cases
13:40:21 [mjkoster]
sebastian: overview of open issues with TD
13:40:39 [mjkoster]
sebastian: need to get consensus on issues to close
13:40:53 [mkovatsc]
13:42:12 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: some question about TD deliverables, there should be one deliverable from TD
13:42:30 [kaz]
i|katsu:|[ also added the GitHub resources from Beijing f2f including the Test Coverage Table as well to the f2f wiki ]
13:42:43 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: scripting TF
13:42:59 [kaz]
-> Scripting minutes
13:43:11 [mjkoster]
johannes: sent email with conclusions from the last call
13:44:00 [kaz]
-> Scripting call summary
13:44:02 [mjkoster]
johanned: would like to have a workshop and take a larger chunk of time to go through the current scripting API
13:44:13 [mjkoster]
13:44:37 [mjkoster]
johannes: discussing split of work between IG and WG
13:45:15 [mkovatsc]
13:45:24 [mjkoster]
johannes: discussion of markdown document to collect all of the open questions and consolidate
13:46:13 [mjkoster]
johannes: current API doesn't allow working with the semantic type, a new parameter was added to handle this
13:46:33 [mjkoster]
johannes: there is an open PR
13:46:49 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: is there consensus to adopt this?
13:47:30 [mjkoster]
johannes: would like to wait for feedback before adopting
13:47:45 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: will merge and add a note
13:48:01 [mjkoster]
(no objections)
13:48:21 [mkovatsc]
13:48:38 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: topic communications TF
13:48:49 [mjkoster]
kaz: no update
13:49:02 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: AOB?
13:49:04 [mkovatsc]
13:49:58 [mjkoster]
sebastian: visa still in progress, may need to participate remotely
13:50:10 [mjkoster]
mkovatsc: adjourned
13:50:23 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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thanks for scribing, Michael!
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regrets+ Kajimoto
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