IRC log of blockchain on 2017-01-25

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Meeting: Blockchain Community Group Telecon
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Chair: mountie
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Present: Mountie, Manu, Marta
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mountie, evo, marta, manu
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Present+ Evo
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Topic: Construct Conference
16:08:40 [manu]
marta: Who is going to be at Construct
16:09:20 [manu]
16:09:47 [manu]
Construct is CoinDesk's first blockchain developer conference, curated by and for technologists.
16:10:32 [manu]
marta: There will be a bunch of speakers from industry/academia. They still have some tickets left, you can still get in.
16:10:47 [manu]
marta: Two day event, several people from Blockstream will be there.
16:10:55 [manu]
3601 Lyon St, San Francisco, CA 94123
16:11:09 [manu]
marta: Wondering if anyone from here will be planning to go there?
16:12:22 [manu]
mountie: This is a lunar holiday in Korea, China, so probably not a lot of eastern attendance.
16:12:55 [manu]
marta: I will be talking about this group and how folks can participate. Seeing how that goes.
16:13:38 [manu]
mountie: We had scheduled ... building under Blockchain CG - just the Korean members, we got some sponsors and have a plan to open an international conference in July.
16:13:59 [manu]
mountie: This will be around more general issues
16:14:05 [manu]
mountie: Two day conference.
16:14:26 [manu]
mountie: Hope to introduce new members via that venue.
16:14:50 [manu]
Topic: Getting New Members
16:16:58 [manu]
manu: Trying to get people interested in Blockchain HTTP APIs - been talking with Evernym and BigChainDB folks.
16:17:20 [manu]
marta: I met with Dmitri with BigChainDB, so continue to bump into each other at different conferences.
16:19:01 [manu]
manu: There are some Verifiable Claims stuff we're working on with Evernym that we'd like to bring into this group, will try to do that more as time goes on.
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Topic: Use Cases
16:20:28 [manu]
16:26:58 [manu]
Manu provides update on use cases document... basic structure is there. We need to start filling out sections.
16:27:24 [manu]
manu: We have a list of use cases, but many of them were proposed by people that are not showing up to the call.
16:27:43 [manu]
marta: yes, we need to put in use cases that have active participation. Working on Google Doc is a good way to go about this.
16:28:12 [manu]
mountie: From China, accessing Google Docs or Facebook is restricted. We have to choose another way.
16:28:59 [manu]
mountie: We show changes through mailing list...
16:29:14 [manu]
marta: I can take an action to send snapshots out once every week of the current state of the document.
16:29:37 [manu]
mountie: I will try to pull the initial document to Blockchain CG homepage to collect information.
16:32:56 [manu]
manu: We may want to focus on getting more use cases in there and not as much on the rest of the document right now.
16:33:14 [manu]
manu: For example, not clear to me what the roles are yet.
16:33:24 [manu]
mountie: Are roles technologies or people?
16:33:45 [manu]
Manu: We've tried to focus on people and the things they want to accomplish, so people... not things like user agents or blockchain nodes.
16:34:24 [manu]
ACTION: Manu to detail several use cases in the document.
16:35:29 [mountie]
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16:36:57 [manu]
marta: ... the way we think about blockchain applications has to be different from what we think about today.
16:38:31 [manu]
mountie: I'll send out document links
16:39:16 [manu]
Topic: Meeting in April
16:40:03 [manu]
marta: We have a possibility of meeting in April around Rebooting Web of Trust and IEEE - suggest we try meeting in Paris.
16:40:10 [manu]
manu: +1, I'll be there.
16:40:33 [manu]
marta: It might be easier for people to meet up there.
16:41:27 [manu]
mountie: Not just our meeting, RWoT and IEEE
16:41:59 [manu]
marta: I will send out that link after the call. Suggest that we meet in April via the mailing list.
16:42:24 [manu]
mountie: I'll try to go to Paris... will try to make time.
16:42:43 [manu]
Topic: Introduction to Evo
16:44:02 [manu]
evo: Hi, my name is Evo... I joined your group around two weeks ago, this is my first Blockchain CG meeting. My background is in IT, team leader in an emailing organization. I have background in senior project management, interested in BI, Blockchain, Big Data.
16:44:52 [manu]
evo: I'm moving into the financial services group, just listening in - need IRC address.
16:45:14 [manu]
evo: I'm in Oregon.
16:45:19 [manu]
mountie: In Korea
16:45:24 [manu]
Manu: In Virginia, US.
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