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Meeting: Tracking Protection Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 23 January 2017
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17:17:10 [schunter]
Bert. Interesting observation was that this is fully public (no member only content).
17:18:03 [schunter]
-Web-page needs updating once charter is done
17:19:07 [schunter]
We have David Singer as the second editor of TPE.
17:23:16 [moneill]
17:23:43 [wileys]
Mike says he has over 3000 implementors, correct?
17:24:11 [schunter]
17:24:52 [wileys]
Only HTTP-equiv? No standard header implementations?
17:26:43 [schunter]
17:27:49 [schunter]
17:27:58 [moneill]
wileys, we have sites that return Tk headers directly, also
17:28:27 [wileys]
Great - sad news about business model proving to be a failure (no tracking / personalizaiton of ads)
17:30:25 [moneill]
wiley, more like an early pivot
17:34:31 [wileys]
Time will tell...
17:34:32 [wileys]
17:35:50 [wileys]
This breaks the intendended purpose of the well-known resource
17:36:12 [wileys]
Now you wouldn’t be able to PREVIEW a site’s DNT status prior to visiting the site
17:36:23 [wileys]
This is why it was created in the first place
17:37:10 [wileys]
Would be better to have a sub-domain policy structure display
17:37:55 [wileys]
You could have multiple well-known resources for the same page this way as well. Which one rules?
17:39:05 [wileys]
In the large site / one place scenario - a site could CNAME the sub-sites all to the same well-known resource
17:40:24 [wileys]
I’d rather look at solutions that all for sub-site listings within the parent domain well-konwn resource
17:40:37 [wileys]
s/ all /allow
17:41:47 [schunter]
17:41:52 [schunter]
ack wil
17:43:38 [schunter]
Shane: Concerns that having http-equv and being able to set tracking status resources per page will make transparency obsolete.
17:49:29 [schunter]
I think I dropped.
17:50:23 [wileys]
You did - please join again
17:51:47 [schunter]
17:52:05 [schunter]
Let us end the call and continue discussing issue 15 next time.
17:52:11 [schunter]
I will send a summary to the list.
17:52:29 [schunter]
I think I have all info to send a summary to the list.
17:52:43 [Bert]
OK, that's Feb 6 then.
17:52:49 [wileys]
Okay - Thank you Matthias!
17:52:55 [schunter]
Bert: Is there a way to ensure that an email discussion is somehow linked to the github issues?
17:53:09 [schunter]
(like tracker that collected the related email and auto-attached it to an issue)?
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17:54:26 [Bert]
The only way I know is to ask Github to send you e-mail when an issue is chnaged and then when you reply to that mail, the reply is added to the issue thread.
17:56:36 [schunter]
ok. thanks
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