IRC log of wot-td on 2017-01-18

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present+ Kaz, Feng, Sebastian, Takuki
07:08:43 [kaz]
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07:11:55 [kaz]
regrets: Daniel
07:12:05 [kaz]
regrets+ Dave
07:12:25 [kaz]
sk: would like to talk about github issues
07:12:48 [kaz]
... what will be the plugfest scenarios for TD?
07:13:08 [kaz]
... and TD topics for the f2f
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07:13:33 [kaz]
present+ Yingying
07:13:41 [kaz]
... (share his screen)
07:14:13 [kaz]
... (shows github issues)
07:14:21 [kaz]
... 2 issues for TD
07:14:53 [kaz]
-> issue-283
07:15:00 [kaz]
... issue on mapping to RDF (283)
07:15:12 [kaz]
... should be presented by Dave during the upcoming call
07:15:40 [kaz]
... comment from Kellogg as well
07:15:52 [kaz]
... seems he will join the Santa Clara f2f
07:16:25 [kaz]
... mentioning issue on json-ld repo:
07:16:30 [kaz]
... will contact him
07:17:22 [kaz]
... he lives in US but not sure if he lives in California
07:17:36 [kaz]
s/... seems he will join the Santa Clara f2f//
07:17:54 [kaz]
... another issue from Johannes
07:18:07 [kaz]
-> issue-263
07:18:35 [kaz]
... core vocabulary
07:18:57 [kaz]
... will discuss later during the upcoming call and the f2f
07:19:40 [kaz]
... and next issue on avoiding an array
07:19:44 [kaz]
-> issue-259
07:19:54 [kaz]
... would like to avoid talking about concrete serialization
07:20:13 [kaz]
... would prefer possible multiple serializations
07:20:34 [kaz]
... would be great if we could get progress in Santa Clara
07:20:42 [kaz]
... property, action and event
07:20:55 [kaz]
... need this kind of description
07:21:11 [kaz]
... if we could conclusion in Santa Clara, could move forward
07:21:33 [kaz]
... easy integration with semantic approach
07:21:53 [kaz]
... we have to think about the detail to get concrete serialization
07:22:06 [kaz]
... may be some dominant representation
07:22:12 [kaz]
... those are open issues
07:22:25 [kaz]
... please feel free to look at them and give your comments
07:23:13 [kaz]
topic: Plans and ideas for plugfest
07:23:24 [kaz]
sk: got ideas on the wiki
07:23:55 [kaz]
->,_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara f2f wiki
07:24:10 [kaz]
sk: taki, do you know about Nimura-san's demo?
07:24:22 [kaz]
taki: need to check
07:24:38 [kaz]
sk: we should have concrete scenarios for the demos
07:25:15 [kaz]
... the question is what we would like to see and experiment
07:25:33 [kaz]
... I myself can set up some scenario
07:25:47 [kaz]
... please let me know about what you want to see
07:27:02 [kaz]
... (shows the Current Practice document)
07:27:24 [kaz]
-> current practice document ( Repository section)
07:27:51 [kaz]
... need to provide some repository for the plugfest
07:28:12 [kaz]
... let me what you would like to see for TD
07:28:29 [kaz]
07:28:53 [kaz]
kaz: are you ok with having multiple scenarios?
07:29:04 [kaz]
... or prefer having some specific scenario including all the demos?
07:29:16 [kaz]
sk: depends on the implementations
07:29:20 [kaz]
ack k
07:29:41 [kaz]
... we can decide if we put everything into only one plugfest later
07:30:26 [kaz]
... will ask people during the plenary meeting later as well
07:31:08 [kaz]
kaz: fyi, MMI guys would like to join PlugFest during TPAC in Nov. for UI capability
07:31:10 [kaz]
sk: ok
07:31:26 [kaz]
... Michael Koster is located in California, and would expect his participation
07:31:35 [kaz]
... will check during the plenary call
07:32:02 [kaz]
... small changes to the Current Document
07:32:13 [kaz]
... about the new structure
07:32:21 [kaz]
-> @@@ section 3.2.1
07:32:33 [kaz]
present+ Youngmin
07:34:53 [kaz]
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07:35:33 [kaz]
... maybe make sense to create another specific version for the Santa Clara f2f like we did for the Beijing meeting
07:36:32 [kaz]
-> Current Practices document for the Beijing meeting
07:36:41 [kaz]
... we have to ask you all
07:37:40 [kaz]
kaz: do you want to publish it as an IG Note?
07:38:16 [kaz]
sk: not at the moment
07:38:30 [kaz]
kaz: sorry failed to publish the Beijing snapshot version as a group note
07:38:58 [dape]
07:40:14 [kaz]
... if we want, we can publish the document as a group note if the content is fixed
07:40:26 [kaz]
sk: the content is already fixed for the Santa Clara meeting, I think
07:41:22 [kaz]
kaz: in that case, we can make our TF decision here to publish it
07:41:25 [dape]
07:41:37 [kaz]
... and bring the proposal to the main call and get the IG approval
07:42:28 [kaz]
... (check the TF consensus)
07:42:31 [dape]
publishing -> +1
07:42:38 [kaz]
(everybody agrees)
07:43:18 [kaz]
RESOLUTION: the TD TF would like to publish the Santa Clara version of the Current Practices document as an IG Note, and would like to send it to the IG plenary call
07:44:15 [kaz]
topic: TD topics for Santa Clara meeting
07:44:24 [kaz]
sk: everybody can make proposals on the wiki
07:44:54 [kaz]
->,_February_2017,_USA,_Santa_Clara#Input_Breakout_Topics f2f wiki
07:45:14 [kaz]
sk: note that Mathtias is contacting a JSON Schema community guy
07:46:09 [kaz]
... happy to have them in Santa Clara
07:46:24 [kaz]
... and another topic on Type system
07:46:34 [kaz]
... and TD model
07:46:56 [kaz]
07:47:23 [kaz]
... binary representation as well
07:48:16 [kaz]
... if there is anything you want to see, please make your proposal on the wiki
07:48:53 [kaz]
... McCool also interested in semantics and connection to RDF
07:49:47 [kaz]
kaz: thought Kajimoto-san and others were interested lifecycle and version management in TD
07:50:14 [kaz]
sk: ok
07:50:23 [kaz]
kaz: he mentioned he was still working on that
07:50:26 [kaz]
sk: good
07:50:57 [kaz]
... any other topics?
07:51:09 [kaz]
kaz: Yongmin's introduction?
07:51:20 [kaz]
sk: yes, welcome to this TD call, Yongmin!
07:51:53 [kaz]
07:52:05 [kaz]
topic: Welcome Youngmin
07:52:09 [kaz]
yj: from KETI
07:52:15 [kaz]
... researching IoT kind of tech
07:52:30 [kaz]
... just joined this IG
07:52:39 [kaz]
... would like to know specs on your work
07:52:51 [kaz]
sk: welcome!
07:53:06 [kaz]
... this is a TF of the WoT IG working on the Thing Description
07:53:40 [kaz]
... we have building blocks: Thing Description, Scripting API
07:53:59 [kaz]
... TD TF working on vocabulary and semantics
07:54:16 [kaz]
... so that machines can understand
07:54:35 [kaz]
... how the semantics included in the serialization formats as well
07:54:41 [kaz]
yj: ok, tx!
07:55:08 [kaz]
sk: we regularly meet at this time and have another IG plenary call
07:55:23 [kaz]
... working on f2f preparation, etc., now
07:55:32 [kaz]
... later see you at the plenary call as well!
07:55:39 [kaz]
... any other topics?
07:55:41 [kaz]
07:56:39 [kaz]
see you in 5 hours!
07:57:08 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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rrsagent, make log public
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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