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16:49:42 [Ian]
Chair: Linda
16:49:44 [Ian]
Scribe: Ian
16:49:46 [Ian]
16:49:55 [Ian]
Meeting: Digital Offers Community Group
16:49:57 [Ian]
16:50:11 [Ian]
agenda+ updates to discussion topics
16:50:16 [Ian]
agenda+ deliverables review
16:50:19 [Ian]
agenda+ example use case
16:50:24 [Ian]
agenda+ assignment of use cases
16:50:27 [Ian]
agenda+ next meeting
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present+ Adam_
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17:07:33 [Ian]
17:08:22 [Ian]
zakim, take up item 1
17:08:22 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "updates to discussion topics" taken up [from Ian]
17:08:39 [Ian]
zakim, take up item 2
17:08:39 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "deliverables review" taken up [from Ian]
17:08:59 [Ian]
ltoth: After discussion with dezell we felt we needed 3 deliverables:
17:09:01 [Ian]
- use case
17:09:05 [Ian]
- use cases
17:09:07 [Ian]
17:09:13 [dezell]
17:09:42 [jheuer]
* can u link to the discussion page plz?
17:09:44 [Ian]
- recommended implementation
17:09:50 [Ian]
Discussion topics ->
17:10:00 [Ian]
ian: what is a "recommended implementation"?
17:10:33 [Ian]
dezell: I am referring to getting implementation experience
17:10:47 [Ian]
17:12:10 [Ian]
IJ: we definitely want implementation experience, but that's 9-12 months from now
17:12:22 [Ian] our timeline we refer to "incubated specification:
17:12:26 [Ian]
ltoth: Third thing was a WG charter
17:12:40 [Ian]
(IJ: I also think a draft charter is months and months away)
17:12:47 [Ian]
zakim, take up item 3
17:12:47 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "example use case" taken up [from Ian]
17:12:57 [Ian]
17:13:40 [Ian]
17:15:02 [Ian]
[Linda reviews the two use case drafts]
17:15:43 [dezell]
17:16:09 [dezell]
ack Ian
17:16:12 [ed_]
17:16:21 [Ian]
17:16:21 [Ian]
ack dezell
17:16:37 [Ian]
dezell: Thank you, ltoth, for the example
17:17:33 [Ian]
dezell: We need perhaps to distinguish whether the offer comes from a merchant or a distributor
17:18:26 [Ian]
IJ: How does the source of the coupon affect combining coupons and other forms of payment?
17:18:49 [Ian]
dezell: In the case of a merchant, I can do things like change the transaction amount before payment happens.
17:18:59 [Ian] that case it's not really a multi-tender payment.
17:19:42 [Ian]
IJ: +1 to calling out explicitly that the use case of "changing transaction amount" is NOT part of multi-tender payment
17:19:45 [dezell]
17:19:48 [dezell]
ack e
17:20:21 [Ian]
Use cases doc:
17:20:25 [Ian]
17:20:43 [jheuer]
q+ to talk about security and cross-implications to how offers are communicated
17:21:15 [ShaneM]
+1 on what Ian said - I wrote a lot of that stuff and it is unique to the W3C
17:21:55 [dezell]
17:22:18 [Adam_]
where are the Digital Offers problem statements being referenced?
17:22:44 [Kylie_Davies]
17:22:46 [Kylie_Davies]
17:23:30 [Ian]
IJ: +1 to not being formal yet; just writing down things as Linda has, and evolving from there.
17:24:21 [dezell]
17:24:28 [Ian]
ed: Can we take a step further than the example; do we want to enumerate systems or parties involved?
17:25:27 [Ian]
IJ: +1 to experimenting with what you feel would help achieve shared understanding
17:25:28 [Ian]
ack jh
17:25:28 [Zakim]
jheuer, you wanted to talk about security and cross-implications to how offers are communicated
17:25:33 [Ian]
jheuer: +1 to these examples
17:25:45 [Ian]'s also good to give a feel for what it will feel like when implemented.
17:25:59 [Ian]
...and ideally there are improvements from a variety of viewpoints (e.g., merchant POV, consumer POV)
17:26:29 [Ian]
...I think, for example, that improved security would be an improvement in these processes
17:27:57 [Ian]
dezell: +1 to Ian's comments
17:28:01 [ltoth]
ack dezell
17:28:10 [Ian]
...I think the main mission we are on at this stage of the CG's life is to understand one another.
17:28:28 [Ian]
17:31:10 [Ian]
IJ: What's the diff between use case 1 and 2?
17:31:17 [Ian]
ltoth: 1 is online, 2 at a store
17:33:16 [Ian]
17:34:51 [Ian]
[IJ edits in real time; updates based on conversation]
17:34:51 [dezell]
17:34:54 [Ian]
ack me
17:35:11 [Ian]
ltoth: I'd like to allocate different topics to people who would volunteer to add the use cases
17:35:16 [Ian]
ack dezell
17:36:00 [Ian]
dezell: Any other variations for multi-tender to discuss today?
17:36:38 [Adam]
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17:36:51 [Adam]
17:37:40 [dezell]
Ian: the heart of the use case is "at the time of payment, I can choose and redeem an offer."
17:38:33 [dezell]
Ian: question for the group - are there use cases with commonality in their flows. Factoring those out can really help.
17:38:36 [Ian]
q+ Adam
17:38:38 [Ian]
ack Adam
17:38:50 [Ian]
17:39:06 [ShaneM]
remember that stories like this have additional "seasoning" to make it interesting. Like a word problem from 7th grade math.
17:39:14 [Ian]
" During checkout, customers would like to choose combinations of payment methods and digital offers to "get the best deal."
17:40:10 [Ian]
Adam: How do we gather them?
17:40:14 [Ian]
(Everyone can write in the wiki!)
17:40:59 [dezell]
Ian: logistical point - this wiki is available to the IG. We need to move this into CG space.
17:41:17 [Ian]
IJ: Should I move the stuff into the CG?
17:41:20 [Ian]
17:41:24 [dezell]
17:41:29 [dezell]
17:41:44 [Ian]
ACTION: Ian to create a CG wiki and migrate the IG stuff there (leaving a pointer from the IG wiki to the CG wiki)
17:42:32 [Ian]
[On whether wiki is ok for people]
17:42:42 [Ian]
ltoth: I think it's straightforward to use the wiki.
17:43:06 [Ian]
IJ: I can help people get started
17:43:27 [Ian]
ltoth: Any volunteers to write down some use cases?
17:43:42 [Ian]
...or i can assign sections
17:43:59 [Adam]
I want to participate in developing use cases
17:44:22 [ShaneM]
I am interested in capturing some scenarios
17:44:24 [dezell]
17:44:40 [Ian]
jheuer: +1 to how Linda added her use cases
17:45:36 [Ian]
..but I would like to be able to include use cases without categorization
17:45:58 [ShaneM]
+1 to adding a miscellaneous section so you can throw in whatever and we can categorze it later
17:46:15 [Ian]
+1 to misc
17:46:50 [Adam]
what about a separate use cases section?
17:47:09 [Adam]
+1 to misc section
17:47:24 [Kylie_Davies]
Happy to submit into a misc section too for review during next call +1
17:47:53 [Ian]
ACTION: Ian will add a misc section to the wiki in the CG's wiki
17:47:54 [ed_]
17:48:53 [Ian]
(I will migrate the material tomorrow morning)
17:49:31 [Ian]
dezell: Should people sign their use cases?
17:49:37 [Ian]
IJ: No objection; history records edits
17:50:00 [Ian]
dezell: May make it easier to find out who is leading the charge on a use case.
17:50:14 [Adam]
Maybe we could by default add the use cases to the MISC section and decide on integrating them into the rest of the document as a group.
17:50:31 [dezell]
17:50:33 [dezell]
ack d
17:50:33 [Ian]
ltoth: Do we want to label what's draft and what's approved?
17:50:54 [Ian]
q+ to ask what "approved" means
17:51:07 [Ian]
ed_: I will work on some use cases under user action
17:51:09 [Ian]
ack me
17:51:09 [Zakim]
Ian, you wanted to ask what "approved" means
17:51:18 [dezell]
ack ed
17:51:43 [Ian]
IJ: What does "approved" mean?
17:52:00 [Ian]
ltoth: I think it means "there is consensus on the language and to include it"
17:52:35 [dezell]
IJ: I'll add a mini-policy section to the new CG wiki
17:52:55 [Ian]
(e.g., "don't edit those without group discussion")
17:52:58 [Ian]
17:53:04 [Ian]
17:53:09 [Ian]
topic: Next teleconf
17:53:12 [Ian]
zakim, clear agenda
17:53:12 [Zakim]
agenda cleared
17:53:22 [Ian]
ltoth: the WPIG is planning to meet FTF on 22 March
17:53:32 [Ian]
...we can request some time then to meet FTF and move this forward.
17:54:01 [dezell]
17:54:27 [Ian]
IJ: Did you have in mind e.g., 25% of time chaired by linda as a CG meeting?
17:54:32 [Ian]
dezell: Yes
17:54:34 [Ian]
ack d
17:54:35 [jheuer]
I'd love to join but I can't make it this time
17:55:25 [Ian]
ACTION: ltoth to query the CG for interest in a 22 March FTF meeting and others not yet in the CG
17:55:38 [ed_]
17:55:41 [dezell]
17:55:43 [jheuer]
17:55:45 [dezell]
17:55:46 [ShaneM]
17:55:50 [ltoth]
17:55:51 [Adam]
+1 on F2F
17:55:53 [Amber_Walls_GS1US]
+1; though have a conflict on that date
17:56:00 [Ian]
17:56:07 [Kylie_Davies]
Also love to join but don't think I can get funding to cross the pond
17:56:14 [Ian]
topic: Next teleconf
17:56:26 [Ian]
ltoth: Would like to meet once we have new use cases
17:56:31 [Ian]
(23 ok with me)
17:56:36 [Ian]
jheuer: Not available on 23rd
17:56:42 [Ian]
..suggest 30th
17:57:09 [Ian]
s/..suggest 30th//
17:57:22 [Ian]
....I will try to interact by email
17:57:51 [Ian]
ed_: +1 to 30 Jan
17:57:57 [Kylie_Davies]
30th sounds good
17:58:09 [Ian]
dezell: I can meet on the 30th
17:58:25 [Ian]
RESOLVED: Next call is 30 January
17:58:33 [Ian]
17:58:38 [Ian]
ack me
17:59:11 [Ian]
Summary of who volunteered today to do some use cases:
17:59:12 [Ian]
* Ed
17:59:12 [ShaneM]
Shane - I did
17:59:12 [Adam]
I will write some use cases
17:59:21 [dezell]
David will.
17:59:25 [Ian]
* Adam ("uncategorized")
17:59:29 [Kylie_Davies]
Happy to try some misc ones
17:59:30 [Ian]
* Shane
17:59:30 [Ian]
* Joerg
17:59:32 [Ian]
* Kylie
17:59:35 [Ian]
* Dezell
17:59:37 [Adam]
don't know yet, correct
17:59:42 [Ian]
* linda
17:59:56 [Ian]
shane: My plan is to go through the use cases we had for Verifiable Claims and extract some
18:00:25 [Ian]
rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate Ian
18:00:27 [Ian]
rrsagent, set logs public
18:00:37 [Kylie_Davies]
thanks all!
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rrsagent, bye
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I see 3 open action items saved in :
20:43:19 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Ian to create a CG wiki and migrate the IG stuff there (leaving a pointer from the IG wiki to the CG wiki) [1]
20:43:19 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
20:43:19 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: Ian will add a misc section to the wiki in the CG's wiki [2]
20:43:19 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
20:43:19 [RRSAgent]
ACTION: ltoth to query the CG for interest in a 22 March FTF meeting and others not yet in the CG [3]
20:43:19 [RRSAgent]
recorded in
20:43:21 [Ian]
zakim, bye
20:43:22 [Zakim]
leaving. As of this point the attendees have been Adam_, Ian, Joerg, jheuer, ShaneM, Ed, Brian, ltoth, dezell, Kylie_Davies
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