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01:00:05 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Ted, Hira, Mike, Rudi
01:02:21 [kaz]
present+ Song_Li
01:02:43 [kaz]
01:03:17 [kaz]
present+ Powell
01:04:42 [kaz]
topic: welcome Mike
01:04:49 [kaz]
ma: Mike Aro from IBM
01:05:17 [kaz]
... ready to make contribution
01:05:42 [kaz]
rs: Rudi Streif, one of the co-Chairs, from JLR
01:06:02 [kaz]
... happy to have you from IBM
01:07:03 [kaz]
zakim, who is here?
01:07:03 [Zakim]
Present: Kaz, Ted, Hira, Mike, Rudi, Song_Li, Powell
01:07:05 [Zakim]
On IRC I see PowellKinney, RRSAgent, Zakim, rstreif, hira, ahaller2, kaz, tobie, schuki, jet, trackbot, ted
01:07:35 [kaz]
hira: have been working for the Automotive WG/BG for years
01:07:39 [kaz]
... from KDDI
01:07:57 [kaz]
pk: from Vinli in Dallas
01:08:01 [kaz]
... wonderful to have you
01:08:46 [kaz]
sl: working on security
01:09:42 [kaz]
... talking with Baido
01:09:50 [kaz]
01:11:11 [kaz]
ka: working with Ted for the group :)
01:11:30 [kaz]
01:12:15 [kaz]
01:12:25 [kaz]
topic: agenda
01:12:40 [kaz]
rs: CES showcase, meeting planning, testing, ...
01:12:47 [kaz]
topic: CES showcase
01:13:01 [kaz]
sl: will be demoing
01:13:13 [kaz]
... using standards of W3C
01:13:26 [ted]
01:13:26 [kaz]
.. websocket secure connection on an android client
01:13:36 [kaz]
rs: powell?
01:13:50 [kaz]
pk: not planning to do demo
01:13:56 [kaz]
... this time more a participant
01:14:17 [kaz]
rs: Sanjeeb's demo of vehicle signal spec
01:14:23 [kaz]
... short video
01:14:33 [kaz]
... can show you if you're interested
01:14:36 [kaz]
01:15:01 [rstreif]
Link to OCF video:
01:15:45 [kaz]
rs: shows his desktop
01:15:59 [kaz]
s/his/the video on his/
01:16:35 [kaz]
tg: W3C table at the GENIVI booth
01:17:04 [kaz]
... on Thursday
01:17:56 [kaz]
... we'll be at Velagio
01:18:49 [ted]
01:20:02 [kaz]
(demo on a smart watch and a smartphone)
01:20:52 [hira]
01:21:02 [kaz]
tg: Song Li and Wonsuk will be at the table
01:21:33 [kaz]
rs: Genivi have a table
01:21:56 [kaz]
pk: can do some laptop demo
01:22:04 [kaz]
rs: ok
01:22:18 [kaz]
... demonstration of Web of Things
01:22:29 [kaz]
... any other updates?
01:23:09 [kaz]
topic: Meeting planning
01:23:20 [kaz]
rs: can't make the meeting myself
01:23:29 [kaz]
... can join remotely if there is connection
01:23:49 [kaz]
... any one going there in person?
01:23:57 [kaz]
pk: can join
01:24:10 [kaz]
rs: Paul will be there
01:24:24 [kaz]
... Mike Nanary from Genivi as well
01:24:44 [kaz]
... would like to send agenda proposal for that meeting
01:25:24 [kaz]
tg: introducing observers there
01:25:29 [kaz]
rs: sounds good
01:25:56 [kaz]
... any discussions on technical details, testing framework, etc.?
01:26:04 [kaz]
... opinions?
01:27:00 [kaz]
ka: if this is a private meeting, we should concentrate on that
01:27:06 [kaz]
01:27:19 [kaz]
rs: not sure if VW joins in person
01:27:42 [kaz]
tg: Patrick Bartsch can join
01:28:02 [ted]
(perhaps, to be confirmed)
01:28:15 [kaz]
rs: hopefully we can have wifi connection
01:28:47 [kaz]
hira: I also can join the meeting from home
01:28:54 [kaz]
rs: ok
01:28:57 [kaz]
... let's check the connection
01:29:59 [kaz]
topic: Test framework
01:30:32 [kaz]
hira: according to the W3C Process, we have to show implementation experience for CR
01:31:03 [kaz]
... but the detail on how to do it is not defined by the Process document
01:31:12 [kaz]
... the WG need to define that
01:31:38 [kaz]
... timeline for the PR phase, requirement for features and test assertions
01:31:56 [kaz]
... and tests and test suite
01:32:21 [kaz]
... would like to confirm the need for the testing plan I proposed
01:32:56 [kaz]
... and would like to examine tests
01:33:18 [kaz]
... it would be necessary to check the consistency
01:34:19 [kaz]
... finally, would like to propose we split the github resource into several pieces
01:34:25 [kaz]
rs: ts for your hard work
01:34:40 [kaz]
... very much in favor seeing your effort
01:34:46 [kaz]
... fully support it
01:35:01 [kaz]
hira: thanks
01:35:26 [kaz]
... would like to set up new configuration for GitHub then
01:36:03 [kaz]
pk: the idea you have to share the tests is a great idea
01:36:29 [kaz]
... having all the resources at one place is really helpful
01:37:02 [kaz]
rs: would put this on the agenda too
01:37:23 [kaz]
hira: would like to ask Powell about the client spec
01:37:44 [kaz]
pk: planning to restart it
01:38:32 [kaz]
... the implementations would depend on how we want to expose the APIs
01:38:40 [kaz]
hira: ok. tx
01:38:57 [kaz]
rs: comments/questions?
01:39:43 [kaz]
ma: in addition to introduction, any resources on what this group is working on?
01:39:56 [kaz]
rs: resources on Wiki and GitHub
01:40:08 [kaz]
... input from you would be helpful
01:41:27 [kaz]
... also testing work by Hira-san
01:41:58 [kaz]
... vehicle signal definition as VSS by Genivi
01:42:43 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
01:45:15 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz