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17:08:28 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Kevin, Mike, Patric_B, Patrick_L, Paul, Peter, Rudi, Song, Urata
17:08:58 [kaz]
urata: would like to start with the testing topic
17:09:54 [kaz]
... mentioned some concern within my message
17:10:22 [kaz]
... attached an attachment file
17:10:32 [kaz]
... to describe how to handle external resources
17:10:47 [kaz]
... may be going to break the W3C testing policy
17:11:08 [kaz]
-> Urata-san's message (member-only)
17:11:31 [kaz]
urata: the concern is clear
17:11:48 [kaz]
... if it's OK to refer to external resources, there would be no problem
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17:14:07 [kaz]
kaz: personally think there should not be problem if all the resources are accessible online
17:14:14 [kaz]
... can check with PLH
17:15:29 [kaz]
peter: the definition of "testing" is testing specs
17:15:38 [kaz]
... not the server resources themselves
17:16:01 [kaz]
paul: right
17:16:19 [kaz]
... don't see how to test our tests without external resources like VSS
17:16:53 [kaz]
kaz: will talk with PLH and clarify the requirements for testing
17:17:02 [kaz]
paul: ok
17:17:13 [kaz]
... anyway Urata-san has started great work on testing
17:17:56 [ted]
Present+ Ted
17:18:09 [kaz]
topic: Issues
17:18:20 [kaz]
i/would like/topic: Testing/
17:18:22 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
17:18:35 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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17:19:11 [kaz]
rudi: shows issues on his screen
17:19:46 [kaz]
-> Issue-107
17:22:35 [kaz]
rudi: discrepancy between the document title and the shortname
17:23:27 [kaz]
... would propose we rename the title to "Vehicle Information Service Specification"
17:25:31 [kaz]
kevin: change the title from "Vehicle Signal Server Spec"?
17:26:26 [kaz]
kaz: either is ok
17:26:35 [kaz]
... it depends on our preference as the whole WG
17:26:59 [ted]
[vehicle-information-service shortname is what came out of mail thread. i believe we can change the shortname and title if desired]
17:28:57 [kaz]
kaz: so the resolution from this call is changing the document title to "Vehicle Information Service Specification"
17:29:05 [kaz]
... and use that title for the 2nd WD
17:29:07 [kaz]
... right?
17:29:12 [kaz]
rudi: yes
17:29:25 [kaz]
urata: so you're suggesting we change the document title?
17:29:42 [kaz]
... is it OK to change the title of the document?
17:30:03 [kaz]
... we should ask all the group participants about their opinions as well
17:31:30 [kaz]
... from my viewpoint, I've been already using the name of "Vehicle Signal Server Specification" in many places within my codes
17:32:15 [kaz]
... on the other hand, the acronym for "Vehicle Signal Server Spec" is kind of confusing since it's VSSS and similar to VSS
17:32:31 [kaz]
peter: would agree with Rudi's argument
17:32:49 [kaz]
urata: can change the name myself
17:33:00 [kaz]
... but we should ask others' opinions as well
17:33:08 [kaz]
rudi: yes
17:33:29 [kaz]
... this issue-107 itself is one of the feedbacks for the FPWD
17:34:07 [kaz]
urata: ok
17:35:59 [kaz]
kaz: in that case, the client-side spec's name would be also "Vehicle Information Client Specification". right?
17:37:00 [kaz]
paul: "Vehicle Information API" would still make sense
17:38:07 [kaz]
kaz: ok
17:38:20 [kaz]
... we don't have to decide the client spec's name now
17:38:25 [kaz]
... but at some point, we need to think about that
17:38:27 [kaz]
rudi: ok
17:38:58 [kaz]
paul: that (=using "Vehicle Information API") is my opinion
17:39:01 [kaz]
kaz: ok
17:39:33 [kaz]
... we should set some deadline to get feedback for this proposal
17:39:50 [kaz]
rudi: would like to publish the 2nd draft with the updated name next year
17:40:26 [kaz]
-> Issue-99
17:41:05 [kaz]
rudi: JSON Schema instead of WebIDL
17:42:46 [kaz]
kevin: agreeable
17:43:05 [kaz]
patrick: have good experience on JSON Schema
17:43:25 [kaz]
... all the media is defined using JSON Schema within VW
17:44:06 [kaz]
... could express the data model easier using JSON Schema than WebIDL
17:46:37 [kaz]
kevin: offer to add JSON Schema notation as well as WebIDL in January
17:46:45 [rstreif]
Per Working Group Meeting: consent to accompany the specification with the JSON schema metadata for the API specification; @drkevg and @acrofts84 to add JSON schema and WebIDL definitions in 1/2017
17:47:31 [kaz]
-> Issue-91
17:47:39 [kaz]
rudi: whole issue list for the server spec
17:47:54 [kaz]
... generated by Adam
17:48:22 [kaz]
... would be great if Adam and Kevin could go through the list
17:49:04 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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17:49:42 [rstreif]
#91: Per Working Group Meeting: @drkevg, @acrofts84, and the editors and chairs review the list and clear the remaining items.
17:51:33 [kaz]
kaz: btw, we should change the text for the issue label "Vehicle Signal Server Spec" to "Vehicle Information Service Spec", shouldn't we?
17:51:36 [kaz]
rudi: right
17:51:55 [kaz]
-> Issue-87
17:52:12 [kaz]
rudi: Deliverable definition
17:53:23 [rstreif]
#87: Per Working Group Meeting: addressed at this point with the new charter. Close.
17:54:32 [kaz]
-> Issue-85
17:58:23 [kaz]
#85: Per Working Group Meeting: ticket stands; Vehicle Information API Specification yet to be created;
17:59:27 [kaz]
topic: Meeting during CES
17:59:54 [kaz]
paul: what would people discuss at CES?
18:00:01 [kaz]
... WG? BG?
18:01:31 [kaz]
rudi: let's meet in Thursday afternoon
18:01:54 [kaz]
... 3-5pm
18:02:34 [kaz]
... myself can't attend CES but Magnus will be there
18:03:09 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
18:03:42 [kaz]
Meeting: Automotive WG
18:03:53 [kaz]
Chair: Rudi, Paul, Peter
18:04:06 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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18:04:31 [urata_access]
Regarding the test assertion document, it is being created at Hirabayashi-san's site.
18:06:03 [urata_access]
yes please. I forgot to mention in the meeting.
18:06:17 [urata_access]
18:07:18 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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18:09:08 [urata_access]
18:09:44 [urata_access]
Yes please.. Thank you!
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