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Meeting: Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 15 November 2016
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TOPIC: EXI Renaming
18:38:33 [brutzman]
TK confirmed that time, IRC, telcon and Webex information on group page are correct
18:40:38 [taki]
DP: I remember Liam volunteered to update public EXI page.
18:40:49 [taki]
TK: I will ping Liam about that.
18:41:11 [taki]
TOPIC: Canonical EXI
18:42:21 [brutzman] said The plan is that the acronym "EXI" will stand for "Efficient Extensible Interchange"
18:43:27 [taki]
TK: We successfully published Candidate Recommendation of Canonical EXI.
18:45:41 [taki]
DP: Exificient is not complete in terms of Canonical EXI implementations yet.
18:46:13 [taki]
DB: At some point, we will need Canonical EXI validation.
18:47:30 [taki]
DP: Once OpenEXI and Exificient produce same stream, we can compare the stream and other implementations will produce.
18:48:21 [taki]
DB: Content producer's perspective, they want to make sure it is correct.
18:48:42 [taki]
DB: Correctness is security consideration. Validation is important for W3C validator.
18:49:36 [taki]
DP: Canonical XML does not provide validator.
18:50:31 [taki]
DP: Once we are settled and stable, I can provide GUI to check if it is canonical or not.
18:52:32 [taki]
DP: We can prove the stream we produce is valid EXI.
18:52:42 [taki]
DP: That should be sufficient, right?
18:53:54 [taki]
DP: You can create EXI content that receiver will fail to decode.
19:01:00 [taki]
DP: Once we implement new flags, we may want to run existing test cases first.
19:01:30 [taki]
DP: Then we need to determine what do we need to create to test further.
19:02:37 [taki]
19:03:12 [taki]
TK: Daniel provided first blog post draft.
19:03:23 [taki]
DP: I failed to add an item there.
19:03:47 [taki]
DP: I am working with Carine to fix this issue.
19:03:57 [taki]
DP: After that, we can add a blog post.
19:06:25 [taki]
DP: Native implementation is event-based. I will need to take a look at Webkit implementation to know how to integrate.
19:08:52 [taki]
19:18:25 [taki]
TK: I would like to propose a change by pulling the paragraph that starts with "EXI is a format that sends an efficient stream of events..." up front.
19:19:20 [taki]
DB: Should we say more about WG renaming?
19:19:50 [taki]
DB: Also, we can mention XML security.
19:24:10 [taki]
DB: Round-trip correctness?
19:25:00 [taki]
DP: Some use cases do not need round-trip. RGB all number maps to integer.
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Example of encoding CSS colors as enumeration values in Java:
19:49:11 [brutzman]
19:49:16 [brutzman]
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here comes draft to you both...
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Will post revised blog draft shortly.
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Thanks for another great meeting! 8)
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