IRC log of silver on 2016-11-04

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Scribe: Sarah
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Present+ Sarah
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present+ Shawn
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meeting: Silver subgroup
14:29:32 [SarahHorton]
Worked on stakeholder submission form:
14:30:40 [SarahHorton]
Worked on brainstorming stakeholder categories
14:31:40 [SarahHorton]
Brainstorming communication channels, including W3C channels, Twitter, groups like WebAIM, MeetUp groups, professional groups (like ITACCESS)
14:32:04 [SarahHorton]
Would be helpful to have dedicated email address for subgroup work
14:32:26 [SarahHorton]
Action: Sarah will explore option of dedicated email address with Michael
14:32:58 [SarahHorton]
Shawn reserved meeting rooms for Dec 12 and 13
14:34:15 [SarahHorton]
Would like to include email address and link to more information about project on stakeholder survey
14:34:37 [SarahHorton]
Need to clean up Silver wiki space to serve as a communication channel, also establish email address
14:36:12 [SarahHorton]
Propose to hold off on research survey objectives and information packet, instead send "heads-up" email to professors who might include activity in curriculum
14:37:10 [SarahHorton]
Action: Jeanne to organize wiki so we can use it to communicate about Silver activities
14:37:38 [SarahHorton]
Action: Sarah, Shawn, Jeanne, Andrew, Michael to make travel arrangement for working meeting
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been Sarah, Shawn
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