IRC log of wot-td on 2016-11-02

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08:02:59 [kaz]
sk: wondering about the time slot for this call
08:03:11 [kaz]
... should keep this slot or change
08:03:44 [kaz]
... this slot is OK with European guys
08:03:57 [kaz]
... but maybe problematic for other areas
08:04:23 [kaz]
... this is a general problem for W3C calls
08:04:53 [kaz]
i/wondering/topic: Time for the TD calls/
08:05:03 [kaz]
topic: Agenda
08:05:09 [kaz]
sk: showing the agenda slides
08:05:22 [kaz]
... but maybe we should hold another call next week
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08:07:23 [kaz]
mm: question
08:07:42 [kaz]
... what would be the date to close the TD discussion given the Feb f2f?
08:07:55 [kaz]
sk: depending on the volunteers for the Editors
08:08:10 [kaz]
... small changes to the TD structure
08:08:21 [kaz]
mm: maybe around the Christmas day?
08:08:39 [kaz]
... for the security stuff, we'll try that for the next round. right?
08:08:47 [kaz]
... too much rush for this version
08:09:13 [kaz]
sk: not the topic for the next PlugFest, I think
08:09:23 [kaz]
... need to consider security soon, though
08:09:35 [kaz]
... and we should set up for security next time
08:09:44 [kaz]
mm: we should restart the Security TF soon
08:09:47 [kaz]
sk: right
08:09:55 [kaz]
... very soon
08:10:32 [kaz]
... btw, it's already 10 mins since the starting time for this call
08:10:55 [kaz]
... so would like to go through the issues, though shouldn't dive into the details
08:11:26 [kaz]
... GitHub issues, Volunteers for the Current Practices document...
08:11:52 [kaz]
... would suggest detailed discussion should be done next week
08:12:04 [kaz]
... (skims the open issues)
08:12:32 [kaz]
... some of the issues should not go for the upcoming PlugFest
08:13:29 [kaz]
... possible impact on TD for "Properties vs. Actions"
08:13:43 [kaz]
... the outcome should be applied to the scripting discussion as well
08:14:11 [kaz]
... final decision would be difficult to get by the upcoming PlugFest
08:14:39 [kaz]
mm: several possible approaches
08:14:52 [kaz]
sk: can discuss it next week
08:15:10 [kaz]
... for the next version of the Current Practices document
08:15:34 [kaz]
... send a message on the open issues and ask people for responses
08:17:56 [kaz]
topic: Meeting time (revisit)
08:18:08 [kaz]
mm: later would be better for the US participants
08:18:21 [kaz]
... no big problems with Europe or Japan
08:21:34 [kaz]
ka: why don't we conduct a doodle poll for the two options (8am Europe vs 9am Europe)?
08:21:36 [kaz]
sk: ok
08:22:00 [kaz]
... will send a message to the group about the open issues and the time issue
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08:22:58 [kaz]
[ adjourned ]
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08:23:52 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG - TD Restructuring
08:23:57 [kaz]
Chair: Sebastian
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