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Meeting: Accessibility DPUB Task Force Weekly Meeting
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topic: Section 2.1.1 a11y focused and 5 braille use-cases
15:02:52 [clapierre]
•As Nemeth Braille is commonly used as a means to access math tactually in education, BigBox Publisher has added Nemeth Braille examples to its publication, in addition to the MathML content.
15:02:52 [clapierre]
•James, a musician, requires that the musical score within a publication come preformatted in braille music notation in order to read it, as he uses freely available assistive technology which does not have braille music translations built in.
15:02:52 [clapierre]
•A class of students is reading a book in which poems are pictorially presented in different shapes. To have a comparable experience as her sighted classmates, Lisa, who is visually impaired, needs access to the material in braille. Because of the way the poems are presented, she actually needs the content in preformatted braille that provides an equivalent precision.
15:02:52 [clapierre]
•Working with colleagues on some research issues Joos, who is visually impaired, needs an alternative access for the various articles the research work is based on. He chooses an audio rendition of the article content, because he does not master braille well enough.
15:02:54 [clapierre]
•BigBox Publisher needs to add content such as a braille style sheet, image descriptions, or video captioning (text/descriptive audio) to a web publication.
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deborah: we should figure out which of the braille ones is most important/least intuitive, to keep in there.
15:08:11 [clapierre]
Mia: nemeth is important but Nemeth tables in certain area's in STEM gets a lot of attention where music does not. the poem thing if they have only a 20 cell braille display, AT specific poem one. is important one but alternative ways a tactile graphic as a hard copy braille won't get that hardware braille display.
15:08:42 [clapierre]
G: Nemeth is north america only not use. UEM is more generally used outside USA.
15:08:56 [clapierre]
Mia: can we merge the nemeth and music one?
15:09:22 [clapierre]
Avneesh: preformatted, music is not important is is more pre-formatting.
15:09:33 [clapierre]
Deborah: I like the music one.
15:09:43 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we show a usecase or two.
15:10:06 [clapierre]
Mia: so we include the last one and add short examples preformatted.
15:10:50 [clapierre]
Tzviya: the music one is a good example, and not sure if Nemeth also is well know. the last one is very clear but need further examples.
15:11:20 [clapierre]
Mia: we could explain what Nemeth is in a footnote, commonly used in North America
15:11:49 [clapierre]
George: preformatted aspect such as music, and something else that uses braille codes.
15:12:27 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we can keep the music one in.
15:12:31 [clapierre]
Charles: Yes keep music.
15:12:59 [clapierre]
Charles: what about the braille tactile?
15:14:10 [clapierre]
Deborah: not a bad example, but has too many a11y examples in one place. alternative modalities deserves 2 but maybe not a tactile. a lot of bias a11y is all about blindness and we should not .
15:14:24 [clapierre]
George: is the musician about an additional modality?
15:15:05 [clapierre]
Tzviya: yes preformatted braille, and the other example is audio for the mother at work.
15:15:21 [clapierre]
Tzviya: its not just about a11y,
15:15:42 [clapierre]
Deborah: so we will stick with alternative modality, we will rewrite the music one as math?
15:15:49 [clapierre]
Tzviya: keep music one.
15:15:57 [clapierre]
Deborah: and remove the other a11y ones?
15:16:23 [clapierre]
busy mother of 5 and james the musician.
15:17:00 [clapierre]
Avneesh: what about video? we only have audio and tactile.
15:17:14 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we talk about video in other sections. we need to slim it down.
15:20:00 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we don't need all use cases just a sampling.
15:20:30 [clapierre]
Tzviya: it reads like a document for a11y and a few other things sprinkled in.
15:20:38 [clapierre]
Charles: so we did our job too good?
15:20:43 [clapierre]
15:20:58 [clapierre]
Tzviya: it needs to be ballenced?
15:21:28 [clapierre]
Avneesh: how will this document be used? I am worried that the requirement gathering will need these other use cases.
15:21:45 [clapierre]
Tzviya: I wish I knew but I am pretty sure all of us will be involved.
15:22:12 [clapierre]
George: the chartered working group that works on the spec, we can expect good representation from the accessibility field.
15:23:02 [clapierre]
Tzviya: the reason I wanted to make sure it is not blindness focused. the # of people who thing accessibility is screen readers, I want to make sure there is a mobility example somewhere in here.
15:23:41 [clapierre]
George: I am glad there is an example of TTS or audio, for second languages etc. and certain disability groups.
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Action: charlesl to remove excess use cases from section 2.1.1
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Tzviya: I think the entire DPUB should read this over and send questions to the group.
15:26:22 [clapierre]
George: for the call on monday will we have a version that doesn't keep moving?
15:26:36 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we are still working on does that work?
15:27:05 [clapierre]
George: I would just like to read the whole document without it changing on me.
15:27:23 [clapierre]
Tzviya: what I send out later today or tomorrow should be static .
15:27:36 [clapierre]
George: I will find a chunk of time over the weekend where I can digest it.
15:27:54 [clapierre]
Tzviya: most of the questions are sections that need a little rewording.
15:28:07 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we do have that new accessibility appendix which is good.
15:28:37 [clapierre]
Deborah: Tzviya, question on pagination, and before I bring it up just wanted to make sure i understand.
15:30:38 [clapierre]
2.2.3 turn to page 123, both digital and phsical book to turn to the same page. the electronic edition with font size. pagination means two things. the physical (visual breaking) and it means this is an electronic version where the same page #137 needs to mean the version in the print and not the blowed up font page which would be different than in the print book.
15:32:03 [clapierre]
Deborah: I personally have ended up in conversations because w3c pagination to mean both things so we don't define what we mean in this document.
15:32:40 [clapierre]
Tzviya, if we change that last bullet, turn to page 137, that "regarless or layout, personalization font size etc…"
15:32:53 [clapierre]
Deborah: yeah that could work. I can rewrite this.
15:33:17 [clapierre]
Tzviya: I will be adding this to my list of topics
15:33:39 [clapierre]
Avneesh: we use the term "Page-Marker" no matter what personalizations you have added.
15:33:58 [clapierre]
Deborah: it is not clear what meaning of the terms.
15:34:10 [clapierre]
Tzviya: this is in section 2.2.5
15:35:11 [clapierre]
Tzviya: I will add this to the list on monday but Deborah if you want to start please go ahead.
15:35:34 [clapierre]
George: we need to harmonize the vocabulary between publishing and W3C
15:35:58 [clapierre]
Tzviya: yes, like Versioning is one of those hot topics.
15:36:20 [clapierre]
Avneesh: when do we need to update the DPUB group about the WCAG things in parallel.
15:36:30 [clapierre]
Tzviya: we haven't done a Task force update on monday.
15:36:40 [clapierre]
Charles; ok we can do that.
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