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Meeting: Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 25 October 2016
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17:44:17 [taki]
TOPIC: EXI Renaming
17:44:56 [taki]
TK: Most people agreed to our plan.
17:45:26 [taki]
DP: Some people think EXI should not mean anything.
17:45:41 [taki]
DP: Following practices of AT&T, IBM, etc.
17:46:51 [taki]
DP: I personally would like to give it a name.
17:48:40 [taki]
TK: I agree with you. We want to give "EXI" a meaning.
17:49:02 [taki]
CB: John Cowan is advocating for acronym.
17:49:17 [taki]
CB: There was not a pushback for the new names.
17:49:51 [taki]
CB: John Cowan is saying "Don't change the acronym." This is my understanding.
17:51:05 [taki]
TK: Let's revisit this topic after two weeks to see if there are any pushback.
17:51:36 [taki]
TOPIC: Canonical EXI
17:54:00 [taki]
DP: I updated SOTD section.
17:54:08 [taki]
DP: I also added CHANGES section.
17:55:17 [taki]
TK: I drafted a publication request.
17:55:40 [taki]
DP: I looked at it. It looks ok, did not find anything confising.
17:56:01 [taki]
CB: It looks good to go.
18:00:59 [taki]
18:02:28 [taki]
CB: It means W3C blog.
18:02:41 [taki]
DP: Who can write a blog entry?
18:02:45 [caribou]
18:02:48 [taki]
CB: WG can write it.
18:03:14 [taki]
CB: Some of them are written by WG chairs.
18:03:22 [taki]
CB: Still open to WG people.
18:03:55 [taki]
DP: What's the easiest way to publish here?
18:05:27 [taki]
DP: I could write a blog entry.
18:06:32 [taki]
DP: I would like to write a short blog with link to the slides.
18:07:37 [taki]
DP: In relation to JavaScript, we noticed that we never sent out information about CSS.
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18:10:16 [taki]
DP: I will make a draft and send the link to the group.
18:10:47 [taki]
TOPIC: JavaScript support
18:11:05 [taki]
18:12:02 [taki]
DP: I created a github project for it where I put a schema, and created a Java implementation.
18:12:34 [taki]
DP: It is not still fully conformant. There are still several missing constructs, which I will fix in coming days.
18:13:07 [taki]
DP: The result is promising. Without using GZIP, the size is as small as original JavaScript.
18:13:32 [taki]
DP: With minifier, it is 60 or 70%.
18:13:44 [taki]
DP: I created C implementation.
18:14:05 [taki]
DP: It is not yet tuned for performance, but can be used for experimentation.
18:14:32 [taki]
DP: E.g. Browser can use it to see how fast JavaScript loading is gonna be.
18:17:58 [taki]
DP: For example, angular2.js 1182582 bytes becomes 388994 in EXI4JS.
18:18:28 [taki]
DP: It is not just about size. It is also about processing.
18:19:50 [taki]
DP: We might also want to take a look at XML schema.
18:20:54 [taki]
DP: I still keep "array" to make it easy to reconstruct JSON array.
18:22:16 [taki]
DP: I looked at Mozilla SpiderMonkey API.
18:22:36 [taki]
DP: I took this definition to create schema.
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18:26:32 [dape]
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18:29:27 [taki]
TOPIC: Extended String
18:31:28 [taki]
DP: With a little element name replacement, such as annotation to schema, and adding type element, xerces could process example 2 easily.
18:32:19 [taki]
DP: annotation to schema, appinfo to type. Slightly changed snippet, EXI could process.
18:33:22 [taki]
DP: Example 2 is more verbose than example 1. Example 1, you need to yourself parse strings out of it.
18:33:34 [taki]
DP: I would tend to go with example 2.
18:36:46 [taki]
DP: The longer the string list is, the bits it takes becomes longer, and needs more time to process.
18:37:49 [taki]
DP: We also need to think about derived types.
18:40:45 [taki]
DP: EXI enumerated values are not sorted.
18:41:15 [taki]
DP: If sorted, binary search is useful.
18:44:22 [taki]
TK: Any other topics?
18:44:36 [taki]
TK: There is no EXI telecon next week.
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