28 Sep 2016

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Tzviya, Janina, Judy, Wilco, Katie_Haritos-Shea, shadi, Ralph, MichaelC, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, lisa, seeman, allanj, LiamQuin, Kim


jb: Any comments on the agenda/
... Perhaps CSUN

Reorg transition starting; agenda shift starting; but speak up about any gaps

jb; Notes reorg began this week.

jb: Our WAI work is now distributed across W3C
... Everyone is still figuring out how the details work best
... Major concern is to make sure nothing falls between the cracks, and that people are clear where to go to ask questions

TPAC updates on Silver, testing, horizontal review, standards harmonization, EOWG roving discussions,

rs: Many good things happened
... Top item was a positive CSS Task Force discussion with CSS.
... We need a Facilitator, but have Editors
... Also agreed to use media queries for user preferences -- agreement to prototype
... Have first beta of an automated test harness for ARIA. We can now test in under a minute
... Demo on Linux, but will also support other platforms. Everyone very excited and working together
... This will speed up our CR
... Want to test before CR, so as to know if anything at risk
... Also met with Web Components, who are in favor with ARIA taking on HTML semantics, so they don't have to use HTML elements
... That's a significant about face--but we like it
... Reorienting to quicker releases with fewer features per release
... Also agreement on an accessibility API -- the AOM
... Only negative item is where/how with SVG going forward

jb: Did see test harness and very impressed
... Wondering whether UAAG features could be tested with the harness
... Seems the harness might be repurposable, and wondering about other groups taking advantage

<Zakim> Judy, you wanted to comment on the automated test harness

rs: Current harness designed to communicate with Accessibility APIs
... IBM has code that could help Shadi's work -- content in browser

<Judy> [Judy started to look back through the uaag requirements with Joannie and it may be much more automatible than we thought]

rs: So maybe a different tool than the harness for some of the other testing
... Looking into it

<shadi> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/conformance-testing/wiki/Testing_Resources

sa: Looked at what other groups are doing, and very eager to get input that we can build on

<shadi> JS: APA hardly had time for themselves

<shadi> ...met with many others

<Judy> Janina: APA spent almost all of its time in cross-group meetings. Horizontal review discussion was particularly helpful.

<shadi> ...also with I18N on horizontal reviews

<shadi> ...got some technical solutions towards the end though

<shadi> ...need more discussion needed

<Judy> ...may have gotten a solution on part of the issue, Shane may have added something to respec

<shadi> ...let Wendy Seltzer aware of that need

<Judy> ...and we discussed how to deal with APIs in reviews of those

<shadi> ...need good implementations among device drivers

jb: Believes Dpub needs good testing

mc: ARIA test harness probably not appropriate to Dpub, because it's aimed at AAPIs.
... Is designed to work with the test suite, so parts may be adaptable

ts: Discussed with Shane who is considering how to approach the problem

jb; Asking about Silver

mc: Fair amount of time looking at success criteria with task forces, esp for COGA
... That lead to more discussion of what 2.1 might be
... Ended in a major discussion of whether or not to do incremental, and even timed releases
... Majority appears to favor
... Subgroup had been exploring how to approach the work, and maybe how to design the product
... Fairly strong consensus that leads to flexible Silver -- adaptable to situations and technologies
... Expect the Silver work may become a Task Force
... We would still want to work in parallel on Silver and 2.x

jb: Concerned to keep a balance that gets work out without too much delay and keeps people engaged

ls: Believe 2.1 could be huge
... Suggest we might want to revisit the single, double A AA more rigoursly

ak: Think flexibility was more around process than what we end up with
... As opposed to flexibility of the guidelines produced
... Thought we do want flexible guidelines
... Probably better to say they're format independent

jb: Seems there's enough for good updates to WAI-IG

Feedback on TPAC venue, logistics, meeting format, etc

jb: So far much positive feedback on this TPAC, but also on the venue

<MichaelC> TPAC survey

janina: Lunch room was far too noisy, and it was a problem

<Lisa> i am on the q

Other new topics, info from TPAC, to let other accessibility groups know?

janina: EO interested in the MAUR alternate media for tooling and user agent development
... Also, possibly RQTF for autonomous vehicles

jb: Need to check APA charter for scope of RQTF work [and then check RQTF work statement]

ls: Noting we've been unable to successfully use the wiki, other tools, and have concerns about heightened security of these
... One of our participants had major inability to navigate

jb: Maybe digital signage?

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to say wiki issues probably addressable with extensions; need to sort the process of getting those installed and to ask more about github

mc: Believe wiki problems could be addressed by extensions, these exist but would need to get them accepted
... Not recalling COGA github problem?

ls: That you need to learn a new language -- push, pull, etc
... github a challenege for anyone with language issues

jb: Probably need to take this up on several levels -- e.g. have other groups learn how to accomodate users with disability related issues with the tools

Any groups need cross-review by other accessibility groups?

jb: Probably sound like a broken record on this, but it's important to check this
... I continue to hear that people are having trouble finding info

mc: Notes a flurry of updates before TPAC, but may be more to do

<Lisa> should me discuss csun because the deadline is pending

janina: Notes that I asked EO to help us keep our pages updated in a general way

jb: Could also help WAI-IG

ak: It would be helpful if people other than team contacts could do the updates

<Judy> JB will talk with EOWG about a set of questions to check discoverability of accessibility of things on site

jb: Should be easy, but isn't in practice. There is some retooling that may help

Upcoming publications and questions about how to handle that during transition?

jb: Notes that publication is now under PLH
... Any upcoming pubs?

mc: Still trying to get Understanding WCAG and Techniques published -- loops through Systems not helping
... Beyond that several COGA docs approved, and may now need updated approvals
... COGA would be FPWD

jb: Understand a backlog of pubs, and should coord in announcements

mc: CSS TF

Issues to promote on WAI IG? Discussions to bring back into groups?

janina: We will decide soon on a Facilitator from APA/ARIA, then we need a major announcement on this

Any other business?

jb: Notes CSUN deadline is Tuesday

sa: One coming on Mobile

sa; Also Accessibility Conformance Testing

ls: Will try to put in for COGA
... Expect there will be draft of WCAG 2.1 that contain lots of new success criteria, so expect to need to discuss that

jb: Sounds helpful to hear, but also the relationship between COGA and WCAG
... Anything else today?

mc: Suggest a CSUN paper on WCAG 2.1

jb: Believe that's important

mc: Also perhaps a session on evolving procedue of embedding accessibility in general W3C working groups

jb: Anyone else?

<Zakim> MichaelC, you wanted to suggest 1st and 3rd wed for WAI, 2nd and 4th for WAI CC, skip 5th wed

mc: Suggesting second and fourth Wednesday schedule, rather than every other week

jb: Asking who's affected by Yom Kippur

Tzviya, Lisa ...

jb: Anyone objecting to the pattern Michael proposed
... For now, October meetings will be 12 & 26
... Any objections?


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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