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Meeting: HTML Media Task Force Teleconference
10:09:18 [trackbot]
Date: 19 September 2016
10:09:26 [paulc]
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10:20:06 [paulc]
zakim, who is at the meeting?
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I don't understand your question, paulc.
10:20:15 [paulc]
zakim, who is on the call?
10:20:15 [Zakim]
Present: paulc
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zakim, who is on the call?
10:21:32 [Zakim]
Present: cwilso, markw, cyril, ericc
10:23:08 [paulc]
Topic: Joint session with Web & TV IG to discuss MSE and EME status and additional use cases
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10:23:45 [paulc]
See minutes from joint meeting:
10:24:15 [paulc]
Mark's presentation is here:
10:24:42 [paulc]
paulc: We spent so much time talking about getting V1 done that we failed to look at the specific V2 use cases
10:25:31 [paulc]
See additional uses cases:
10:26:25 [paulc]
Discussion of the uses cases is pending.
10:26:29 [paulc]
Topic: WG Decision for MSE Proposed Recommendation
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10:27:15 [paulc]
WG Decision is here:
10:27:26 [paulc]
Paul and Philippe are preparing the transition request.
10:28:58 [paulc]
We expect to get an MSE Recommendation by early November and that would required a charter extension until about Nov 15.
10:29:27 [paulc]
Topic: MSE Editorial issues
10:31:35 [paulc]
ISSUE-159 and ISSUE-163 need to be applied before the PR transition is done.
10:32:10 [paulc]
Topic: MSE Registry publication as WG notes
10:32:30 [paulc]
Philippe plans to publish these WG Notes at the same time as the Proposed Recommendation
10:32:56 [paulc]
Topic: MSE test suite and results
10:33:10 [paulc]
We believe we have sufficient evidence to proceed to PR.
10:34:17 [paulc]
Paul will check with Matt about WebIDL tests:
10:34:43 [paulc]
Topic: MSE summary
10:34:48 [paulc]
10:35:06 [paulc]
1. Paul and Philippe to generate transition request for Proposed Recommendation
10:35:23 [paulc]
2. Matt or Editors to apply editorial fixes for issue 159 and 163
10:35:43 [paulc]
3. Paul to check with Matt on on status of WebIDL tests
10:35:57 [paulc]
4. Philippe to request charter extension for MSE until about Nov 15.
10:36:39 [paulc]
Topic: EME V1Editorial issues
10:36:41 [paulc]
10:37:10 [paulc]
Only the registry SOTD issue is open:
10:37:36 [paulc]
Topic: EME NonBlocking issues
10:38:04 [paulc]
10:38:04 [trackbot]
Notes added to ISSUE-312 .
10:38:28 [paulc]
David has prepared a PR for this issue.
10:46:30 [paulc]
We need the browser implementers to express their opinion on whether they support David's change to a MUST here.
10:47:50 [paulc]
10:47:50 [trackbot]
Notes added to ISSUE-329 .
10:48:43 [paulc]
There is an editorial pull request. David is discussing with Philippe.
10:48:49 [paulc]
David is working on PR
10:49:26 [paulc]
Topic: Other EME issues
10:49:35 [paulc] is awaiting interop evidence
10:50:25 [paulc]
Test data is that no browser is 100% compliant. Edge's implementation is still buggy.
10:51:16 [paulc]
We do not have two implementations yet.
10:51:39 [paulc]
We need to decide how to handle this at risk feature.
10:52:33 [paulc]
Mark: We need a consistent rule based on testing results and how they impact features in the spec.
10:53:00 [paulc]
Polyfill test works with Edge but that is only one implementation.
10:53:37 [paulc]
Topic: EME test suite
10:53:43 [paulc]
Latest test results:
10:54:01 [paulc]
Actually see
10:55:22 [paulc]
Status: Test files without 2 passes: 34; Subtests without 2 passes: 53; Failure level: 53/220 (24.09%)
10:55:39 [paulc]
Test files: 70; Total subtests: 220
10:59:28 [paulc]
From the less than 2 results:
10:59:46 [paulc]
a) We need to convert the Google tests before evaluating these failures
11:00:41 [paulc]
b) Keystatus results pass on Chrome but fail on FF and Edge for different reasons
11:01:30 [paulc]
Edge bug has been filed but Mark does not have a useful URL
11:01:35 [paulc]
FF bug needs to be filed.
11:03:06 [paulc]
c) Persistent usage and Persistent license need reviewing since we don't have two implementations
11:03:33 [paulc]
Persistent is implemented in Chrome OS. It might be in Edge and this needs to be checked.
11:03:46 [paulc]
s/Persistent/Persisten license/
11:04:05 [paulc]
Persistent usage record is only implemented in Edge and is not compliant.
11:05:32 [paulc]
Deleting the presistent usage record and persistent license features would leave only temporary session types.
11:06:50 [paulc]
d) Event sequences are not completely compliant on several browsers because they don't do what the spec says.
11:07:56 [paulc]
Note also the outstanding test suite PRs:
11:08:47 [paulc]
Topic: Additional EME testing
11:08:49 [paulc]
11:09:36 [paulc]
see Paul's list of pending/outstanding test work:
11:09:36 [paulc]
11:11:19 [paulc]
Mark and Stefan (from CTA WAVE project) will reply to Paul's email with a testing work plan.
11:12:12 [paulc]
Topic: Formal objections on EME
11:12:14 [paulc]
11:14:56 [paulc]
Topic: MSE and EME timeline and charter discussion
11:15:20 [paulc]
As per above it appears that we need until about Nov 15 to get MSE to Recommendation
11:15:44 [paulc]
Topic: Use of polyfill tests
11:16:20 [paulc]
Jerry is working on a version of the test results that added Mark's polyfill code to fix bugs in an implementation
11:16:44 [paulc]
Mark: We need to decide how to use these kinds of test results
11:18:05 [paulc]
MArk: We have some larger Javascript "patches" for entire features and if these are the only implementation then they will be harder to use
11:19:02 [paulc]
We will ask Jerry to generate results that use polyfills that fix bug in browsers implementations.
11:19:28 [paulc]
In addition there are some additional bugs that might be able to be fixed by additional polyfills.
11:19:55 [paulc]
Mark will look into the new polyfils (when the new testing help is on board and doing other work).
11:20:19 [paulc]
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11:20:35 [paulc]
Topic: MSE and EME timeline and charter discussion (2)
11:20:49 [paulc]
We talked about the EME status this morning at the joint meeting.
11:21:53 [paulc]
We need to engage quickly to generate a broader test suite, generate the results from the test suite, decide what feature are not intoperable, decide if we need to cut features and give Philippe a firm schedule on a Proposed Recommendation.
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11:22:08 [paulc]
We are up against a deadline of our charter expiry on Sep 30.
11:22:26 [paulc]
Philippe last week stated that he wanted a timetable and plan by this week.
11:34:56 [paulc]
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11:37:30 [paulc]
Attendance at meeting:
11:37:40 [paulc]
Paul Cotton, Microsoft (Chair)
11:37:47 [paulc]
Chris Wilson, Google
11:38:03 [paulc]
Cyril Concolato, Telecom Paris Tech
11:38:16 [paulc]
Satoshi Nishimura, NHK
11:38:26 [paulc]
Kazuhiro Hoya, JBA
11:38:32 [paulc]
Eric Carlson, Apple
11:38:38 [paulc]
Mark Watson, Netflix
11:38:47 [paulc]
Gary Kacmarcik, Google
11:38:56 [paulc]
Mike Assenti, Dolby
11:39:04 [paulc]
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