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Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Judy
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I don't understand 'try again', Judy
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zakim, pick a victim
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Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Judy
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I don't understand 'pick someone else', Judy
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Scribe: Katie Haritos-Shea
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agenda+ Confirming scribe and any agenda additions
18:36:33 [Judy]
agenda+ Hello from Ralph Swick, Architecture and Technology (A&T) Lead
18:36:33 [Judy]
agenda+ Upcoming agenda shift in support of new A&T goals
18:36:33 [Judy]
agenda+ TPAC logistics and joint meetings all set?
18:36:33 [Judy]
agenda+ Any further W3C Reorg updates or questions?
18:36:34 [Judy]
agenda+ Any groups need cross-review by other accessibility groups?
18:36:36 [Judy]
agenda+ WG and TF page checks all done? Can people easily find your latest work; participants; meeting schedule; lists & recent minutes?
18:36:39 [Judy]
agenda+ Community groups and workshops, recent/filled liaison needs?
18:36:42 [Judy]
agenda+ [for now] Upcoming publications, announcements, discussion threads to promote, including on WAI IG? Or issues to bring back into groups?
18:36:44 [Judy]
agenda+ Any other business?
18:36:46 [Judy]
agenda+ Next meeting: next date, topic requests
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zakim, next item
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agendum 1. "Confirming scribe and any agenda additions" taken up [from Judy]
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JB: Doing an intro in a minutes, any agenda additions
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zakim, next item
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agendum 2. "Hello from Ralph Swick, Architecture and Technology (A&T) Lead" taken up [from Judy]
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18:39:16 [Ryladog]
JB: Intorduce At&t Lead Ralph Swick
18:39:40 [Ryladog]
RS: Watching from a far for a long time
18:40:38 [Ryladog]
RS: Been around as long as Judy, I look forward to learning more. We will rely on Judy to lead the A11Y work. We want to better integrate a11y work across all our W3C activities
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Scribe: Katie Haritos-Shea
18:42:58 [allanj]
18:43:11 [Ryladog_]
RS: Hopefully you have all read the Functional Reorg Doc, from about a month ago
18:44:11 [Ryladog_]
RS: We created the TAG to support Tim in doing spec reviews that the Director is asked to do. Look at common web arch issues. TAG mission is still that, but have been driven by the neds of TAG
18:44:37 [allanj]
18:44:47 [Ryladog_]
RS: We support the Director in all directorial roles, transitions, working with TAF on common arc cjallneges
18:45:38 [Ryladog_]
RS: No less challenging than Phillip and Wendy have. We make suree that Horizontal Reviews get done, we dont do them
18:46:23 [Ryladog_]
RS: Judy and I will be working closely together. Arch and Technology mandate cuts across all the work, including WAI work
18:46:48 [Ryladog_]
JB: People introduce themselves...
18:47:27 [Ryladog_]
JB: Most WG or Task Force leads attend this call
18:48:01 [Ryladog_]
JS: Hi Ralph and congrats. APA is taksed with the a11y horizontal reviews
18:48:35 [Ryladog_]
JA: I am co-facilitator of the Low Visions TF
18:48:50 [Ryladog_]
RS: Thank you, will you be in Lisbon
18:48:53 [Ryladog_]
JA: No
18:50:42 [Ryladog_]
LQ: HTML Accessibility TF is inactive.
18:51:14 [Ryladog_]
LS: I work for facilitator of the Cognitive TF in APA and WCAG
18:51:40 [lisa]
18:51:51 [Ryladog_]
RS: H Ralph, I chair the ARIA WG, one of the editors for ??, and work for IBM, and Chairman of Knowbility
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18:52:26 [Ryladog_]
WF: Ho Ralph, co-facilitator of the Conformance Testing TF of WCAG WG
18:52:42 [Ryladog_]
JB: I see Lisa in Q
18:53:05 [Ryladog_]
T: I chair the D-Pub ARIA TF
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present+ LiamQuin
18:53:28 [Ryladog_]
LS: Is the structure of the Restructure was sent to all?
18:53:42 [Ryladog_]
JB: We will put in the URL
18:53:55 [Ryladog_]
co-facilitator of the Low Visions TF
18:53:56 [lisa]
ack l
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zakim, next item
18:54:09 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Upcoming agenda shift in support of new A&T goals" taken up [from Judy]
18:54:11 [Judy]
18:54:16 [Ralph]
-> W3C Internal Functional Reorganization announcement
18:54:30 [Ralph]
-> 2016 W3C Internal Reorganization
18:55:07 [Ryladog_]
JB: Recc track work will be less of a focus of this call, unless there is some major announcment
18:55:56 [Ryladog_]
JB: Or cross review. The coordination isn the various areas especially how the architecture fits together, making sure we dont drop things
18:56:59 [Ryladog_]
JB: Pockets of accessibility work not colliding, having these discussions. Ralph the idea is to be supporting his work and the strategy area. Ralph and I will be in ongoing discussions with endt S on that
18:57:22 [Ryladog_]
JB: MC may also be chasing that work. Ralph, further comments?
18:58:57 [Ryladog_]
RS: I will let you drive the conversation. Sometimes folks are surprsied to hear that TAG has taken up am a11y issue. Ralph will be letting the a11y folks who should come to discuss issues with the TAG
18:59:29 [Ryladog_]
RS: The TAG hasnt had a formal reporting relationship through W3M other than Tim himself. So that will be interesting to see
19:00:14 [Judy]
19:00:23 [Kim]
Present+ Kim
19:01:22 [Ryladog_]
Kim: We enable people using speach to use it in a better way. Co faciltator of the Mobile TF of WCAG
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zakim, next item
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agendum 4. "TPAC logistics and joint meetings all set?" taken up [from Judy]
19:01:40 [AWK]
19:02:04 [AWK]
All set for WCAG
19:02:10 [Ryladog_]
JB: TPAC logistics, last minute check,Any issues for TPAC?
19:02:51 [Ryladog_]
JB: (provide contact info)
19:03:15 [Ryladog_]
zakim, next item
19:03:15 [Zakim]
agendum 5. "Any further W3C Reorg updates or questions?" taken up [from Judy]
19:04:09 [Ryladog_]
JB: Last time in terms of W3C staff, I will be available as needed
19:04:16 [Ryladog_]
zakim, next item
19:04:16 [Zakim]
agendum 6. "Any groups need cross-review by other accessibility groups?" taken up [from Judy]
19:05:18 [Ryladog_]
JB: Are there updates that will come out after TPAC?
19:05:38 [Ryladog_]
LS: MC may be on mute
19:06:06 [Ryladog_]
MC: WE have arranged alot of cross reviews, dne see a need at this time
19:06:26 [Judy]
s/Last time in terms of W3C staff/Last time there was a question about WAI staffing/
19:06:34 [Ryladog_]
LS: COGA revieew will be coming out after TPAC but anyone can look at the on GitHuB
19:07:13 [Ryladog_]
KIm: I sent something this morning
19:07:19 [Ryladog_]
LS: I see that you did
19:07:46 [Ryladog_]
Kim: It has to do wth customization. We used the wiki page that was set up for it
19:07:50 [Judy]
s/I will be available as needed/accessibility staff will be integrated within the functional model, and I will be coordinating with them and other colleagues as needed/
19:07:52 [Ryladog_]
LS: Thanks TF Exchnage
19:08:06 [Ryladog_]
zakim, next item
19:08:06 [Zakim]
agendum 7. "WG and TF page checks all done? Can people easily find your latest work; participants; meeting schedule; lists & recent minutes?" taken up [from Judy]
19:09:13 [Ryladog_]
JB: I mentioned that when we want to keep people interested I will just use the pages of reference, sometimes it is up to date or out of date.
19:09:56 [Ryladog_]
JB: It is important to please put in serach terms to see if you can find your group before TPAC to ensure that information is findable
19:10:35 [Ryladog_]
LS: What is the main page we should be putting the search criteria into?
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19:12:14 [Ryladog]
ScribeNick: Ryladog
19:13:29 [Ryladog]
JB:You need to hae multiple ways to find your content. At some point we talked about having a page that identifies where all of our stuff is
19:13:46 [Ryladog]
T: Should we remove PF stuff
19:14:09 [Ryladog]
JB: This is th estuff that trips people up ,and makes people confused
19:14:11 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:14:11 [Zakim]
agendum 8. "Community groups and workshops, recent/filled liaison needs?" taken up [from Judy]
19:15:04 [Ryladog]
JB: The workshop that I had been concerned about in Virtual Reality. One person Charles, does anyone know of anyone else?
19:16:01 [Ryladog]
JB: Janina or MIcheal do you have any needs for liaison in new CG that have a need?
19:16:18 [Ryladog]
Janina, we continue to be overdue of our regular review of CG
19:16:36 [Ryladog]
JB: Before we talked about getting someone to volunteer
19:17:01 [Ryladog]
JS: We have domne that previouly successfully. WE have been wrapped up with publication review
19:17:21 [Ryladog]
JB: Is that something that Katie and WAI IG somehow help on that?
19:18:02 [Ryladog]
JB: Can we croudsource CG review via WAI-IG?
19:18:59 [Ryladog]
JB: If you are looking for resources it mmight be a good idea
19:19:23 [Ryladog]
Janina: I need to think about whether that might be a good idea. Can we think about it?
19:19:36 [Ryladog]
MC: I think it would be best to Seed it
19:19:44 [MichaelC]
19:19:47 [Judy]
s/One person Charles, does anyone know of anyone else/One person Charles LaPierre, has already registered; anyone know of a second person as well?
19:19:59 [Ryladog]
JB: Lets discuss Seeding it
19:20:17 [Judy]
s/Seeding it/ceding it/
19:20:25 [Ryladog]
JSL I agree with MC, we spent alot of time on it. We did not get much benefit out of it
19:21:14 [Ryladog]
JS: It got in the way of other things we need to do. There are many that go out, so we wated time that way. We are waiting until they have been around for 3 or 6 mnths
19:21:38 [Ryladog]
JB: Can I suggest that MC, KHS< and JS talk about it at TPAC
19:22:28 [Ryladog]
JB: What if you do find a group that does need a liaison? We want to have an a11y person that is in coordiation with the WAI
19:23:05 [Ryladog]
JB: Some previw of the work so that it is Accessibility Ready that might effect wht kind of a message you would want to send to the Accessibility IG
19:23:46 [Ryladog]
JS: I am certainly happy t have that converstaion. It is just that it is a time killer. Best if we do it less often
19:23:56 [Ryladog]
JB: OK , pease figure something out
19:24:15 [Judy]
19:24:24 [Ryladog]
KHS: We will find a way to talk about that at TPAC
19:24:28 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:24:28 [Zakim]
agendum 9. "[for now] Upcoming publications, announcements, discussion threads to promote, including on WAI IG? Or issues to bring back into groups?" taken up [from Judy]
19:24:38 [tzviya]
19:25:09 [Ryladog]
JB: Are there things going on that you think you would like to share with the community?
19:25:23 [Ryladog]
JB: Things
19:25:24 [Ryladog]
19:25:36 [tzviya]
19:25:52 [Ryladog]
T: D-PUB published the first Portable
19:26:20 [Ryladog]
19:26:27 [Ryladog]
19:26:50 [tzviya]
s/first Portable/FPWD of Portable Web Publications Use Cases and Requirements
19:27:05 [tzviya]
ack t
19:29:20 [Ryladog]
KHS: EO asked us to ask WAI-IG folks to join them on Mondayy afternoon
19:29:46 [Ryladog]
JB: Where is the best place to put stuff for informal communications for TPAC?
19:29:54 [Ryladog]
RS: I am not aware of anything
19:30:12 [Ryladog]
RS: The most formal I can recall is the BOF proposals
19:30:30 [liam]
+1 also called "unconference sessions"
19:30:31 [Ryladog]
JB: Do people have any BOF ideas?
19:31:09 [MichaelC]
19:31:34 [Ryladog]
JB: Maybe something we could put in place notices to the TPAC attendees
19:31:46 [Ryladog]
RS: Yes there are TPAC hastags
19:32:04 [Judy]
19:32:13 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:32:13 [Zakim]
I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, Ryladog
19:32:23 [Judy]
19:32:28 [Ryladog]
ack R
19:32:31 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:32:31 [Zakim]
agendum 10. "Any other business?" taken up [from Judy]
19:32:33 [shadi]
19:33:10 [Ryladog]
SA: We contact WCAG WG Chairs in europe there is actvieit EN 301549
19:34:19 [Ryladog]
19:35:14 [Ryladog]
SA: It is to harmonize 508 and WCAG
19:35:16 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:35:16 [Zakim]
I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, Ryladog
19:35:23 [Ryladog]
ach R
19:35:27 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:35:27 [Zakim]
I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, Ryladog
19:35:32 [shadi]
ack me
19:35:33 [Ryladog]
ack R
19:35:35 [Ryladog]
zakim, next item
19:35:35 [Zakim]
agendum 11. "Next meeting: next date, topic requests" taken up [from Judy]
19:35:45 [Ryladog]
JB: The next meeting would be the 28th
19:36:02 [janina]
APA is taking the post TPAC week off. Probably regrets for me
19:36:05 [Judy]
Regrets for 28th?
19:36:26 [Ryladog]
JB: If you have regrets for the 28th, please type that in. We may need a survey?
19:36:42 [AWK]
28th is ok, but I'll be late due to my recurring conflict
19:37:03 [Ryladog]
28 is OK for me
19:37:34 [Ryladog]
JB: We can move to a monthly meeting, but I would like to keep it at every two weeks if we can
19:38:00 [Ryladog]
JB: The transition will take a little while and then see
19:40:03 [Judy]
rrsagent, make log public
19:40:12 [shadi]
s/It is to harmonize 508 and WCAG/it is intended to fix issues related to realtime-text and align with US Section 508, but also to improve coverage on mobile - it is important to ensure continued harmonization with WCAG 2.0/2.1 in this effort
19:40:33 [Judy]
rrsagent, make minutes
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20:02:58 [Judy]
scribe: Katie_Haritos-Shea
20:03:33 [Judy]
chair: Judy
20:03:47 [Judy]
meeting: WAI coordination call
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present+ Jim_Allan, Andrew_Kirkpatrick
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present+ Kim Patch
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scribe: ryladog
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scribe: ryladog_
20:12:57 [Judy]
scribe: Ryladog_
20:17:40 [Judy]
s/am a11y issue/an a11y issue without directly contacting /
20:17:54 [Judy]
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