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Meeting: Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference
20:57:44 [trackbot]
Date: 23 August 2016
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s/Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Teleconference/SDW WG, SSN Sub Group Telecon/
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scribe: Joel Ramsay
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chair: kerry
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topic: approve minutes
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resolved: approve minutes
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patent call:
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21:04:42 [JRamsay]
topic: UCR -- action-111 see
21:04:47 [kerry]
topic : UCR -- action-111 see (Frans?)
21:05:12 [frans]
Action 111:
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Error finding '111'. You can review and register nicknames at <>.
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21:06:36 [frans]
21:07:14 [frans]
1) Review the extent to which domain-specific or open-ended elements of SSN should be extended, possibly by reference to external ontologies (skos-like vocabularies) as exemplars, or by small additional components.
21:07:20 [frans]
2) Model tasking, programming and actuation of sensing devices.
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21:08:33 [kerry]
21:09:14 [JRamsay]
frans: talking action-111- original use cases. Requirement 2- do you agree that it is a good requirement? Is something required by the outside world?
21:09:44 [ahaller2]
21:09:57 [kerry]
ack ahaller2
21:10:28 [kerry]
21:10:37 [JRamsay]
ahaller2: is a good requirement, looking at web of things- input and output good. Important requirement
21:10:44 [roba]
21:10:52 [kerry]
ack roba
21:10:59 [kerry]
ack ahaller
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21:11:40 [JRamsay]
roba: looking at requirements and use cases- concern- is it a domain specific use case?
21:12:07 [kerry]
21:12:16 [JRamsay]
...not 100% comfortable with translation to requirements, what to look to.
21:12:59 [JRamsay]
frans: lots of requirements for best practices also are very general
21:13:42 [kerry]
21:13:48 [JRamsay]
... this particular one looks rather specific to SSN
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21:14:11 [phila]
phila: Apologies for being late - had to use a diff laptop for WebEx
21:14:52 [kerry]
21:15:02 [JRamsay]
roba: issue is still to understand how to standardise approach within domain. There is lots of detail overlap.
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21:17:03 [kerry]
21:17:04 [JRamsay]
Kerry: are we talking about the same thing? Talking about requirement on SSN, from UCR doc
21:18:08 [ahaller2]
21:18:16 [kerry]
ack ahaller2
21:18:36 [JRamsay]
ahaller2: for first requirement- a little abstract?
21:18:54 [ahaller2]
+1 for 2nd requirement
21:19:13 [kerry]
resolved: ucr doc to incorp requirement for actuation
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21:19:39 [kerry]
ucr : Review the extent to which domain-specific or open-ended elements of SSN should be extended, possibly by reference to external ontologies (skos-like vocabularies) as exemplars, or by small additional components.
21:19:40 [ChrisLittle]
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21:20:13 [frans]
Is it a requirement for examples that show how ssn can be used?
21:20:53 [JRamsay]
Kerry: yes, this has all sorts of things of people wanting on advice on how to do things that SSN may not do itself. May not need to be a requirement. Could be best practice
21:20:56 [kerry]
21:21:04 [kerry]
ack ahaller2
21:21:05 [frans]
Then I think is is a good and valid requirement
21:23:03 [DanhLePhuoc]
21:23:37 [kerry]
resolution: Frans to include appropriate use case on (1) above
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ack ahaller
21:24:00 [JRamsay]
topic: SSN: Issue tracking and public discussion (PhilA?)
21:24:03 [kerry]
topic: SSN: Issue tracking and public discussion (PhilA?)
21:24:39 [kerry]
21:24:50 [DanhLePhuoc]
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21:25:30 [JRamsay]
phila: things are being discussed in two places- github and issue tracker. This is a problem for archiving.
21:25:53 [JRamsay]
... github doesn't have a pledge for archiving
21:26:34 [ScottSimmons]
21:27:10 [JRamsay]
... all conversations should be recorded and archived. Whole group should know what is happening. Not everyone sees github..
21:27:59 [kerry]
ack ScottSimmons
21:28:06 [ChrisLittle]
+1 to discussions on mailing list. Docs on GitHub
21:28:10 [JRamsay]
... discussion specific to doc itself can go on github
21:28:42 [kerry]
21:28:42 [JRamsay]
ScottSimmons: OGC has the same policy.
21:29:52 [JRamsay]
Kerry: I also think that is is important to use mailing list to include the rest of the sdw working group
21:29:55 [kerry]
21:30:45 [kerry]
21:31:16 [JRamsay]
ahaller2: Thats okay. some things are just much easier on github.
21:31:55 [SimonCox]
21:31:59 [JRamsay]
phila: just be aware of the audience. If the issue is better discussed on github, do that, but consider mailing list first.
21:32:51 [JRamsay]
... when chair is looking at issues in meetings, look at github also?
21:33:57 [JRamsay]
... we don't want to be dictatorial. As long as everyone is aware, thats the important thing.
21:34:26 [kerry]
ack SimonCox
21:34:43 [kerry]
21:34:55 [kerry]
UCR - reviewing for SSN requirements issue-73 and (Kerry)
21:35:07 [phila]
21:35:07 [trackbot]
issue-73 -- Ssn group needs to produce a wiki document that realtes to requirements met or not from ucr -- raised
21:35:07 [trackbot]
21:35:42 [JRamsay]
topic: UCR - reviewing for SSN requirements issue-73 and (Kerry)
21:37:52 [JRamsay]
Kerry: anybody who is happy to look through the UCR doc to analyse from W3C working group perspective?
21:38:54 [frans]
editorĀ“s draft of the UCR doc:
21:39:58 [kerry]
action: roba to review UCR doc from an SSN viewpoint -- is it complete and correct?
21:39:58 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-195 - Review ucr doc from an ssn viewpoint -- is it complete and correct? [on Rob Atkinson - due 2016-08-30].
21:40:00 [JRamsay]
roba: The comments I've made previously still haven't been mentioned in there, and are key concerns for spatial data. Is a challenge though.
21:40:35 [JRamsay]
... I'm willing to give this a review, but I need to understand better how to do this.
21:40:39 [kerry]
21:40:56 [SimonCox]
roba: UoM & precision are relevant to many UCs - probably a BP issue rather than narrowly SSN?
21:42:30 [JRamsay]
roba: if we are keeping the integrity, we need to make sure it gets into the use case requirements
21:44:02 [JRamsay]
phila: we will need a table in the doc that says how we met the requirements, or why they aren't relevant to address.
21:44:10 [frans]
21:44:16 [kerry]
21:44:23 [kerry]
ack frans
21:44:42 [JRamsay]
frans: it is probably out of scope for spatial data.
21:44:52 [kerry]
21:46:56 [JRamsay]
My audio just dropped out for scribing the last 30s. Anyone catch that?
21:47:27 [kerry]
roba: precision and uom needs to be pushed inot one or more of our deliverables
21:47:34 [kerry]
21:47:46 [SimonCox]
(talking about internationalization, ISO standards allow for the French-style decimal point indicator - comma vs. period!)
21:48:02 [JRamsay]
21:48:48 [JRamsay]
roba: is it BP or SSN?
21:49:03 [JRamsay]
Kerry: Both
21:49:27 [frans]
21:49:35 [kerry]
ack frans
21:49:38 [SimonCox]
phila: expressing quantity (or 'measure') as number+uom is like internationalization ...
21:50:03 [SimonCox]
21:50:14 [JRamsay]
frans: many requirements just come from doing things the way you are meant to do them
21:50:28 [kerry]
21:50:57 [kerry]
ack SimonCox
21:52:10 [kerry]
21:52:10 [JRamsay]
SimonCox: there is similarity between CRS and UoM.
21:52:15 [frans]
But CRS is really spatial
21:52:22 [kerry]
21:52:40 [JRamsay]
... the pattern is the same.
21:53:24 [kerry]
21:54:03 [kerry]
roba: suiggests tweaking the CRS ucr to include uom and precision....
21:54:19 [ChrisLittle]
21:54:38 [kerry]
21:55:20 [kerry]
issue: that uom and precision should be covered in UCR and BP (and respected in other deliverables too)
21:55:20 [trackbot]
Created ISSUE-74 - That uom and precision should be covered in ucr and bp (and respected in other deliverables too). Please complete additional details at <>.
21:55:38 [SimonCox]
21:55:47 [kerry]
ack ChrisLittle
21:56:17 [JRamsay]
ChrisLittle: did roba mean precision or accuracy?
21:56:23 [JRamsay]
roba: precision.
21:56:31 [kerry]
21:56:46 [SefkiKolozali_UniS]
21:56:59 [kerry]
21:57:03 [kerry]
ack SimonCox
21:57:40 [JRamsay]
SimonCox: Did a lot of the writing in the time deliverable. Temporal issues coming up a lot. Accuracy is more centrally part of this group.
21:58:11 [SimonCox]
Reference systems stuff coming up a lot ...
21:58:30 [kerry]
21:58:37 [kerry]
ack SefkiKolozali_UniS
22:00:26 [kerry]
Web of Things: joint meeting with oneM2M today
22:01:27 [kerry]
Web of Things: meet at Lisbon, possibly
22:02:55 [kerry]
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22:04:05 [kerry]
22:04:15 [ChrisLittle]
22:04:23 [frans]
Good night or day!
22:04:23 [SimonCox]
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