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Meeting: DPUB-ARIA Weekly Meeting
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Chair: Tzviya
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I am connected on webex
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scribe: tzviya
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rich: In mappings there is landmark role
13:05:42 [tzviya]
...this is pulled into DPUB AAM
13:06:25 [tzviya]
...There are additional updates to DPUB AAM from Core AAM. I need to add some additional updates. When i push them, i'll send them out.
13:07:06 [tzviya]
Rich: ARIA will meet with the TAG on Friday at TPAC
13:08:05 [tzviya]
...what are DPUB
13:08:17 [tzviya]
...'s needs for extensibility?
13:09:20 [tzviya]
Tzviya: We want to make sure that we can extend our vocabulary easily without roadblocks. We don't want our vocabulary to exist in two places
13:09:43 [tzviya]
...If there are accessiblity requirements for a term, then we may need to create mappings
13:10:04 [tzviya]
RIch: I would like to add a note to DPUB-ARIA that indicates that if there are no mappings, not a concern for AT
13:10:26 [tzviya]
Ivan: We also need to define exit criteria for roles in DPUB-ARIA
13:11:04 [tzviya]
Rich: We might need Michael for this, but it might just need to be added to the validator
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13:14:29 [tzviya]
s/if there are no mappings/if a role is not in tables, there should be no normative mapping
13:15:25 [tzviya]
Michael: Inclusion in validator is probably not sufficient exit critera
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13:15:46 [tzviya]
...I wonder if we should have default mapping instead of no mapping
13:16:16 [tzviya]
Rich: If we have default mappings, then we need to test it
13:16:18 [ivan]
13:16:36 [tzviya]
Michael: it has to have some meaning to AT users
13:16:38 [tzviya]
ack iv
13:17:12 [tzviya]
ivan: I prefer Rich's approach. If there is no explicit mapping, then there is no meaning
13:17:32 [tzviya]
...The intention of the term is to supply structural information.
13:18:38 [tzviya]
Tzviya: An example is "learning-objective"
13:20:18 [ShaneM]
q+ to ask about the mappings
13:20:43 [tzviya]
...The idea is to fall back to the mappings of the Element, not have no mappings at all
13:21:49 [ShaneM]
if <div role="doc-learning-objective">lala</div> is in the text... then IS there a default mapping?
13:22:00 [tzviya]
Rich: some APIs will default to the role that is provided
13:22:02 [tzviya]
ack s
13:22:02 [Zakim]
ShaneM, you wanted to ask about the mappings
13:22:47 [ShaneM]
if <p role="doc-learning-objective">lala</p> is in the text... then IS there a default mapping?
13:23:10 [tzviya]
michael: that is more of a useful function of the API, then anything we need to be concerned about
13:24:38 [tzviya]
rich: it depends on the API
13:25:04 [ShaneM]
<p role="button">my button</p>
13:25:43 [tzviya]
tzviya: in summary, shane is saying that the presence of the role will overwrite the default definiton of the main element
13:25:55 [tzviya]
...Rich is saying that it depends on the API
13:26:53 [ShaneM]
but it will still be VALID. which was dpub / daisy's concern
13:27:56 [tzviya]
Rich: If we don't map the roles, then the the APIs will disregard the values. It may show as an object attribute in some APIs. But, the default value of the HTML element will still be exposed to the AT user.
13:28:08 [tzviya]
Rich: I will double check with AT devs
13:28:55 [tzviya]
Tzviya: The discussion with the TAG is that this is a great way to use ARIA
13:29:12 [tzviya]
...and we (ARIA) need to define exit criteria.
13:29:41 [ShaneM]
My new tagline is "Accessibility: It's not just for humans any more!" (TM)
13:30:22 [tzviya]
Janina: There is precedent for that
13:35:22 [ShaneM]
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