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Meeting: Social Web Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 09 August 2016
17:04:46 [rhiaro]
melvster: just an informal chat about SWP stuff
17:04:55 [rhiaro]
not an official meeting
17:05:10 [rhiaro]
17:06:11 [rhiaro]
scribenick: sandro
17:06:51 [annbass]
17:06:54 [rhiaro]
17:07:51 [cwebber2]
17:08:35 [csarven]
17:12:54 [annbass]
scribenick: annbass
17:13:09 [annbass]
cwebber read LDN stuff .. has questions
17:14:25 [annbass]
if translating between Activity Pub and LDN, then all seems fine
17:14:37 [sandro]
17:14:40 [annbass]
with JSON-LD and Activity Streams .. should be pretty easy
17:16:21 [annbass]
1. what do we think re: inbox .. could we share that between the two of them?
17:16:32 [annbass]
even though they don't apply to LDN?
17:17:18 [annbass]
rhiaro: we have small stumbling block with W3C namespace policy .. working on
17:17:40 [annbass]
... 1. we could get this added to LDP .. you could alias your inbox to ours
17:17:52 [annbass]
... 90% sure that should be OK
17:18:40 [annbass]
... 2. OR .. (early to think about) .. IF W3C namespace policy gets updated to allow <something> .. then maybe Activity Pub terms could be added to AS2 namespace
17:18:55 [annbass]
cwebber: yes, that'd simplify a lot of things for us
17:19:08 [annbass]
rhiaro: Sandro -- how likely is this to happen?
17:19:11 [KevinMarks]
17:19:27 [annbass]
... we don't need a hardcore resolution quite yet .. maybe by end of Sept
17:19:41 [annbass]
sandro: not sure I can say anything now
17:20:41 [annbass]
... assuming someone could amend the policy .. then, does anyone have any issues with using the AS2 namespace
17:20:56 [annbass]
rhiaro: in any case we could use alias for LDP
17:21:03 [annbass]
... therefore they will converge
17:21:25 [annbass]
cwebber: I forgot to mention .. the way the inbox is discovered is diff
17:22:23 [annbass]
... I'd be fine in my implementation to support both ways ...
17:22:33 [annbass]
(maybe cwebber can document the 2 ways)
17:23:01 [annbass]
rhiaro: actually, LDN says there are 2 ways to discover inbox .. if 1st way fails, then you have to do the 2nd way
17:23:27 [annbass]
cwebber: I thought it did specify order
17:23:34 [csarven]
17:23:36 [annbass]
rhiaro: yes, we changed that in updated version
17:23:42 [csarven]
"These may be carried out in either order, but if the first fails to result in an Inbox the second MUST be tried."
17:24:13 [annbass]
cwebber: oh, ok
17:24:35 [annbass]
rhiaro: I guess we need to make that clearer
17:26:25 [annbass]
csarven: is there an issue where the receiver announces a header, but it's only found in body? (not sure I got that correctly)
17:26:51 [annbass]
rhiaro: <explains yes, and how it workds>
17:26:59 [annbass]
cwebber: makes sense
17:27:47 [annbass]
... you specify a 201 be returned to confirm, we should add that to AP
17:28:24 [annbass]
rhiaro: yes, although what's in the notification, is a black box
17:28:46 [annbass]
... LDN lets you send just whatever is relevant to what you're doing
17:29:09 [annbass]
... I've written, but not typed up, how I see this working
17:30:04 [annbass]
... what I'm trying to do, is make it easy enough that AP could use the LDN stuff to do XYZ
17:30:45 [annbass]
cwebber: that is, strip down ASub and use LDN for those processes?
17:30:50 [annbass]
rhiaro: yes
17:31:18 [annbass]
cwebber: hmm, I need to talk with tsyesika and evan .. to make sure there aren't unexpected glitches
17:31:31 [annbass]
rhiaro: of course
17:31:55 [annbass]
cwebber: let's sketch this out next week, when you come visit ... interesting idea; I hadn't thought about it
17:32:38 [annbass]
... let's sketch it out together, and then take it to evan and tsyesika to see if it's feasible
17:32:48 [annbass]
rhiaro: this is part of the idea re: modularization
17:33:11 [annbass]
... AP doesn't have to do <XYZ>..
17:33:30 [annbass]
cwebber: a potential sticky issue, but probly not a blocker...
17:34:27 [annbass]
... modularizing these functions, might fracture <something>
17:34:34 [annbass]
... want to keep it "clean"
17:34:38 [annbass]
rhiaro: yes, I agree
17:35:08 [annbass]
... part of what Social Web Protocols will do is sketch out how the whole system will look
17:35:21 [annbass]
... and one can pick and chooset the pieces
17:35:42 [annbass]
cwebber: cool; I certainly think it's interesting. Not totally sold, but I'm close
17:36:01 [annbass]
rhiaro: great; it'll probably help if I write up my other notes
17:36:50 [annbass]
cwebber: that's it for me; for what I'd written down... anything else to discuss
17:36:58 [annbass]
sandro: profiles?
17:37:30 [annbass]
17:37:41 [sandro]
s/sandro: profiles?//
17:38:26 [annbass]
cwebber: do you get the whole container all at once, or do you get a stream?
17:39:11 [annbass]
rhiaro: trying to find the balance on how to specify that ... I think we have an issue on that
17:39:31 [annbass]
<someone>: does AP address that?
17:39:57 [annbass]
cwebber: uses AS2 version of things, but I guess that's an omission in our spec
17:40:26 [annbass]
rhiaro: LDN annotations protocol, uses AS paging
17:40:43 [annbass]
.. in order to plug into annotations directly
17:40:54 [csarven]
s/LDN annotations/Web annotations/
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17:42:14 [melvster]
seeAlso: "A new HTTP response code say 209"
17:42:52 [rhiaro]
17:43:04 [annbass]
rhiaro: all the points of alignment are listed in Issue 36
17:43:17 [melvster]
"You asked for a large thing, this is the first page of it. See Proposal [1]"
17:43:24 [annbass]
... be sure to add or discuss
17:43:46 [annbass]
... I think we've covered the main stuff
17:43:49 [melvster]
17:44:48 [annbass]
... next week I'm taking a small trip to visit cwebber, where we can hack on stuff and see if it actually works
17:46:11 [annbass]
csarven: are we OK with the MIME type?
17:46:21 [annbass]
<discussion about options>
17:46:56 [annbass]
cwebber: need to talk with E and T, but doesn't seem like a big deal
17:47:23 [annbass]
s/with E and T/with evan and tsyesika/
17:48:11 [csarven]
17:48:21 [csarven]
17:49:00 [annbass]
cwebber: how about if we both file an issue on that, but make the point that we both agreed on this call!
17:49:21 [annbass]
rhiaro: great! anythign else?
17:49:44 [annbass]
... let's get to work then
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17:49:58 [annbass]
cwebber: great call! see you next week, Amy
17:52:04 [annbass]
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