Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference

09 Aug 2016

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DB: I might to be able to go. Next April. We are trying to co-locate with Web3D meetings.
... EXI4JSON, EXI4CSS, etc. Create schemas for HTML5, SVG, Math-ML. We have comprehensive solution for OpenWeb Platform.
... It would be good to write it down as a paper. WWW2017 is a good opportunity.

DP: We first need to make sure one of us can join the conference.
... I can check if I can go or not.

DB: It is a big challenge, but is doable.

DP: The next one after Australia is France.
... Everyone should check if you can join WWW2017.


Character escaping method to represent JSON names in XML names

DP: I implemented what we discussed for escaping mechanism in EXI4JSON draft.
... For characters that don't match NCName. Second is for existing element names in EXI4JSON.
... I integrated TK's comment. How to represent "_" itself. I also highlighted "key".
... I also looked at DB's comment.
... There are 10 or 11 names. We can list them.

DB: Thank you.

DP: I essentially added C4. It is about change of structure.
... I did not make any other changes.
... I will integrate DB's comment, then it will be ready for second publication.
... New structure allows to create custom schema. Schema ID is schema-for-json.
... If I used schema foo, then I have to use different schema id.

DB: Is it substitute schema?
... It is something else. (i.e. not EXI for JSON)
... We can say custom schema support is future work.

DP: I can start changing the STOD. I can use new stylesheet. visual changes.

TK: Can we make publication decision next week?

DP: We need Carine for publication.
... Did you ask about schema for CSS?

<dape> the schema I am using can be found here https://github.com/EXIficient/exificient-for-css/blob/master/stylesheet.xsd


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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