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12:05:41 [kaz]
present+ Kaz, Dave, Michael, Bowen, Daniel, Masato, Matthias, Johannes, Sebastian, Taki
12:06:55 [jhund]
Chair: Matthias
12:06:58 [kaz]
present+ Nan
12:07:41 [kaz]
zakim, pick a scribe
12:07:41 [Zakim]
Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Masato
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present+ Ryuichi
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zakim, pick a scribe
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Not knowing who is chairing or who scribed recently, I propose Daniel
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scribe: dape
12:08:38 [dape]
scribeNick: DP
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scribenick: dape
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12:09:01 [kaz]
present+ Katsuyoshi, Wonsuk
12:09:16 [dape]
TOPIC: Quick Updates
12:09:17 [kaz]
12:09:33 [dape]
MK: asked Scott Jenson to join
12:09:55 [dape]
... he can join already next week (last half an hour)
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12:10:42 [dape]
DR: restarting the group was approved by W3C
12:10:52 [dape]
MK: Any changes we have to think of?
12:11:10 [dape]
DR: no changes
12:11:28 [dape]
TOPIC: WG Charter
12:11:37 [kaz]
-> WG charter
12:11:53 [dape]
MK: beginning of week I incorporated remaining issues
12:11:59 [dape]
... no open issues on github
12:12:16 [dape]
... should we ask for the resolution now?
12:12:27 [mkovatsc]
12:12:31 [dape]
DR: Can share some procedure points
12:12:39 [mkovatsc]
12:13:34 [dape]
... W3C management might require some changes (eg. relation to other groups)
12:13:37 [mkovatsc]
"wide range of scales from microcontrollers to cloud-based server farms"
12:13:42 [dape]
... will let you know if this happens
12:14:10 [dape]
MK: Last week Frank discussed microcontroller requirements
12:14:25 [dape]
... charter states this already
12:14:52 [dape]
... do we need more discussion on this?
12:15:28 [dape]
DR: Not sure about Franks proposal
12:15:50 [dape]
MK: Frank reported that we should put more focus on microcontroller requirements
12:15:55 [kaz]
[ the current draft charter says "Servers can be provided at a wide range of scales from microcontrollers to cloud-based server farms." ]
12:16:02 [kaz]
12:16:09 [dape]
... I think we have already a statement there which should be sufficient
12:16:32 [dape]
DR: I agree with sticking to what we have
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12:16:50 [dape]
Kaz: Yes, it is already mentioned in the charter
12:17:06 [kaz]
ack k
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12:17:52 [dape]
MK: the technical level should not be covered in the charter
12:18:28 [dape]
JH: writing minimum footprint in charter is not sensible. Charter is more about goal setting... supporting also microcontrollers
12:18:32 [mkovatsc]
12:18:37 [dape]
... would see this is covered in current charter
12:19:04 [dape]
SK: Frank presented slides about microcontroller market (8 bit microcontroller et cetera)
12:19:10 [yingying_]
present+ Yingying_Chen
12:19:22 [dape]
.. he was concerned that we don't address this properly
12:20:04 [dape]
... I think W3C standardization does not propose a technical solutions
12:20:18 [dape]
... there will be optimized libraries for microcontrollers
12:21:14 [dape]
MK: Frank is not here.... do not here concern... looks like people are happy with charter as is...
12:21:25 [kaz]
s/do not here/do not hear/
12:21:27 [dape]
... microcontrollers are definitely in scope
12:21:56 [dape]
MK: Do you agree that charter is ready for AC review?
12:22:20 [dape]
All: no objections
12:22:54 [dape]
RESOLUTION: IG believes current WG charter is ready for AC review
12:23:14 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
12:23:14 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
12:23:31 [dape]
TOPIC: Beijing Recap
12:23:41 [kaz]
-> Beijing minutes
12:23:47 [dape]
MK: Last time issues with action items
12:23:55 [dape]
Kaz: Should be fixed now
12:24:25 [dape]
... please look at minutes which can be found at XXXXX
12:24:48 [dape]
... right in the beginning you will find action itmes
12:25:07 [dape]
12:25:49 [dape]
Kaz goes over action items
12:26:21 [yingying_]
12:26:37 [dape]
YY: we would like to have a joint oneM2M meeting
12:26:41 [dape]
... we need to agree on date
12:27:01 [dape]
...t he proposed dates are: Aug 31 or Sep 7.
12:27:16 [dape]
s/...t he/... the
12:27:28 [dape]
... suggest to have dedicated meeting
12:27:38 [dape]
MK: Extra slot before or after normal call?
12:27:54 [dape]
YY: We can decide... just the days were proposed
12:28:12 [dape]
MK: for me Aug 31 would work
12:28:25 [dape]
JH: Could setup a poll (doodle) ?
12:28:34 [dape]
Kaz: yes, can use doodle
12:28:38 [dape]
12:28:55 [dape]
12:29:13 [dape]
Kaz: can setup doodle, before and after slot
12:29:34 [dape]
Kaz: talked to SCXML editor
12:29:50 [dape]
.. can join our call (about 10 minutes talk)
12:29:57 [dape]
... next week?
12:30:23 [dape]
MK: in the beginning would be ok?
12:31:07 [dape]
SK: action of (Dave and Sebastian) to investigate on the Optimized... no progress yet
12:31:19 [dape]
MK: can plugin updates to proposal folder on github
12:31:21 [mkovatsc]
12:31:43 [dape]
SK: can share some updates within 2-3 weeks
12:31:45 [kaz]
s/Optimized.../Optimized JSON Schema/
12:32:37 [dape]
DP: Did send email about " to check directly with the implementers and see who have participated in the PlugFests so far"
12:33:12 [mkovatsc]
12:33:27 [dape]
... got feedback: online plugfest would be good!
12:33:32 [kaz]
12:33:59 [mkovatsc]
ack mkovatsc
12:34:59 [dape]
MK: propose to extend template by Taki to know what people would have available...
12:35:00 [mkovatsc]
12:35:21 [dape]
Kaz: action by Taki "to generate a template of PlugFest description" is done?
12:35:27 [dape]
MK: Yes... first draft
12:35:41 [dape]
TK: there are 2 descriptions
12:36:01 [dape]
... first we need collection unit description
12:37:01 [dape]
... as part of this (picture, hardware, platform, WoT functions, ..)
12:37:32 [dape]
... every participant describes the "Unit Description" part
12:37:47 [dape]
... second we have scenario description
12:38:01 [mkovatsc]
12:38:17 [dape]
... think we had 3 scenarios... by linking to unit description
12:38:38 [mkovatsc]
12:38:49 [dape]
TK: that is a first proposal for the template
12:38:52 [kaz]
12:38:57 [dape]
MK: Thanks!
12:39:26 [dape]
... propose to de-couple unit from scenario description
12:39:34 [dape]
TK: Agree
12:40:07 [dape]
MK: Do you as participant miss anything? can you fill this out?
12:40:21 [dape]
SK: looks good to me
12:40:34 [dape]
JH: Yes, ok
12:40:54 [dape]
MK: picture could be also logo
12:41:40 [dape]
... change "Description of what the scripts does" to application logic ... without scripting
12:42:03 [dape]
TK: good point...
12:42:19 [dape]
12:43:08 [dape]
MK: I am editing the page
12:43:30 [kaz]
ack m
12:43:32 [kaz]
ack d
12:44:12 [dape]
DP: split Unit and Scenario description... two pages?
12:44:58 [kaz]
action: sebastian to take care of the scenario description
12:44:58 [trackbot]
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12:45:07 [dape]
MK: propose individuals provide unit description... and one builds the scenario description
12:45:27 [kaz]
12:45:29 [dape]
SK: can take care of Scenario description
12:46:09 [dape]
Kaz: format or style... do we use wiki?
12:46:18 [kaz]
ack k
12:46:35 [mkovatsc]
12:46:40 [dape]
MK: seemed convenient... might work in future on a better visualization
12:48:03 [dape]
MK: should start working on PlugFest templates soon..
12:48:11 [dape]
TOPIC: PlugFest Test Case Reports
12:48:28 [mkovatsc]
12:48:42 [dape]
MK: please fill out PlugFest Test Case Reports soon
12:48:58 [dape]
... send to mailing list or directly to me
12:49:25 [mkovatsc]
12:49:31 [dape]
MK: any remaining issues from Beijing?
12:49:49 [dape]
DR: We should work on blog post
12:50:01 [dape]
MK: DP started working on it
12:50:07 [dape]
DR: timeline?
12:50:14 [dape]
MK: planned for end of week
12:50:57 [dape]
... Dave, would you be interested in supporting
12:51:37 [dape]
DR: Yes, but will be busy next days
12:52:29 [dape]
MK: Test wordpress draft or as fallback Google doc
12:52:45 [dape]
TOPIC: IG Deliverables
12:52:59 [kaz]
-> roadmap
12:53:04 [dape]
MK: planned releases
12:53:14 [dape]
... please have a look again..
12:53:23 [dape]
.. raise concerns/issues
12:54:10 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
12:54:10 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
12:54:26 [kaz]
-> use case and requirements
12:54:26 [dape]
... assigned editors... use-cases and requirements (Johannes)
12:54:38 [dape]
JH: last addition was month ago..
12:54:48 [kaz]
s/use case and/use cases and/
12:54:58 [dape]
... don't think there are any additions
12:55:17 [dape]
... any contributor?
12:55:30 [dape]
... propose publishing
12:56:07 [dape]
MK: Kaz can you check with Johannes about style and such
12:56:19 [dape]
Kaz: yes
12:56:50 [dape]
MK: new use-cases will lead updated versions... no final document
12:57:05 [kaz]
-> tech landscape
12:57:09 [dape]
MK: next document is tech-landscape from Soumya
12:57:38 [dape]
... Soumya was hard to grasp recently
12:57:50 [dape]
... anyone talked to him?
12:57:56 [dape]
12:58:16 [dape]
MK: Someone volunteering to finish up the document?
12:58:54 [dape]
Kaz: will contact Soumya first
12:59:25 [dape]
MK: Yes, will also reach out on mailing list for another editor...
12:59:48 [kaz]
-> architecture
12:59:49 [dape]
MK: architecture document is very active.. which is very good
13:00:01 [dape]
... have one comment.. will send in PR
13:00:14 [kaz]
-> current practices
13:00:48 [dape]
MK: current pratices can be frozen..
13:01:32 [mkovatsc]
trying to fix audio
13:01:36 [kaz]
13:02:31 [dape]
... Beijing release is frozen..
13:02:45 [dape]
... it is a living document tough
13:03:07 [dape]
Kaz: can publish IG notes every 3 months
13:03:39 [dape]
MK: Okay.. will publish Beijing version and start working on Lisbon
13:03:55 [mkovatsc]
13:04:49 [dape]
Kaz: once draft documents are fixed, we will talk about publication again, right?
13:05:07 [dape]
MK: will try to fix the document by next week
13:05:23 [dape]
JH: should be able to do the same
13:05:53 [dape]
13:06:01 [dape]
MK: Will be a Demo room available on Wednesday?
13:06:34 [dape]
Kaz: talked to planning team
13:06:49 [dape]
... wondering about size of room
13:07:00 [dape]
.. bigger rooms are already booked
13:07:18 [dape]
MK: Mhh, nots ure
13:07:37 [dape]
Kaz: mid-size room in Beijing?
13:07:42 [dape]
MK: even smaller is OK..
13:08:01 [dape]
Kaz: 20 people room?
13:08:06 [dape]
MK: sounds good to me
13:08:17 [mkovatsc]
13:08:53 [dape]
Kaz: difficult to get dedicated room for demo preparation for whole week
13:09:28 [dape]
MK: Early the day or the day before might be also ok
13:10:21 [dape]
Kaz: let's have more internal discussions before contacting TPAC team again
13:10:44 [dape]
MK: PlugFest: task overview of the participants?
13:12:01 [dape]
DP: think it was about "how" to introduce the demo
13:13:01 [dape]
MK: When do participants plan to work on Plugfest?
13:13:17 [dape]
Naka: started to work on explanation
13:13:59 [dape]
DP: should we have a test-run before TPAC?
13:14:10 [dape]
MK: Yes, if possible
13:14:35 [kaz]
13:14:48 [dape]
TOPIC: group discussion: ask participants to share information/slides which are presented @ conferences, etc
13:14:49 [kaz]
q+ to remind all of the TPAC registration :)
13:15:06 [dape]
MK: I added "getting started" on github
13:15:22 [dape]
... can create "infomaterial" folder?
13:15:37 [dape]
... who else has material?
13:15:58 [dape]
DR: I have some and linked them from our page
13:16:39 [dape]
DP: move everything to this folder?
13:16:49 [dape]
DR: Page with links fine also
13:17:23 [dape]
MK: Having a pool for figures... editable PPTs et cetera would be good instead of fixed PDFs
13:17:43 [masato]
masato has joined #wot
13:17:43 [dape]
Kaz: shall we create wiki page for this purpose
13:17:56 [dape]
MK: versioning might be good
13:18:18 [dape]
... will create "material" folder on github
13:18:44 [dape]
... everyone is asked to support and share
13:19:06 [kaz]
13:19:12 [mkovatsc]
13:19:16 [kaz]
ack k
13:19:16 [Zakim]
kaz, you wanted to remind all of the TPAC registration :)
13:19:23 [yingying_]
13:19:40 [kaz]
-> TPAC registration site
13:19:45 [dape]
Kaz: I would like remind you to register for TPAC
13:20:03 [dape]
DR: Can you send email?
13:20:06 [dape]
Kaz: will do
13:20:21 [mkovatsc]
13:20:41 [yingying_]
-> flyer creation timeline
13:20:44 [dape]
YY: one point about flyers
13:20:56 [dape]
... very limited time
13:21:39 [dape]
MK: Can you send draft top mailinglist
13:22:13 [dape]
YY: Dave wanted to review it first?
13:22:28 [dape]
DR: Suggest share pointer now,
13:22:30 [dape]
13:23:07 [dape]
YY: will send email also
13:23:44 [dape]
MK: no real flyer yet
13:23:57 [dape]
YY: Yes, just content for now
13:24:13 [dape]
... carine's feedback and layout next
13:25:20 [dape]
YY: printing and shipping is costly
13:25:37 [dape]
DP: printing in Europe might be another choice
13:25:47 [mkovatsc]
13:26:26 [mkovatsc]
ack yingying_
13:26:31 [dape]
MK: Was there a deadline?
13:26:36 [dape]
YY: yes, 2 weeks
13:26:52 [dape]
TOPIC: Next WebConf call
13:27:07 [dape]
MK: state chart xml intro
13:27:17 [dape]
... Scott Jenson
13:28:11 [dape]
DP: resolution of publishing documents could be another topic
13:28:14 [dape]
MK: Yes
13:28:31 [mkovatsc]
13:36:30 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minute
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13:36:32 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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