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01:05:00 [kaz]
scribenick: kaz
01:05:10 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG f2f meeting in Beijing - Day 2
01:05:20 [kaz]
->,_July_2016,_China,_Beijing#Thursday.2C_14th_of_July.2C_WoT_IG_Meeting agenda
01:05:30 [kaz]
topic: Discussion on WG Deliverables
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01:05:45 [kaz]
joerg: we have a draft Charter document
01:06:09 [kaz]
s/topic: Discussion on WG Deliverables/topic: Review of today's agenda/
01:06:34 [kaz]
... next breakouts: Scripting API and Home App Vocabulary
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01:07:49 [kaz]
s/we have/discussion on WG deliverables. we have/
01:08:27 [kaz]
topic: Home App Vocabulary
01:08:34 [kaz]
dsr: shows his slides
01:08:49 [kaz]
... (Web of Things - Web Scale Interoperability)
01:09:06 [kaz]
... semantic based interoperability
01:09:17 [kaz]
... (Scott Jenson's comments on 16 June 2016)
01:09:27 [kaz]
... work on smart homes
01:09:39 [kaz]
... (Francois' list)
01:09:44 [kaz]
... (Summary)
01:10:19 [kaz]
kajimoto: it's out of scope of this group, isn't it?
01:10:29 [kaz]
... there are so many industry areas
01:10:40 [kaz]
... and why do you pick up only home appliances?
01:10:48 [kaz]
dsr: we need practical example
01:10:55 [kaz]
... and home appliance is a good area
01:11:11 [kaz]
... a lot of interest in this area
01:11:21 [kaz]
kajimoto: there are many proposals already
01:11:34 [kaz]
... we have already done some survey
01:11:45 [kaz]
... as a case study, it's ok
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01:12:07 [kaz]
... however, our WG scope is a horizontal framework
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01:12:27 [kaz]
dsr: that is an open question
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01:12:33 [kaz]
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01:12:57 [kaz]
kajimoto: if it's just a case study or an example, it's ok
01:13:23 [kaz]
... but if some standard vocabulary is provided by the WoT WG, that would be out of scope
01:13:45 [kaz]
dsr: the IG's work include semantic work
01:14:11 [kaz]
... it's up to the Members
01:14:20 [kaz]
joerg: comment from my side
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01:14:34 [kaz]
... I believe the WG charter draft has a clear statement
01:14:44 [kaz]
... we're not going for domain specific work
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present+ DarkoAnicic
01:15:22 [kaz]
... we won't invent yet another domain specific framework
01:15:37 [kaz]
... may be some study case
01:15:58 [kaz]
... that should be clear
01:16:10 [kaz]
dsr: I was talking about this as an IG item
01:16:45 [kaz]
joerg: interesting in this
01:16:53 [kaz]
... we had discussions within the IG
01:17:05 [kaz]
... we won't go for domain specific things
01:17:27 [kaz]
... we're not experts on smart grid, automotive or smart house
01:18:44 [kaz]
(some more discussion)
01:18:45 [kaz]
01:20:05 [kaz]
-> Scott's message
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01:22:22 [taki]
01:22:27 [kaz]
ack k
01:22:48 [kaz]
kaz: sounds like we're mixing topics for the IG and the BG
01:23:28 [kaz]
dsr: let's have the detailed discussion during the breakout session
01:23:39 [kaz]
joerg: will come back to the agenda review
01:24:03 [kaz]
... Matthias will talk about the WG Charter
01:24:19 [kaz]
topic: WG Charter and Deliverables
01:25:10 [kaz]
matthias: explains the WG roadmap
01:25:15 [kaz]
-> WG roadmap
01:25:49 [kaz]
matthias: AC reps think about the Charter review
01:26:21 [kaz]
... after Baijing end of July, planning to get group resolution for the WG Charter draft
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01:27:12 [kaz]
... encourage you all to outreach for p2p review by Members
01:27:17 [kaz]
01:27:41 [kaz]
joerg: important to get feedback from outside of the IG as well
01:28:33 [kaz]
... would like to ask you to take some action to outreach AC reps
01:29:13 [kaz]
... if you see the AC review result of the IG Charter, we got comments from the AC
01:29:30 [kaz]
s/we got/you can see we got/
01:29:39 [kaz]
ack taki
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01:31:33 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
01:31:38 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
01:32:03 [kaz]
matthias: we'll fix the draft WG Charter to get group resolution on July 27
01:32:16 [kaz]
... and get W3C Management approval for the AC review
01:32:43 [kaz]
... we'll start the AC review on Aug. 24 until Sep. 21
01:32:57 [kaz]
... this is a tight schedule
01:33:22 [kaz]
... if we get many comments from the AC, the WG launch might be delayed
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01:33:30 [dsr]
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01:33:45 [kaz]
... so if you have contacts from other Members, please contact them
01:34:08 [kaz]
dsr: it's kind of vacation season, so we should do that quickly
01:34:19 [kaz]
matthias: any questions?
01:34:32 [kaz]
(no questions)
01:34:43 [kaz]
matthias: so we should dive into the issues on GitHub
01:34:56 [kaz]
... got a response from Ericsson
01:35:07 [kaz]
... coordination with the HW security group
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01:35:19 [kaz]
... charter draft of the HaSec WG
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01:36:40 [kaz]
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01:37:44 [kaz]
kaz: WG proposal had objections
01:37:51 [kaz]
... and the resolution was creating a CG instead
01:38:10 [kaz]
-> WoT IG issues
01:39:05 [kaz]
matthias: next object security
01:39:11 [kaz]
-> object security issue
01:39:25 [kaz]
matthias: a pull request from Ari as well
01:39:52 [kaz]
... we have consensus to add this
01:40:07 [kaz]
matthias: next coordination issue
01:40:24 [kaz]
-> coordination issue
01:40:35 [kaz]
matthias: IG has a long list of organizations
01:40:47 [kaz]
... the coordination for the WG is checking the specs
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01:41:55 [kaz]
... initial proposed list here
01:42:35 [kaz]
kaz: we can start with this list and add some more later if needed
01:42:47 [kaz]
dsr: how about Web Crypt WG?
01:43:20 [kaz]
matthias: could you respond to the issue 207 and mention the resource?
01:43:22 [kaz]
dsr: sure
01:43:38 [dsr]
The web crypto WG is at
01:43:38 [kaz]
matthias: next intro/concept illustration issue
01:43:55 [kaz]
-> intro/concept issue
01:44:06 [kaz]
matthias: editorial changes
01:44:27 [kaz]
... next still lots of issues on the obsolete repo
01:45:10 [kaz]
... raised Sebastian and Michael
01:45:16 [kaz]
s/raised/raised by/
01:45:27 [kaz]
kaz: will close all of them
01:45:54 [kaz]
s/Michael/Michael but all of them have been transfered to the new repo/
01:46:01 [kaz]
matthias: last one
01:46:08 [kaz]
... issue on interoperability
01:46:40 [kaz]
-> consistency issue
01:46:57 [kaz]
matthias: still waiting for response from Jonathan, but we should be able to close this
01:47:07 [kaz]
(no objections)
01:47:15 [kaz]
matthias: so let's close this
01:47:40 [kaz]
... closes issue 174
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01:48:04 [kaz]
... the other thing is wording
01:48:38 [kaz]
-> wording issue
01:48:58 [kaz]
matthias: time series instead of streams
01:49:06 [kaz]
dsr: use cases are business driver
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01:49:16 [jhund]
01:49:40 [kaz]
matthias: high impact to implementations
01:49:58 [kaz]
... want to be safe
01:50:10 [kaz]
dsr: streaming is already on the Current Practice document
01:50:28 [wenna]
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01:50:28 [kaz]
matthias: we can easily include existing scheme
01:50:49 [kaz]
dsr: quite common to use streaming for small devices
01:51:23 [kaz]
... depends on what kind of device you're using
01:51:35 [kaz]
... streaming is quite popular for IoT
01:52:19 [kaz]
joerg: we had discussion during the breakout yesterday
01:52:27 [kaz]
... we'll restart our Use Case work
01:52:42 [kaz]
... good to have explicit links on your proposal
01:53:06 [kaz]
matthias: on the other hand, we're talking about the WG Charter
01:53:20 [kaz]
dsr: the IG should do more than Use Cases
01:53:38 [kaz]
joerg: we had discussion during the breakout yesterday
01:53:49 [kaz]
... and the discussion was kind of controversial
01:54:02 [kaz]
... we need experts' references
01:54:11 [kaz]
... to better understand the use cases
01:54:20 [kaz]
... we need to make progress
01:54:44 [kaz]
... may need links to reference implementations
01:54:57 [nimura]
01:56:46 [kaz]
joerg: provides very precise expression on his idea
01:57:01 [kaz]
matthias: we need to be very careful about the working for the WG Charter
01:57:21 [kaz]
dsr: several companies require streaming
01:57:56 [kaz]
... we should generate some concrete wording so that people outside this IG can understand it
01:58:04 [kaz]
... we have to clarify our intention
01:58:06 [kaz]
ack n
01:58:40 [kaz]
nimura: terminology of streaming and pub/sub is confusing
01:59:49 [kaz]
02:00:22 [kaz]
matthias: shows the draft WG Charter document
02:01:02 [kaz]
... we want editors and contributors
02:01:09 [kaz]
-> draft WG Charter
02:01:19 [kaz]
matthias: deliverables section
02:01:34 [kaz]
-> deliverables
02:01:47 [kaz]
matthias: would like Kajimoto-san to take care of Architecture
02:01:51 [kaz]
kajimoto: ok
02:02:01 [kaz]
matthias: and TD by Sebastian
02:02:06 [kaz]
sebastian: ok
02:02:20 [kaz]
matthias: if you are also interested, raise your hand
02:02:40 [kaz]
... Scripting APIs by Johhanes
02:02:47 [kaz]
02:02:49 [kaz]
johannes: ok
02:03:57 [kaz]
joerg: also we should identify who is active on which topic
02:04:11 [kaz]
... thought Fujitsu was interested in scripting api
02:04:55 [kaz]
matthias: the last item is Protocol Binding
02:05:02 [kaz]
... I myself
02:05:14 [kaz]
... also Michael should be interested
02:05:30 [kaz]
matthias: something we need to work on is Test Cases
02:05:46 [kaz]
... for test suties
02:05:49 [kaz]
02:06:14 [kaz]
(no objections or questions)
02:06:24 [kaz]
matthias: ok we'll move forward to the next agenda item
02:06:47 [kaz]
nimura: interested to join the Scripting API work
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02:07:09 [kaz]
->,_July_2016,_China,_Beijing#Thursday.2C_14th_of_July.2C_WoT_IG_Meeting agenda
02:07:25 [kaz]
joerg: we've done the first agenda item
02:07:57 [kaz]
... we'll switch the topics and talk about the Home appliance Vocabulary topic first
02:08:07 [kaz]
topic: Home Appliance Vocabulary
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02:10:13 [kaz]
dsr: shows his slides again
02:10:26 [kaz]
... (Web of Things - Web Scale Interoperability)
02:10:46 [kaz]
... interoperabilty based upon metadata
02:10:53 [kaz]
02:11:11 [kaz]
... need to start work on semantic vocabulary
02:11:18 [kaz]
... home appliance is a good starting point
02:11:30 [kaz]
... (Scott Jenson's comments on 16 June 2016)
02:12:04 [kaz]
... (Who is working on Smart Homes)
02:12:11 [kaz]
... list of SDOs
02:12:34 [kaz]
... home gateway initiative, allseen, cenelec, ...
02:13:07 [kaz]
yongjing: please include @@@
02:13:24 [sebastian]
02:13:29 [kaz]
02:13:40 [kaz]
... home appliance model
02:14:01 [kaz]
... quite similar to the Thing Description
02:14:09 [kaz]
... the concept is same
02:14:30 [kaz]
dsr: more extensive survey is needed
02:14:49 [kaz]
kajimoto: ECHONET has clarified vocabulary for smart home appliance
02:15:06 [kaz]
... also for the automotive area, Google and Apple promote their work
02:15:18 [kaz]
... the leader is Toyota in the auto world
02:15:30 [kaz]
... they also define some semantic information for automotive
02:15:32 [kaz]
02:15:41 [ryuichi]
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02:15:47 [kaz]
... this is an area of industries
02:15:59 [kaz]
... the other is IIC
02:16:35 [kaz]
dsr: (Home Gateway Initiative)
02:16:45 [yingying_]
02:16:47 [kaz]
joerg: we have several people on the queue
02:17:00 [joerg]
02:17:06 [jhund]
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02:17:16 [jhund]
02:17:20 [jhund]
ack seb
02:17:31 [kaz]
sebastian: generic approach on industry domains within @@@
02:17:43 [kaz]
dsr: this is an initial list
02:18:44 [junling]
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02:18:52 [kaz]
s/@@@/EU project, OpenIoT/
02:19:02 [jhund]
ack kaz
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02:19:26 [kaz]
kaz: Dave, are your suggesting we should try some more extensive survey about this for the Tech Landscape doc?
02:19:44 [kaz]
dsr: let's talk about that after the presentation
02:20:08 [kaz]
joerg: there are so many organizations working on semantic vocabulary
02:20:23 [kaz]
... we're interested in interconnection rather than each industry area
02:20:50 [ying_ying]
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02:21:05 [kaz]
... afraid open survey is impossible
02:21:36 [kaz]
... also if we look at the original Scott's email, his original intention was different
02:22:12 [kaz]
... contributions on interexchange is our target
02:22:27 [kaz]
... wondering what would be the reasonable approach
02:22:42 [kaz]
... what would be your recommendation?
02:23:28 [kaz]
dsr: we don't have to create concrete vocabulary
02:23:38 [mkovatsc]
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02:23:41 [mkovatsc]
02:24:01 [kaz]
... and we should demonstrate some specific area as an example
02:24:08 [kaz]
02:24:41 [kaz]
(some more discussion on the objective of the proposal)
02:25:16 [jhund_]
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02:25:24 [jhund_]
02:26:03 [kaz]
joerg: need clarification on our target, interexchange or specific industry area
02:26:21 [kaz]
kajimoto: my understanding for Scott's message is quite similar to the one of Joerg
02:26:30 [yingying]
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02:26:47 [kaz]
... there was not any strong intention for the WoT IG to handle specific industry vocabulary
02:26:49 [kaz]
dsr: right
02:27:05 [kaz]
kajimoto: we should not jump in a specific industry domain
02:27:15 [mkovatsc]
02:27:28 [kaz]
... home appliance manufacturers themselves should work on the issue
02:27:41 [yingying_]
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02:27:52 [kaz]
... meaning the necessary semantic vocabulary for their own specific industry area
02:28:17 [kaz]
... Thing Description is a good candidate as the mechanism to describe that
02:28:22 [kaz]
dsr: agree
02:28:23 [mkovatsc]
02:28:34 [mkovatsc]
ack jo
02:28:45 [kaz]
... but we need to demonstrate how to use the semantic model using Thing Description
02:28:55 [kaz]
dsr: continues his presentation
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02:29:01 [kaz]
... (Gateway)
02:29:06 [kaz]
... (Google Smart Home)
02:29:22 [kaz]
... bluetooth, wifi, ...
02:29:28 [kaz]
... (Apple Homekit)
02:29:49 [kaz]
... (Samsung SmartThings)
02:29:56 [kaz]
... (Francis Daoust's List)
02:30:13 [kaz]
... (Smart Home Appliances)
02:30:50 [kaz]
... very few people will want to be locked to a single platform provider
02:30:58 [kaz]
... (Francois says...)
02:31:03 [Yongjing]
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02:31:12 [kaz]
... (Common Device Categories)
02:31:20 [kaz]
... (Common Characteristics)
02:31:25 [Yongjing]
02:31:32 [kaz]
... brightness, ...
02:31:46 [kaz]
... (Summary)
02:31:47 [Yongjing]
this is the latest oneM2M Home Appliances Information Model
02:31:57 [kaz]
... semantic models of devices and characteristics
02:32:08 [kaz]
... further work is needed to study the details
02:32:26 [kaz]
... how to work with other industry alliances/SDOs
02:32:41 [kaz]
... PlugFest demos for services that work with devices
02:32:45 [Yongjing]
oneM2M also did some survey on existing home appliance models:
02:33:04 [kaz]
... should the WoT WG Charter scope enable standardization of such models?
02:33:09 [jhund]
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02:33:13 [jhund]
02:33:16 [kaz]
02:33:27 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
02:33:27 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
02:33:30 [jhund]
ack mkovatsc
02:33:32 [kaz]
matthias: several comments
02:33:40 [kaz]
... really confused
02:33:59 [kaz]
... Scott didn't raise this proposal itself
02:34:06 [Yongjing]
how to get in the queue?
02:34:09 [kaz]
... we have to be careful
02:34:16 [kaz]
q+ Yongjing
02:34:59 [kaz]
... we should not build any industry specific vocabulary ourselves
02:35:24 [kaz]
... should rather use linked data mechanism for existing ontologies
02:35:31 [jhund]
q+ to emphasize the work on tooling and process rather than content
02:35:36 [kaz]
... this is already available for smart home
02:36:10 [kaz]
... we're working on horizontal framework to interconnect with existing industry ontologies
02:36:49 [kaz]
02:38:05 [kaz]
(some discussion between Matthias and Dave on interexchange framework vs vocabulary)
02:38:27 [kaz]
matthias: this kind of work should be done by a BG or a CG
02:38:40 [kaz]
... and this work should not stop our technical work
02:38:56 [kaz]
yongjing: has just put links for oneM2M resources
02:38:59 [wenna]
wenna has joined #wot
02:39:29 [jhund]
ack Yongjing
02:39:37 [kaz]
... regarding the semantic interoperability, we could think about the mapping mechanism with existing ontologies
02:39:44 [nimura]
nimura has joined #wot
02:40:24 [kaz]
... Sara is RDF and could be easily integrated
02:41:12 [kaz]
dsr: proposed whitepaper is still in early stage
02:41:36 [kaz]
yongjing: oneM2M has survey document on existing SDOs as well
02:41:37 [kaz]
02:41:40 [kaz]
ack j
02:41:40 [Zakim]
jhund, you wanted to emphasize the work on tooling and process rather than content
02:42:03 [kaz]
jhund: wanted to emphasize the work on tooling and process rather than content
02:42:46 [kaz]
dsr: we have the data model, i.e., Thing Description
02:42:53 [kaz]
... also have an idea of templates
02:43:02 [kaz]
s/templates/domain templates/
02:43:26 [mkovatsc]
02:43:35 [kaz]
jhund: what is your concrete use case?
02:44:13 [kaz]
dsr: demonstrate cross-domain interoperability
02:44:31 [kaz]
... for service composition
02:44:58 [kaz]
02:45:18 [kaz]
joerg: what would be the next step?
02:45:29 [kaz]
kajimoto: totally agree with the motivation and the goal
02:46:19 [kaz]
... however, each specific industry stakeholder, e.g., Panasonic, has already studied vocabulary for this purpose
02:46:30 [kaz]
... and this work should be done outside of the WoT IG
02:46:52 [kaz]
... we WoT is not an authority to handle the expected vocabulary
02:47:27 [kaz]
... why don't you create another group to handle this?
02:47:57 [kaz]
02:48:26 [kaz]
... the "Standard" we as the WoT IG should do is different from defining vocabulary
02:48:36 [kaz]
dsr: agree
02:48:46 [kaz]
02:48:46 [sebastian]
02:48:48 [kaz]
02:49:33 [kaz]
kajimoto: each specific domain stakeholders themselves should create vocabulary for their own industry
02:50:23 [kaz]
dsr: this is demonstrating the expected semantic interoperability
02:50:30 [kaz]
... not defining the vocabulary itself
02:50:59 [kaz]
joerg: wondering what the best way to proceed...
02:51:09 [yingying]
yingying has joined #wot
02:51:10 [kaz]
... what can be the possibility?
02:51:25 [kaz]
... maybe you can look into the work of oneM2M
02:51:51 [kaz]
... we can look at the survey result during one of our teleconfs
02:52:49 [kaz]
... and Scott joined our meeting in Sunneyvale, we should try to talk with him again
02:53:07 [kaz]
... and see their intention
02:53:26 [kaz]
... why don't we invite him to our teleconfs?
02:53:30 [kaz]
02:53:54 [kaz]
action: joerg to invite Scott Jenson to the WoT IG call
02:53:54 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-69 - Invite scott jenson to the wot ig call [on Joerg Heuer - due 2016-07-21].
02:54:05 [kaz]
02:54:30 [jhund]
jhund has joined #wot
02:54:31 [kaz]
sebastian: we should rely on existing ontologies
02:54:38 [jhund]
02:54:43 [yingying_]
yingying_ has joined #wot
02:54:44 [kaz]
... nice to get more experience
02:54:46 [jhund]
ack seb
02:55:03 [kaz]
02:55:05 [Yongjing]
oneM2M base ontology:
02:55:26 [kaz]
joerg: can we make the two points as the conclusion?
02:55:40 [DarkoAnicic]
02:55:44 [jhund]
Action on Siemens to reach out to Scott Jensen and invite him to a webconf call
02:55:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-70 - Siemens to reach out to scott jensen and invite him to a webconf call [on Osamu Nakamura - due 2016-07-21].
02:55:46 [kaz]
(no objections)
02:56:10 [masato]
masato has joined #wot
02:59:10 [kaz]
joerg: 1. provide tech report on oneM2M, 2. invite Scott Jensen to the IG web conf
02:59:27 [kaz]
yongjing: have already provided resources on oneM2M work
02:59:37 [kaz]
... and happy to explain them
03:01:13 [Max]
Max has joined #wot
03:02:17 [kaz]
... on the other hand, would like to invite W3C experts to the oneM2M call or f2f
03:02:55 [kaz]
topic: Scripting API
03:02:59 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
03:02:59 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
03:03:45 [kaz]
jhund: how to do local discovery?
03:04:20 [kaz]
... need read access to the THing Description, i.e., ConsumedThing.getTD();
03:04:25 [kaz]
03:04:44 [kaz]
... event handling and decorators
03:05:46 [kaz]
... extended sepc with optional parts/hints for runtime implementers
03:06:31 [kaz]
... got comments from Cindy from W3C, Intel, ...
03:06:46 [ying_ying]
ying_ying has joined #wot
03:06:57 [kaz]
s/... got comments from Cindy from W3C, Intel, ...//
03:07:39 [kaz]
... optional arguments / default vallues (and overriding them)
03:07:47 [kaz]
03:08:35 [kaz]
... syntactic sugar: operator overloading, getter/setters
03:08:45 [kaz]
... synchronous wrappers
03:09:14 [kaz]
... directly access the results
03:09:51 [kaz]
... any questions? unclear points?
03:10:01 [kaz]
03:10:48 [kaz]
sebastian: query parameters
03:11:26 [kaz]
nimura: relationship between "exposedThing" and WoT API
03:13:18 [Max]
03:13:27 [kaz]
kaz: behavior definition for state machines
03:15:03 [kaz]
s/behavior definition for state machines/support for behavior definition by event-driven state machines/
03:15:07 [kaz]
03:15:26 [kaz]
jhund: Results
03:15:35 [Max]
Dapeng Liu, my nick name is Max
03:15:48 [kaz]
... local discovery
03:16:32 [kaz]
... need to discover all the voters for PlugFest
03:16:57 [kaz]
... can be misleading and complicated
03:17:31 [kaz]
... visits thingweb/plugfest-scripts
03:19:07 [kaz]
... shows the discover api
03:19:28 [dsr]
03:19:36 [kaz]
... "WoT.getLocalThing();"
03:19:44 [kaz]
... any objections?
03:19:44 [kaz]
03:19:55 [kaz]
dsr: better to have one API
03:20:27 [dsr]
ack dsr
03:20:29 [kaz]
... probably questionous to have synchronous api
03:20:55 [kaz]
03:21:31 [kaz]
sebastian: not sure about local vs global
03:22:24 [kaz]
... good to have that as parameter
03:22:47 [kaz]
...'local', {'name' : 'voter'})
03:22:52 [kaz]
jhund: good point
03:22:52 [wenna]
wenna has joined #wot
03:23:18 [kaz]
... we need to define additional behavior
03:23:39 [kaz]
nimura: the purpose is to mash up
03:23:54 [kaz]
jhund: discover expose thing?
03:24:23 [kaz]
nimura: maybe part of Thing-to-Thing interaction
03:24:49 [kaz]
jhund: "WoT.getExposedThing(); returning ExposedThing
03:24:59 [kaz]
03:25:20 [kaz]
03:25:35 [olivexu]
olivexu has joined #wot
03:25:46 [dsr]
03:25:53 [kaz]
jhund: "returning Promise resolving to" instead of "returning"
03:26:28 [kaz]
... next, Getting TD from Object
03:26:32 [kaz]
... opinions?
03:26:37 [kaz]
dsr: returning actual objects
03:27:07 [kaz]
03:27:09 [dape]
03:27:18 [dsr]
ack Max
03:27:20 [kaz]
max: comment on the agenda
03:27:42 [kaz]
... can share some ideas using 1-2 slides
03:28:15 [dsr]
ack da
03:28:23 [kaz]
joerg: have discussion with Max
03:28:40 [kaz]
dape: would agree to simply return the JSON object
03:29:44 [kaz]
jhund: Dave's proposal was not to own interface but runtime's parsed JSON object
03:29:44 [kaz]
dape: ok
03:29:56 [kaz]
nimura: fine
03:30:22 [kaz]
jhund: any objections?
03:30:28 [kaz]
(no objections)
03:31:06 [kaz]
jhund: consensus to return runtime's parsed JSON objects
03:31:46 [kaz]
... ExposedThing and ConsumedThing should offer getTD(); to retrieve a parsed JSON object of the TD
03:31:54 [kaz]
... regarding event handling
03:32:05 [kaz]
... not sure if we have enough experts here
03:32:17 [kaz]
... visits wot repo
03:33:54 [kaz]
... discussion with Tobie from Generic Sensor (by DAS WG)
03:34:21 [kaz]
... maybe would put this topic on the agenda of our call
03:35:09 [kaz]
... Event handling postponed to a Web call
03:35:48 [kaz]
... next, Optional arguments / default values
03:37:01 [kaz]
i|discussion with|->|
03:39:47 [joerg]
joerg has joined #wot
03:45:40 [kaz]
kaz has joined #wot
03:46:04 [kaz]
jhund: add function parameter for RequestParams as given in TD to invokeAction, get/setProperty, possibly events
03:46:23 [kaz]
... next, Relationship between ExposedThing and WoT API
03:49:06 [kajimoto]
kajimoto has joined #wot
03:50:05 [kaz]
-> counter.js
03:50:29 [masato]
masato has joined #wot
03:51:15 [kaz]
(some discussion between Johannes and Nimura-san)
03:52:08 [kaz]
jhund: we should define event for TD change
03:52:16 [kaz]
nimura: ok
03:52:39 [kaz]
jhund: next, Support behavior definition by event-driven state machines
03:56:20 [kaz]
kaz: Apache Web server has a module as an implementation of SCXML processor
03:56:37 [kaz]
jhund: can you outreach some of the SCXML experts?
03:56:40 [kaz]
kaz: will do
03:57:31 [kaz]
jhund: Kaz to outreach for experts about state chart XML
03:57:46 [yin]
yin has joined #wot
03:58:29 [kaz]
topic: Reports from breakouts
03:59:24 [kaz]
joerg: yesterday we had breakouts on Type System and Subscription
03:59:45 [kaz]
... and we talked about them this morning
03:59:55 [kaz]
[ 15-min break till 12:15 ]
04:00:04 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
04:00:04 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz
04:19:15 [kaz]
kaz has joined #wot
04:19:20 [kaz]
topic: IoT Device Identity Management
04:19:40 [kaz]
max: (Use Cases - Why we need a trust ID?)
04:19:52 [kaz]
... device-based charging
04:20:40 [kaz]
... remote control
04:20:48 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
04:20:48 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate kaz