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05:49:43 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT IG f2f Meeting in Beijing - PlugFest Preparation Day
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05:55:10 [kaz]
present: Dave, Matthias, Sebastian, Darko, Joerg, Johannes, Takuki, Kaz, Yingying
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08:17:50 [kaz]
sk: would like to ask you all about your devices
08:18:19 [kaz]
da: LED board, MCU and proximity sensor
08:18:31 [kaz]
(Sebastian take notes on the whiteboard)
08:18:40 [kaz]
08:19:10 [kaz]
da: and brightness sensor
08:19:20 [kaz]
sk: what kind of scenario?
08:19:37 [kaz]
da: the proximity sensor reads the proximity
08:20:35 [kaz]
... the sensor can detect the LED's brightness too
08:21:15 [kaz]
... there is a script to control how to change the color
08:21:31 [kaz]
... need scripts for the LED and the sensor
08:21:45 [kaz]
... and a micro event processor on another board
08:21:57 [kaz]
... changing RGB values
08:22:16 [kaz]
sk: what kind of building blocks inside?
08:22:27 [kaz]
da: using TD
08:22:29 [kaz]
... also use scripting
08:22:37 [kaz]
sk: available online?
08:22:40 [kaz]
da: not yet
08:22:59 [kaz]
... also might work with other devices
08:23:21 [kaz]
sk: can work with Johannes's device?
08:24:39 [kaz]
jh: 2 devices: (1) basic LED board regularly changes the brightness
08:25:01 [kaz]
(Johannes connects his PC to the projector)
08:25:30 [kaz]
sk: do you have brightness sensor?
08:25:51 [kaz]
jh: shows the UI of the client "basicLed"
08:26:32 [kaz]
... another UI for "fancyLed"
08:26:47 [kaz]
... and "servient" and "counter"
08:27:42 [kaz]
... basicLed works on a raspberry pi and siemens light board
08:28:21 [kaz]
... "voter" UI to let people vote "tooCold" or "tooHot"
08:29:01 [kaz]
... servers upload TD to the repository
08:30:09 [kaz]
... shows concrete scripts for "voter"
08:30:33 [kaz]
... dynamically upload the script to the server
08:30:45 [kaz]
... collaboration for producing
08:31:03 [kaz]
... but experiencing some issue
08:31:27 [kaz]
sk: people can download the script and run that locally?
08:31:30 [kaz]
jh: yes
08:32:54 [kaz]
sk: would be great if Darko's device can work with Johannes's
08:33:14 [kaz]
mk: connects the projector to his pc
08:33:47 [kaz]
... brought this "Thing"
08:34:27 [kaz]
... BACnet controller - KNX Room Unit and Lighting Controller/Blinds Controller
08:34:35 [kaz]
... Simulated I/Os at the top
08:34:56 [kaz]
s/"Thing"/"BACnet Thing"/
08:35:46 [kaz]
... lighting controller and blinds controller actuate devices
08:36:16 [kaz]
... overview and summary
08:36:32 [kaz]
... features and challenges
08:37:38 [kaz]
... error handling, interaction not fit property/action/event
08:37:54 [kaz]
... property-specific encoding, property-specific bindings
08:38:08 [kaz]
... sub-resource interaction, singleton event modelling
08:39:48 [kaz]
... can provide this device for others' scenarios
08:40:14 [kaz]
... would try, e.g., Johannes's servient and Panasonic's device in Japan
08:40:28 [kaz]
s/Japan/Japan using Echonet/
08:43:25 [kaz]
... including TD, protocol binding
08:43:53 [kaz]
sk: Nimura-san, short introduction for your device?
08:44:08 [kaz]
nk: shows his slides on the projector
08:44:12 [kaz]
... one page
08:44:21 [kaz]
... Scripting API Implementation
08:45:40 [kaz]
... would connect with Simens's script
08:46:28 [kaz]
sk: what kind of communication between LED and WoT servient smartphone?
08:46:36 [kaz]
nk: legacy interface
08:46:48 [kaz]
s/interface/BLE interface/
08:47:49 [kaz]
nk: App Script access the ExposedThing via the ConsumedThing
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08:48:43 [kaz]
rm: shows his slide
08:48:48 [kaz]
... Overview of our system
08:48:59 [kaz]
... smart home in Kanazawa, Japan
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08:49:06 [kaz]
... server in Nagoya
08:49:12 [kaz]
... ad the client here in Beijing
08:49:27 [kaz]
08:50:12 [kaz]
... Functional structure
08:50:31 [kaz]
... WoT I/F is supported on the server
08:50:43 [kaz]
... others are Fujitu's original I/F
08:50:53 [kaz]
08:51:16 [kaz]
... compatible to ITU-T standard
08:51:39 [kaz]
... shows live-stream video from Kanazawa, Japan
08:52:05 [kaz]
sk: can we control this smart house from here?
08:52:10 [kaz]
rm: yes
08:52:17 [kaz]
... but there is some network problem now
08:53:54 [kaz]
... will check with my colleagues tomorrow
08:54:19 [kaz]
... Nimura-san (and his client software) knows the IP address
08:56:28 [kaz]
sk: shows his device
08:56:38 [kaz]
... Scenario Setup
08:57:16 [kaz]
... ESP8266 (NodeMCU), Temperature sensor, ...
08:57:47 [kaz]
... if it's too hot, the temp sensor detects that.
08:57:50 [kaz]
08:57:58 [kaz]
s/detects/detect that/
08:58:49 [kaz]
... the sensor sends "search for action @type="tooHot" to the TD repository
08:59:05 [kaz]
... and the TD repository sends TD back to the sensor
09:00:02 [kaz]
... explains the sequence
09:03:30 [kaz]
ka: the temp sensor is installed/attached to each person to detect who feels how?
09:03:35 [kaz]
sk: yes
09:16:33 [kaz]
(some more discussion)
09:16:46 [kaz]
ka: inspired by Sebastian's demo scenario
09:17:33 [kaz]
... and think there is a possibility we need some smart decision maker module who makes decision on who to send which TD to whom based on the situation
09:21:01 [kaz]
... e.g., if the temperature is hotter than 100 degree centigrade, maybe the TD should be sent to the fire extinguisher/evacuation systems instead of the air conditioner
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