Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference

21 Jun 2016

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TK: I recommend people to take a look at information for TPAC 2016 and plan to arrange trip, especially hotel.

EXI for JSON - V2 change

DP: keys not representable by XML names.
... I noted down several issues for the proposal.
... I think we should define how the name should look like.
... We should define how the names should look like even though the actual name is in <keyname> element.
... This name should be short because it does not transmit any meaning.
... For many use cases, this will never happen.

TK: Should the new name look like the original name?

DP: It could be any name. "A", "B", "C", "D", for example.
... One solution is it is up to the user to define the new name.
... Do we want to specify the names, or should keep it open?

TK: We can later try to come up with a good practice for names.

DP: We need to change "key" element to have the same namespace, and allow for <keyname> element.

Canonical EXI

DP: In the proposal, omitOptionsDocument and utcTime as attributes.
... In EXI header, we never use attributes.
... I think we should use elements.
... I will reply. The general concept is quite nice.
... We don't use fragment identifier with the proposal.
... I think we need to make the schema normative.

TK: I am not sure if we can totally eliminate D.2.3 Options 3.

DP: Same for D.2.2 Option 2

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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