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chair: kerry
20:10:29 [kerry]
scribe: DanhLePhuoc
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scribeNick: RaulGarciaCastro
20:10:58 [kerry]
scribe: RaulGarciaCastro
20:11:15 [RaulGarciaCastro]
Topic: Patent call
20:11:20 [kerry]
20:13:11 [RaulGarciaCastro]
Topic: Welcome to SSN-subgroup meetings
20:13:43 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: Not many people around
20:14:20 [RaulGarciaCastro]
Topic: FPWD
20:14:35 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: We need to publish the FPWD soon
20:15:00 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … end of March, 1st week April
20:15:05 [kerry]
20:16:26 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … that is our first big goal
20:16:39 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … we could publish SSN as it is now
20:17:03 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … being ambitious, also modularization would be good
20:18:13 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … it is important that the W3C staff sees some progress
20:19:46 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: It would be nice to also include in the FPWD what we plan to deliver by the end of our work
20:19:50 [kerry]
20:19:59 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:20:04 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:21:10 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: We can talk about this next meeting (with more peopel)
20:21:21 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:21:39 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … with the other editors
20:23:41 [RaulGarciaCastro]
Topic: Webprotege
20:24:06 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:25:12 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: People should have rights to edit the ontology
20:25:40 [RaulGarciaCastro]
DanhLePhuoc: Not everyone needs to have editing permissions to comment
20:26:48 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: If we modularise the ontology at the end we will have different projects
20:27:19 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: Yes, I think it was that way
20:28:03 [RaulGarciaCastro]
DanhLePhuoc: Right now there are two projects, not sure how to link them
20:30:02 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: Where are the axioms in Webprotege?
20:33:44 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:34:33 [ahaller2]
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20:34:57 [RaulGarciaCastro]
DanhLePhuoc: In the OWLEntityDescriptionBrowser tab
20:35:06 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:35:19 [RaulGarciaCastro]
DanhLePhuoc: … and Editor
20:35:24 [kerry]
please look at user guid and have a go
20:36:40 [ahaller2]
apologies for being late, what is the webex link?
20:36:53 [kerry]
Armin, can pls give raul permission to edit on webprotege!
20:37:16 [kerry]
20:37:21 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:37:21 [ahaller2]
yes, what is his username?
20:37:24 [kerry]
armin, the webex link on that page works
20:37:35 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:37:53 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:38:01 [RaulGarciaCastro]
that’s my user name in Webprotege
20:39:25 [RaulGarciaCastro]
Topic: Editor’s draft
20:39:31 [kerry]
20:40:12 [ahaller2]
present+ ahaller2
20:40:53 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: ahaller2 already has editing permissions in github
20:41:36 [ahaller2]
present+ ahaller2
20:43:29 [RaulGarciaCastro]
Topic: Modularization
20:44:13 [kerry]
ack arhaller2
20:44:19 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: We have agreed to remove dolce
20:44:21 [kerry]
ack ahaller2
20:44:29 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: … do we need further modules?
20:44:56 [kerry]
agree -- no precedent for this
20:44:56 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: … will splitting the ontology make it more usable?
20:45:12 [kerry]
also agree -- it is no that much
20:45:29 [kerry]
q+ kerry
20:46:20 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: multiple namespaces is annoying and you have to constantly look for things you need in other places
20:46:41 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:46:59 [kerry]
ack kerry
20:47:00 [ahaller2]
20:47:03 [kerry]
ack RaulGarciaCastro
20:47:58 [kerry]
20:48:04 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:48:04 [kerry]
ack ahaller2
20:48:08 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: we could analyse the use cases and see what extent of the ontology is expected to be used
20:48:43 [kerry]
ack ahaller2
20:48:49 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: All modules, even if they have different namespaces, could be in the same file
20:48:50 [kerry]
ack ahaller
20:49:03 [kerry]
ack DanhLePhuoc
20:49:58 [kerry]
ack kerry
20:49:59 [RaulGarciaCastro]
DanhLePhuoc: it’s not necessary to split everything but we can have different profiles
20:51:00 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: some use cases deal with observations, others with platforms…
20:51:47 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … we could do some profiling
20:52:32 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … we can put the current modules in the W3C namespace
20:53:35 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: Once we define some URIs, people will start using them
20:54:00 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: I’m concerned of publishing something not finished
20:54:06 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:54:11 [DanhLePhuoc]
20:55:08 [RaulGarciaCastro]
20:55:25 [kerry]
ack RaulGarciaCastro
20:56:22 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: Putting the modules proposal in the FPWD would make no harm
20:56:34 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: … and if everyone agrees we publish it
20:56:53 [RaulGarciaCastro]
RaulGarciaCastro: … and if there are concerns we wait
20:57:11 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: not just the modules, the complete modules
20:57:31 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: the ontologies themselves
20:59:01 [ahaller2]
20:59:32 [kerry]
ack ahaller
21:00:19 [RaulGarciaCastro]
DanhLePhuoc: Like in software, people could use profiles and look for the origin of the different ontology components
21:00:27 [RaulGarciaCastro]
I’m not sure I got well this last part
21:03:17 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: People could simply use the vocabulary terms of the ontology, but it would be nice if reasoning can also be used
21:04:37 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: dereferencing the ontology terms should lead to the ontology
21:05:14 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … we can test this with the current splitted version of the ontology
21:05:31 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … and implementing content negotiation
21:05:40 [kerry]
21:05:58 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: It would be nice to have it to play
21:06:25 [RaulGarciaCastro]
ahaller2: … multiple modules will also lead people to use incorrect namespaces
21:07:00 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: We can do that and then discuss up to what extent modularize
21:08:02 [kerry]
action: ahaller2 to get the 2 ontology modules on w3c namespace with phila, to experimentation
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21:09:13 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: if anyone wants to chair these meetings, just tell
21:09:57 [RaulGarciaCastro]
kerry: … will be happy if people gives suggestions on topics for the meeting
21:10:39 [RaulGarciaCastro]
21:10:43 [kerry]
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