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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 21 January 2016
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Chair: Nikos
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Topic: Chapter progress
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Scribenick: nikos
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Scribe: Nikos
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Topic: Chapter progress
20:38:12 [nikos]
Tav: I'm working on a page that will list text issues. Would like everyone to take a look in a couple of days when it's finished
20:39:04 [nikos]
... Cameron has sent the first version of the text layout algorithm. Think we'll need to have a discussion on this. May be aiming at a different level than what I want.
20:39:34 [nikos]
... I want something that is laid out in terms of CSS rules, but doesn't require a full CSS implementation
20:48:09 [nikos]
shepazu: Some of those things need to be answered by CSS. Maybe we should have a wiki page or git issue for each issue.
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Topic: F2F general planning
20:51:50 [nikos]
nikos: The dev meet event is going ahead -
20:52:02 [nikos]
... Doug, Tav, myself are talking
20:52:38 [nikos]
... may get cancelled if we don't get enough registrations - something to keep in mind
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nikos: Do you want to call in to F2F Amelia?
20:53:03 [nikos]
amelia: yes
20:53:14 [nikos]
nikos: I'll try to get it all set up and talk to you on irc
20:57:58 [nikos]
amelia: Would be good to have a list of SVG 2 features that can be implemented
20:58:07 [nikos]
nikos: Added to the agenda for Sydney
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