IRC log of svg on 2015-12-17

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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
20:29:17 [trackbot]
Date: 17 December 2015
20:29:35 [nikos]
Chair: Nikos
20:29:39 [nikos]
Regrets: Cameron
20:29:45 [nikos]
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20:29:58 [nikos]
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20:38:07 [nikos]
Scribe: Nikos
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scribenick: nikos
20:38:11 [nikos]
Topic: SVG 2 chapter progress
20:38:32 [nikos]
nikos: plan to publish CR by Sydney F2F
20:39:40 [nikos]
nikos: Need to look at co-ords chapter, haven't had much time due to end of year stuff
20:39:47 [nikos]
... Dirk had issues but not sure what they are
20:40:58 [nikos]
... So I'll look at it in the new year and would welcome some suggestions on what needs done
20:41:28 [nikos]
Tav: Still a lot to do on text
20:41:43 [nikos]
... I need to know if Cameron is going to do the algorithm
20:41:46 [nikos]
... That's pretty major
20:42:02 [nikos]
... Without that the chapter will not be in a good state by January
20:42:41 [nikos]
nikos: As far as I know Cam is still going to spend some time on SVG up to the F2F, so I have confidence
20:42:55 [nikos]
Tav: I ahve a bunch of issues I need to discuss with CSS WG but they're not getting answered
20:42:59 [nikos]
... fall back is we keep text as it is
20:43:15 [nikos]
nikos: Do you think that's something we can knock over in the F2F?
20:43:39 [nikos]
Tav: I hope so
20:43:47 [nikos]
... I also have to review what's been happening with Shapes 2
20:43:53 [nikos]
... and how it integrates with SVG
20:44:04 [nikos]
... so there might be some Shapes stuff to discuss too
20:45:02 [nikos]
nikos: If we can prepare something we can give to the CSS WG and say this is what we need to cover in the FX meeting to get SVG 2 to CR then that would be helpful
20:45:34 [nikos]
Tav: I've been side tracked looking at the arc line join
20:45:39 [nikos]
... we had some questions to the list
20:45:55 [nikos]
... I should have that done tomorrow and there may be some things to discuss on the phone or at the F2F meeting
20:47:16 [nikos]
Tav: Painting just has one or two small things to do. Nothing serious
20:47:40 [nikos]
ed: I don't have any updates. Haven't worked on anything for a while unfortunately
20:47:58 [nikos]
... Hoping to get some time over Christmas holidays to do some actions on my chapters
20:48:18 [nikos]
nikos: Yours are fairly close aren't they
20:48:20 [nikos]
ed: Yeah level 4
20:48:59 [nikos]
Topic: Teleconferences next year
20:50:12 [nikos]
nikos: Next year it would be good to have short telcon sessions before each spec editing session so we can update on progress
20:50:18 [nikos]
Tav: I think that would be good
20:50:56 [nikos]
nikos: I'll be back and available for a telcon on the 7th January, are others available?
20:50:58 [nikos]
Tav: I'll be around
20:51:02 [nikos]
ed: I should be too
20:51:28 [nikos]
nikos: I'll send an email
20:51:38 [nikos]
Topic: Sydney F2F registration
20:51:49 [nikos]
nikos: Reminder about registration
20:51:59 [nikos]
Tav: I think I'll be able to make it but not confirmation yet
20:53:39 [nikos]
nikos: Mark is looking to organise an SVG event around the time of the F2F
20:53:44 [nikos]
... probably on the Thursday
20:53:53 [nikos]
... who would be interested in attending and maybe talking?
20:54:18 [nikos]
ed: I'd be interested in attending, can't promise a talk
20:54:52 [nikos]
Tav: I'd be interested too. But also can't promise a talk
20:54:58 [nikos]
... is the venue easy to get to?
20:55:08 [nikos]
nikos: It's not far from Google, just across the bridge and in the city
20:56:08 [nikos]
... I'll let Mark know we're interested and he can start organising something
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RRSAgent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate nikos
21:04:48 [nikos]
All finished =)
21:05:09 [nikos]
It was mostly organisational stuff today
21:05:28 [nikos]
I'll send emails out about it all
21:06:26 [AmeliaBR]
Thanks nikos.
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23:28:59 [paradisaeidae]
So NSW T&I are ok with coffee, tea and bikkies.
23:29:22 [paradisaeidae]
Though I am looking to land a sponsor for canapes!
23:31:42 [paradisaeidae]
I have approached one company. Waiting on response.
23:32:55 [paradisaeidae]
Alex is pencilled in as first speaker, looking for one other with a detail level topic!
23:35:12 [nikos]
What length talks are you hoping for? I think people are keen but it's going to be hard to spend time preparing a talk with so much work to do on svg 2 prior to the F2F.
23:42:46 [nikos]
paradisaeidae: Are you on the www-svg mailing list? I'm about to send an email about the event
23:43:51 [paradisaeidae]
WhatLength: Possibly around 30mins would be appropriate.
23:44:14 [paradisaeidae]
I'm hoping it would provoke Q+A of audience.
23:44:52 [paradisaeidae]
So something like Flash vs SVG might do that?
23:46:19 [paradisaeidae]
I've tried to sub to www-svg, though I think the request got held up in the acceptance phase.
23:46:37 [paradisaeidae]
Which is ok by me.
23:47:27 [paradisaeidae]
I have built a list of those there who may be appropriate. Ready to send more details soon.
23:48:25 [nikos]
I don't think there's any acceptance required. It's a public list. Is this the one?
23:49:29 [paradisaeidae]
The format I'm hoping for would be 5:30 Canapes and social, 6:00 Alex on intro-level, then break, lightening talks, 2nd speaker, quiz+prizes.
23:53:27 [paradisaeidae]
I'd like to highlight Inkscape in some way.
23:53:39 [nikos]
I hit send slightly prematurely on my email, but perhaps you could reply with some details of the hosting location and your planned format.
23:53:46 [paradisaeidae]
Inkscape vs Illustrator?
23:54:01 [nikos]
Tav will be there so I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that
23:54:16 [paradisaeidae]
Luv me some Inkscape!
23:54:44 [paradisaeidae]
Just tried again to sub the www-svg, no reply.
23:55:06 [paradisaeidae]
I am using a gmail account. Would this block?
23:55:26 [nikos]
23:56:16 [paradisaeidae]
Subject: subscrbe, body: subscribe...
23:57:13 [paradisaeidae]
Is there an admin of the list?
23:58:06 [paradisaeidae]
I have a list built, can do email-merge. So no panic.