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Meeting: Web of Things Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 09 December 2015
13:08:40 [Yingying]
Chair: Sebastian
13:08:44 [jhund]
scribe: Yingying
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present+ Johannes_Hund, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Joerg_Heuer, Darko_Anicic
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13:09:57 [Yingying]
Sebstian: This is the last TD TF meeting in this year.
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13:10:23 [Yingying]
...the agenda is:
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13:10:36 [Yingying]
...1. Plugfest logistics
13:10:51 [Yingying]
...2. Proposed plugfest topics
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13:11:19 [Yingying]
...3. Tech Landscape
13:11:46 [Yingying]
Sebastian show the slides for plugfest logistics.
13:12:28 [Yingying]
Sebastian: it was agreed to have th preparation day one day before the plugfest. It will be Jan 24th.
13:12:40 [Yingying]
...this is the plan for next plugfest. any questions?
13:12:47 [Yingying]
13:13:09 [Yingying]
Sebastian: it was on wiki page as well.
13:13:40 [jhund]
wiki page:,_January,_26th_%E2%80%93_28th,_France,_Nice#PlugFest
13:14:00 [Yingying]
Sebastian shows the wiki page for plugfest plan.
13:14:37 [Yingying]
Sebastian: you need to input your name, your application that you would show. I just copied the table from last plugfest.
13:14:49 [Yingying]
...please everyone put your information on it.
13:15:20 [Yingying]
Sebastian shows the slides for the plugfest proposal.
13:15:58 [Yingying]
...1st proposal like in Sapporo, using TD to some thing discovery;
13:16:12 [Yingying]
...2nd, to cover the security aspect.
13:16:30 [Yingying]
...3rd we need some API on Things.
13:17:05 [Yingying]
...4th, from the joint meeting with IRTF, use PlugREST.
13:17:16 [Yingying]
...I need some volunteers to write some howto.
13:17:24 [Yingying]
...what we need to do in the plugfest.
13:17:49 [Yingying]
...I am asking Darko, Oliver, Daniel, Suomya to help.
13:17:57 [Yingying]
...I will do the first one.
13:18:33 [Yingying]
...The 1st idea is how we use the TD to do central-based discovery.
13:19:10 [Yingying] example: We have down here different kinds of things.
13:19:19 [Yingying]
...each of them has a TD.
13:19:30 [Yingying]
...upper layer we have TD repository.
13:19:38 [Yingying]
...then we have one kind of client.
13:19:49 [Yingying] is able to request some kind of TD.
13:20:02 [Yingying]
...How does it look like in interaction?
13:20:15 [Yingying]
...The thing is going to do the thing registration.
13:20:27 [Yingying] the TD repository.
13:21:08 [Yingying] the client slide, open source project, which you could download it.
13:21:43 [Yingying]
...2 ways to do registration: one is thing does it by itself; others to do it.
13:21:58 [Yingying]
...the major goal is to have different TDs in the repository.
13:22:22 [Yingying]
...there is a client to look for different kind of things.
13:22:41 [Yingying]
...the idea is the TD repository will provide different TD.
13:23:21 [Yingying]
...need to do how-to on the TD.
13:23:37 [Yingying] will be on the wiki page of W3C in following days.
13:23:46 [Yingying]
...Darko, do you want to share yours>
13:24:03 [Yingying]
Darko: idea is to provide how-to.
13:24:13 [Yingying]
...this is very preliminary docs.
13:24:38 [Yingying]
...I will show you how the docs will be like and get your comments.Currently it's incomplete yet.
13:25:08 [Yingying]
...Here I summarized what this repository can be used for. It can be used by human and things.
13:25:32 [Yingying]
...It is also possible to discover certain things based on TD.
13:25:59 [Yingying]
...invoke actions on certain things.
13:26:18 [Yingying]
...can create, delete TD from repository.
13:26:40 [Yingying]
...currently we have the reading and querying functionality.
13:27:15 [Yingying]
...if you want to query repository, you need to provide some data like this: URI, IP address, etc.
13:27:40 [Yingying]
...there is a payload example.
13:27:54 [Yingying]
...This is a kind of response to the query.
13:28:16 [Yingying]
...This is a JSON-LD file.
13:28:42 [Yingying]
...for others like updating or deleting TD, we will fill in.
13:29:25 [Yingying]
Michael: Resource directory is exactly the same as your repository in our state machine partner.
13:30:09 [Yingying]
...Hypercat, SPARCL also used.
13:31:04 [Yingying]
...resource directory also has some basic query.
13:31:12 [Yingying]
Darko: will you join us on this work?
13:31:42 [Yingying]
Michael: sure.
13:31:42 [Yingying]
Darko: we will communicate this how to with you.
13:31:56 [Yingying]
...we will work together to make examples.
13:32:30 [Yingying]
Sebatian asked Oliver to show the security part.
13:35:02 [michael]
Resource Directory;
13:35:06 [Sebastian]
less than 8 weeks remaining
13:36:01 [Sebastian]
Oliver: add secure communications but do not limit security enabling to that
13:36:11 [DarkoAnicic]
13:36:26 [michael]
Oliver: Security proposal to adopt IETF ACE Working Group Architecture
13:36:43 [Sebastian]
... focus on authorizing and authentication
13:37:00 [Yingying_]
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13:37:28 [Sebastian]
... add AM and AS components to the plugfest
13:38:21 [Sebastian]
... runs in a less constrained environment
13:38:51 [Yingying_]
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13:39:25 [Sebastian]
... there will be also a HowTo
13:39:57 [Yingying_]
nick: yingying
13:39:58 [michael]
13:40:07 [Yingying_]
nickname: yingying
13:40:09 [Sebastian]
... also a cheat sheet
13:40:52 [Sebastian]
... running AM and AS instances (provided by Siemens)
13:43:08 [michael]
another REST client:
13:43:40 [Sebastian]
Oliver shows a demo
13:44:12 [dape]
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13:44:32 [michael]
Oliver using a REST client to demonstrate security APIs
13:44:56 [michael]
13:46:01 [michael]
Oliver interacting with AS and AM to create authorization for a request to the RS
13:46:55 [michael]
CoAP client is copper:
13:47:16 [yingying]
scribe: yingying
13:47:30 [michael]
13:48:09 [yingying]
Oliver: tomorrow we will look at this same thing but more details.
13:48:16 [michael]
Oliver: Will discuss more tomorrow in the SP call
13:48:54 [yingying]
...we can bring it to life by end of next week.
13:49:23 [yingying]
Sebatian: we have also another TF which concentrates on API.
13:49:48 [yingying]
...Daniel will also give some first idea.
13:50:05 [yingying] the API would look like in next plugfest.
13:50:33 [yingying]
Daniel:it's as mature as security.
13:50:42 [yingying]
...idea is to use WebIDL.
13:51:35 [yingying]
...we also will provide javascript API.
13:51:51 [yingying]
...encourage to try out other languages.
13:52:03 [yingying]
...feature based on previous plugfest in sapporo.
13:52:50 [yingying]
...WebIDL and Javascript API will be provided by end of next week.
13:53:17 [yingying]
...I can shortly show the javascript API made in september.
13:53:41 [yingying]
...very simple API that allows you to set or retrieve properties.
13:53:58 [yingying] addition, there will be a howto provided once the APIs are shared.
13:55:29 [yingying]
Michael: is the WebIDL machine-readable
13:56:18 [yingying]
Daniel: WebIDL is just to provide the methods like prevously javascript APIs provide.
13:56:47 [yingying]
Michael: it's the standardized format of scripting APIs.
13:57:10 [yingying]
...there will be a WebIDL coming along with TD for everyone to use. Cool!
13:57:37 [yingying]
Johannes: WebIDL is that W3C uses to describe the APIs.
13:59:36 [yingying]
Michael: just wondering general description for general interaction pattern.
14:00:19 [yingying]
Sebastian: last topic is plugREST.
14:01:16 [yingying]
Matthias:this is the so called plugREST by IRTF.
14:01:40 [yingying]
...background info is IRTF is the counterpart of IETF.
14:02:06 [yingying]
...the slides are on github.
14:02:22 [yingying]
...we focus on hypertext drive apps.
14:03:24 [yingying]
...describes REST apps by URI, media types, link relation types, form relation types, and optionally locations.
14:03:52 [yingying]
...we choose the lighting use case for the PlugREST.
14:04:27 [yingying]
...there is also a draft of this use case on irtf web page.
14:04:53 [yingying]
...the plan of PlugREST is to define basic components like lights and controllers.
14:05:37 [yingying]
...on the long run we hope to interconnect with other app domains.
14:06:32 [yingying]
...imaging you have the TD. We get the TD and can interact with the thing.
14:07:27 [yingying]
...the client communicate with resouce directory. Then we can follow links to get the TD.
14:07:54 [yingying]
...they are actually decentralized.
14:08:24 [yingying]
...the purpose is to find IoT implementation on this.
14:08:59 [yingying]
...what we implemented is a CoRE HAL to support forms and media types.
14:09:19 [yingying]
...we have the hypermedia client.
14:09:48 [yingying]
...we have the Java base and Javascript Runtime.
14:10:01 [yingying]
...this is an example in JSON.
14:10:53 [yingying]
Matthias shows an example for hypermedia client.
14:12:08 [yingying]
Matthias shows an example of JS in Actinium.
14:12:44 [yingying]
Matthias: the plan for Nice F2F meeting is to make the tech demo to find more implementers.
14:12:58 [yingying] discuss how to harmonize W3C and T2TRG approaches.
14:13:20 [yingying]
...sources not ready yet. We will make public this year.
14:13:40 [yingying]
rrsagnet, draft minutes
14:14:12 [yingying]
Michael: We use different media types. but we don't make application media type.
14:14:19 [yingying]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:14:59 [yingying]
...the easiest way is we go to the media directory, we query some media types we want.
14:16:17 [yingying]
Matthias: we can have generic media types that have no semantic info in it. Then you coud group them to have specific media type.
14:17:34 [yingying] to balance them is the key points.
14:17:56 [yingying]
Michael: 3rd part is the
14:18:06 [yingying]
...there are many different ontologies.
14:18:10 [akeranen]
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14:18:19 [akeranen]
14:18:28 [yingying]
...this is the work on progress and we should continue.
14:18:45 [akeranen]
14:21:03 [yingying]
[some discussion on the generic media type and app specific media types]
14:22:11 [yingying]
Ari: is there any minimum subset that I could implement before PlugREST.
14:22:35 [yingying]
Matthias: yes. I can try to give you the pointer of it.
14:23:11 [yingying]
Sebastian: there is already some info on wiki about plugfest.
14:23:23 [yingying]
...All presentations are presented on it.
14:23:52 [yingying]
...please input your name and information and the topic you would like to implement into the table.
14:24:11 [yingying]
14:24:23 [yingying]
...please input by end of next week.
14:24:44 [yingying]
...I would like to take a look at the tech landscape.
14:25:08 [yingying]
...Darko has now transferred the tech landscape from wiki to github already.
14:25:47 [yingying]
Darko: We decided to move the landscape to the github.
14:25:56 [yingying]
...everyone can see it and edit it.
14:26:25 [yingying] can see the table containing different consortium and other information.
14:27:07 [yingying]
...We provided some initial structure. Maybe you have better suggestion for the struture. we could discuss it.
14:27:21 [yingying]
...we need more volunteers to work on it.
14:27:49 [yingying]
...if you are now willing to do any part of it, please put your name and we then can move on.
14:28:05 [yingying]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:28:36 [yingying]
Sebastian: what is the plan? should we put the name now or give several days?
14:28:57 [yingying]
Darko: we can fill it right now if some volunteers are here.
14:29:31 [yingying]
Ari: please put note on wiki that the latest version is on github.
14:30:02 [yingying]
Sebastian: let's give the timeline by the end of week.
14:30:33 [yingying]
...Happy Christmas! See you next year!
14:30:41 [yingying]
14:30:46 [yingying]
rrsagent, make minutes
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