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Meeting: Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference
15:02:49 [trackbot]
Date: 10 November 2015
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scribe: TK
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scribeNick: taki
15:05:21 [taki]
TOPIC: Re: JSON Schema
15:05:43 [taki]
DP: Their conclusion was that it is not practical to use the same schema.
15:06:11 [taki]
DP: MK suggested us to use xsd:override, which is XSD 1.1 feature.
15:06:25 [taki]
DP: EXI uses XSD 1.0.
15:07:03 [taki]
TK: I agree that I should not depend on XSD 1.1 at this point.
15:07:39 [taki]
DP: I will try to check whether we can override with XSD 1.0 mechanism.
15:08:40 [taki]
DP: I want to also try to remove their extension as well.
15:09:32 [taki]
DP: I wonder it is very good idea at all. They already have two versions.
15:11:54 [taki]
DP: If we just extend their schema, there will be interoperability between them and us.
15:14:55 [taki]
DP: We can also re-generate original JSON.
15:15:29 [taki]
DP: XQuery can't interpret our internal constructs.
15:15:49 [taki]
DP: If we use binary element, we need to convert back to JSON.
15:23:54 [taki]
DP: We may want to use a different URI.
15:38:12 [taki]
DP: Do we still need to support other types?
15:39:27 [taki]
TK: The goal should not be to support all XSD types.
15:40:14 [taki]
DP: For decimal and integer, our documents should say they need to be converted back to number.
15:41:47 [taki]
TK: Let's remove unsignedInteger as well for simplicity.
15:42:05 [taki]
DP: I will also remove extension attributes from the original schema.
15:45:32 [taki]
DP: Don (DB), we now have a JavaScript implementation.
15:45:55 [taki]
DP: We will soon publish a playground for it.
15:46:19 [taki]
DB: JSON encoding of X3D is nearly complete.
15:47:06 [taki]
DB: When to use JSON object vs JSON array. I can post that information.
15:47:43 [taki]
DP: I plan to also publish preliminary support for JSON.
15:47:56 [taki]
DP: You can also try to use it.
15:48:37 [taki]
DB: That's a great idea. There is another implementation that is coming. I have build script.
15:49:12 [taki]
DB: EXI vs compressed JSON. I am interested in the difference.
15:51:29 [taki]
DB: I will post it, and we can further discuss in next telecon.
15:52:45 [taki]
DB: JSON schema is another feature that is interesting.
15:52:56 [taki]
DP: X3D already uses JSON schema?
15:53:02 [taki]
DB: No. not yet.
15:53:26 [taki]
DB: JSON schema generator still does not produce consistent result.
15:53:47 [taki]
DP: There are several JSON schema languages, I believe.
15:54:07 [taki]
DB: Maybe just a few. JSON schema is maturing. But not yet stable.
15:54:30 [taki]
DB: I will link that in my post.
15:55:58 [taki]
DB: DP, you mentioned publishing, is it gonna be public?
15:56:06 [taki]
DP: It is not yet out.
15:56:29 [taki]
DP: We discussed during TPAC. I will publish this week on public list.
15:56:36 [taki]
DB: Thank you.
15:57:15 [taki]
TOPIC: Canonical EXI
15:57:19 [taki]
TOPIC: Support for Canonical EXI interoperability test in TTFMS
15:58:35 [taki]
DP: Depending on the test case, you encounter conflicting options.
15:58:48 [taki]
DP: e.g. support for PI in strict mode.
15:59:29 [taki]
DP: We could fix the framework.
16:01:25 [taki]
DP: We could give a warning, but the framework should ensure consistent setting and move forward.
16:02:46 [taki]
TK: What do you wanna do for PI and strict?
16:08:38 [taki]
DP: If we give a warning, one should ultimately go back to test case and fix it.
16:09:01 [taki]
DP: I do not mind which interpretation framework should take as long as it is consistent.
16:11:18 [taki]
ACTION: TK to modify TTFMS to give warning for inconsistent setting and resolve inconsistency.
16:11:19 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-730 - Modify ttfms to give warning for inconsistent setting and resolve inconsistency. [on Takuki Kamiya - due 2015-11-17].
16:12:48 [taki]
DB: Is there any name for JSON support?
16:13:00 [taki]
DP: currently I use name "EXI4JSON"
16:14:53 [taki]
DP: Empty character events.
16:18:36 [taki]
DP: If you expect a text in an element, you need to add CH event.
16:22:05 [taki]
DP: Empty string is represented with one byte.
16:29:07 [taki]
TK: What we should do for schema-less case?
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