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Meeting: Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 27 October 2015
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Topic: ValueSets
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15:04:33 [dbooth]
15:06:58 [dbooth]
tony: This version has separated CodingBase from Concepts
15:08:55 [dbooth]
lloyd: Strange on line 10 to call out one particular approach. There are others: enumeration, patterns on the code, properties of the code, relationship of the concepts, combinations of coding constraints.
15:09:17 [dbooth]
... They should all be listed on line 10.
15:09:41 [dbooth]
tony: are they listed somewhere?
15:10:00 [dbooth]
lloyd: The email I sent a couple weeks ago gives you a list.
15:10:29 [dbooth]
... We could also just say that there is a variety of ways of constraining the codes.
15:11:10 [dbooth]
line 52
15:16:54 [dbooth]
lloyd: fhir:AllergyIntolerance.status has a range of fhir:code , so you don't need to explicitly say on line 52 that it is a fhir:code.
15:19:25 [dbooth]
dbooth: on line 52, put fhir:code in red, because it can be inferred.
15:23:17 [dbooth]
davide: if the VS is a class, and you pass an individual, and the range of that class, then any individual will be inferred to be a member of that class.
15:23:42 [dbooth]
tony: For that reason you don't declare the range of the object property.
15:26:11 [dbooth]
tony: line 78 says fhir:AllergyIntolerance.status has owl:allValuesFrom fhirvs:allergy-intolerance-statusA , which is a VS
15:27:19 [dbooth]
davide: OWA is not well suited to validation
15:27:44 [dbooth]
lloyd: A FHIR message closes the world.
15:28:03 [dbooth]
... And a VS specifics a closed set of allowable codes.
15:28:14 [dbooth]
15:29:01 [dbooth]
lloyd: When we reference a VS in FHIR it can have a binding strength, which has 4 possible values.
15:29:25 [dbooth]
... Weak cannot express conformance with RDF. They are encouraged, but not required.
15:29:35 [dbooth]
... Fixed means the codes MUST come from this VS.
15:29:53 [dbooth]
... From that we can make assertions that the CodingBase will be drawn from this VS.
15:30:29 [dbooth]
... The fourth is most interesting: you MUST draw from the VS if your concept is in the VS, otherwise you can use a different code.
15:31:07 [dbooth]
... Which means that the concept is disjoint from the concepts implied by the VS codes or the code is in the VS.
15:36:01 [dbooth]
davide: (going back to discussion of OWA inference) I just tested the ontology in protege, and it does assert an individual value of a fhir:AllergyIntolerance.status property is inferred to be a member of fhirvs:allergy-intolerance-statusA
15:36:39 [dbooth]
lloyd: It should be fhir:AllergyIntolerance.status.coding should be owl:allValuesFrom fhirvs:allergy-intolerance-statusA .
15:37:39 [dbooth]
lloyd: have you declared CodeBase disjointFrom ConceptBase ? Tony: yes.
15:37:54 [dbooth]
lloyd: then it should have choked on line 78.
15:41:14 [dbooth]
lloyd: If you assert that the code system must be X, and anything else is present then it will yell.
15:41:59 [dbooth]
... And if you have any codes that are also present from that same system then it should yell also, provided we have tightened everything down.
15:42:56 [dbooth]
... You need disjoint assertions, then it will yell if they're violated.
15:49:45 [dbooth]
lloyd: line 416 why owl:someValuesFrom ?
15:51:12 [dbooth]
... line 427 why owl:hasValue as an individual instead of a string? The problem with using individuals is that you need disjoint assertions on all of them.
15:52:15 [dbooth]
davide: Or unless it has a functional property
15:52:46 [dbooth]
tony: line 148 is where we declare them. line 160 should say functional.
15:55:03 [dbooth]
lloyd: Line 154, fhir:CodeSystem is not a good name for this. Code system is much more than the URI. Call it fhir:CodeSystemUri.
15:56:08 [dbooth]
... Not sure what's missing here, but I know it is possible to make the reasoner choke when the wrong code is used.
15:59:54 [dbooth]
Topic: Scheduling
16:00:32 [dbooth]
dbooth: Can we move our Wed call?
16:00:43 [dbooth]
lloyd: no
16:00:49 [dbooth]
dbooth: What about Tuesdays?
16:02:43 [dbooth]
lloyd: 2pm ET would work
16:02:52 [dbooth]
dbooth: Okay, I'll check with others.
16:03:05 [dbooth]
Topic: github policy
16:03:28 [dbooth]
dbooth: Want to set checkin policy to ensure that a broken ontology is not checked in.
16:04:48 [dbooth]
dbooth: Suggest we agree on a set of test cases that must pass in order to check in.
16:08:37 [dbooth]
dbooth: Need to encourage other people to get involved and contribute.
16:18:27 [ericP]
16:18:33 [dbooth]
tony: I need to be the sole committer. Otherwise too hard for me to manage.
16:20:31 [dbooth]
dbooth: I'm fine with that. Other people could make Pull Requests (PRs) and you could be the sole person who merges them.
16:33:06 [dbooth]
Topic: Scheduling again
16:33:39 [dbooth]
(discussed other potential days/times)
16:34:01 [dbooth]
AGREED: Change Wed call to 5pm ET Tuesdays. "RDF Tuesdays" :)
16:34:39 [dbooth]
Tony: Cannot make tomorrow's call.
16:34:45 [dbooth]
dbooth: Okay, I'll cancel.
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Chair: David Booth
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Present: EricP (last portion), Lloyd McKenzie, Davide Sottara, Tony Mallia
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present+ David Booth
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s/Can we move our Wed call?/Can we move our Wed call? Grahame would like to join./
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