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Present: Kaz, Yinying, Ari, Dniel, Francois, Louay, Ryuichi, Taki
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13:12:46 [kaz_]
topic: TPAC 2015
13:12:53 [dape_]
wiki page for demoes at TPAC;,_Sapporo,_Japan#Demos
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13:13:20 [kaz_]
dape: we have 3 demos on the wiki
13:13:29 [kaz_]
... Soumya, Louay and Frank
13:13:46 [kaz_]
louay: sent an email this week
13:13:50 [kaz_]
... description on the demo
13:14:11 [kaz_]
... would share my screen with your
13:14:18 [kaz_]
13:15:08 [kaz_]
... second screen WG, which defines web apis for second screen apps
13:15:30 [kaz_]
... my proposal on the ML
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13:16:55 [kaz_]
-> Louay's message
13:17:27 [kaz_]
louay: what I proposed is API for discovery to access devices
13:17:40 [kaz_]
... would show implementations
13:18:08 [kaz_]
s/show/show prototype/
13:18:43 [kaz_]
... APIs are about ThingRequest
13:19:01 [kaz_]
... the browser uses underlying protocols
13:19:29 [kaz_]
... the browser shows options
13:19:48 [kaz_]
... when the user choose an option, the application can access things
13:20:20 [kaz_]
... Siemens has an example to access a LED
13:20:34 [kaz_]
... setting/getting a property
13:21:07 [kaz_]
dape: a possible object which could be used for the Plugfest
13:21:26 [kaz_]
louay: could be used for the Plugfest as well
13:21:50 [kaz_]
... but more as a demo outside Plugfest
13:22:18 [kaz_]
... this is just my proposal
13:22:31 [kaz_]
... as a starting point for discussion
13:22:52 [kaz_]
... e.g., do we need APIs for browsers?
13:23:04 [kaz_]
... if yes, we should think about that direction
13:23:21 [kaz_]
dape: questions for the whole IG
13:23:47 [kaz_]
... and are there any comments here?
13:24:05 [kaz_]
... please send emails to the ML if you have any feedback
13:24:47 [kaz_]
dape: unfortunately, other proposers, Soumya and Frank, are not here
13:25:39 [kaz_]
... so would go ahead and talk about Plugfest side
13:26:10 [kaz_]
taki: Fujitsu put an entry for the Plugfest, but need clarification by Nimura-san
13:26:34 [kaz_]
i|taki:|->,_Sapporo,_Japan#Plugfest Plugfest|
13:29:00 [kaz_]
kaz: one of the questions from the logistics side is whether we need any further requirements
13:30:10 [kaz_]
... e.g., wired network connection
13:30:27 [kaz_]
... all the 500 participants in TPAC will share the network
13:31:28 [kaz_]
louay: if we have our own wireless network for our demo, that's fine
13:32:38 [kaz_]
kaz: need to let the meeting planner team know
13:33:10 [kaz_]
... we want to have a local network for discovery for our demo
13:34:06 [kaz_]
... if we just need local connection, that should be fine
13:34:32 [kaz_]
dape: so we should add a column to the wiki table on whether we need global connection or not
13:38:25 [kaz_]
topic: CoAP and HTTP binding from one M2M?
13:39:18 [kaz_]
dape: unfortunately, Claes, Dave or Soumya is here
13:39:35 [kaz_]
topic: AOB
13:39:49 [kaz_]
dape: will update the demo wiki table accordingly
13:40:04 [kaz_]
... e.g., our need for a local router
13:40:23 [kaz_]
... any other points to discuss today?
13:40:27 [kaz_]
13:41:02 [kaz_]
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kaz: please visit the TPAC site at:
13:41:40 [kaz_]
... and get registered!
13:41:44 [kaz_]
[ adjourned ]
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Meeting: WoT-AP
13:42:47 [kaz_]
Chair: Daniel_Peinter
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Present: Kaz, Yingying, Ari, Daniel, Francois, Louay, Ryuichi, Taki
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