IRC log of webperf on 2015-09-23

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Meeting: Web Performance Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 23 September 2015
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present+ plh, yoav, todd
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regrets+ Eli
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19:05:53 [ToddReifsteck]
* Resource timing as base (for Nav Timing)
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19:06:33 [ToddReifsteck]
* Resource timing as base (for Nav Timing)--
19:09:25 [plh]
19:16:37 [ToddReifsteck]
* Slow-only frames, no composite, processing improvements (Frame Timing) --
19:25:31 [ToddReifsteck]
* Future-proof the rIC API and make it extensible --
19:27:02 [ToddReifsteck]
* call Fetch to extract byte stream and content type (Beacon) --
19:28:52 [plh]
" Specifications SHOULD only use USVString for APIs that perform text processing and need a string of Unicode scalar values to operate on. Most APIs that use strings should instead be using DOMString, which does not make any interpretations of the code units in the string. When in doubt, use DOMString. "
19:29:54 [ToddReifsteck]
* Size attributes: switch to unsigned long long and clarify TAO restrictions (Resource Timing)
19:30:01 [ToddReifsteck]
19:30:58 [plh]
19:31:18 [ToddReifsteck]
* Improve "initiator" reporting (Resource Timing) --
19:31:59 [plh]
19:37:46 [igrigorik]
ai: add "preflight" and "fetch" to initiatorType
19:40:25 [ToddReifsteck]
* set visibilityState when prerendering (Resource Hints)--
19:43:25 [ToddReifsteck]
* Clarify perf observer registration process (Performance Timeline)--
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