Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference

08 Sep 2015

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Taki, Daniel, Carine


<trackbot> Date: 08 September 2015

<dape> scribe: dape

<scribe> scribeNick: DP


<dape> TK: I registered for TPAC. I got approval.

<dape> .. hope others register soon

<dape> DP: I did register as well

<dape> ... will be there Monday to Friday

<dape> TK: same for me

<dape> CB: unlikely for me. Even for Liam it is not sure ...

moving discussions to the public list

<dape> TK: Carine suggested to inform public

<dape> ... I agree with that

<dape> DP: agree also

<dape> CB: Can send mail

<dape> TK: Thanks!

<dape> TK: Could move JSON schema discussion to the public

<dape> DP: Yes, some initial context would be good

<dape> TK: Daniel can you start this discussion

<dape> DP: Yes, will try to provide some context and share schema again

Public comments

<dape> TK: Youenn and Daniel think that schemaId should not change it...

<dape> ... I an agree with that

<dape> DP: for now I would think we should leave it

<dape> DP: Can try to share another draft for the response before sending it out. we know have an agreement on all comments

<dape> TK: Great

<dape> TK: Daniel, you also asked whether such discussions should be public or private

<dape> DP: Correct, was wondering whether the group should first have an agreement

<dape> CB: discussion should be during telecons. discussions should be done in the public

<dape> ... we might need some time to get used to it

<dape> DP: We also need to think about wiki pages that are private. Need to move them to the public space

<dape> TK/CB: can move current things to the public space

<dape> CB: will discuss with Liam how we deal with the spec documents et cetera

Canonical EXI

<dape> TK: float normalization was discussed in the beginning of the telecon

<dape> DP: The update should tackle the issues Taki raised..

<dape> ... the issue popped up when implementing the normalization

<dape> TK: I still work on the framework updates... will check-in code once I think it works with some degree

Summary of Action Items

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