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Meeting: Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference
14:05:26 [trackbot]
Date: 01 September 2015
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scribe: TK
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scribeNick: taki
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TOPIC: TPAC 2015, Sapporo, Japan - Reminder to Register
14:10:08 [taki]
TK: Please register to TPAC 2015.
14:14:09 [taki]
TPAC: Rechartering
14:14:26 [taki]
CB: We are supposed to be operating publicly.
14:14:46 [taki]
CB: Discussion should move to public soon.
14:15:15 [taki]
CB: New discussion should go to the public list first.
14:15:29 [taki]
CB: Such as the topic about XML schema.
14:17:53 [taki]
CB: Some groups send agenda to member-only list.
14:18:04 [taki]
CB: but the minutes should be public.
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CB: I will take care of track-bot to make minutes public.
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TOPIC: Comments on JSON Schema of XSLT working group
14:24:53 [taki]
TK: After we reach consensus, we should approach XSLT working group about XML schema for JSON support.
14:26:03 [taki]
TOPIC: Public comments
14:29:10 [taki]
YF: Since we are doing canonicalization, canonicalization is not sent on wire. It is not about optimization.
14:30:17 [taki]
YF: I will send my opinion to the list.
14:32:51 [taki]
TOPIC: Canonical EXI
14:34:20 [taki]
TK: We need to discuss this on mailing list after DP comes back.
14:34:42 [taki]
TOPIC: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) WG: 2 Drafts Published
14:38:40 [taki]
YF: They were not very interested in optimization. They were more interested in adding features, integrating with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
14:39:02 [taki]
YF: New syntax was not a priority.
14:39:37 [taki]
YF: Compression performance was not much better compared with zip.
14:40:48 [taki]
YF: With EXI decoder running in JavaScript, Web community may get more interested.
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