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Meeting: HTML Media Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 25 August 2015
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Topic: Range removal bugs discussed on Jun 30 and Jul 14:
15:12:03 [paulc]
Jerry has commented on the three Bugzilla bugs and one GitHub issue related to range removal.
15:12:19 [paulc]
Jerry is ready to make the changes and needs to discuss this with Matt.
15:12:40 [paulc]
Matt: I suggest you do pull requests here to ensure the changes are reviewed by TF members and others.
15:13:40 [paulc]
Jerry will prepare a PR for these four "bugs" and ensure that it is reviewed by at least Matt and others that have commented on the "bugs".
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Topic: MSE: Ad-insertion and seeking
15:15:21 [paulc]
15:16:21 [paulc]
Q: how would one seek across discontinuities without frame-accurate durations using Media Source Extensions?
15:16:34 [paulc]
Matt: I will reply with some advice.
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Topic: Bugs in MSE CR test suite
15:17:43 [paulc]
Jerry asked about how to handle bugs in the CR test suite especially those related to track attribute failures?
15:19:03 [paulc]
Paul: Don't hesitate to file bugs from problems in the test suite.
15:19:58 [paulc]
Matt: If it is not an implementation problem or a test sutie coverage problem then go ahead and file a spec bug to track this.
15:20:20 [paulc]
Jerry: I believe the test cases are not in sync with the spec.
15:20:47 [paulc]
Matt: Let's use a spec bug to track a test suite issue.
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We'll adjourn now and meet again on Tue Sep 15 in three weeks.
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