Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group Teleconference

12 Aug 2015

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David_Booth, Tony_Mallia, EricP
David Booth


<trackbot> Date: 12 August 2015


<ericP> http://www.hl7.org/implement/standards/fhir/2015May/fhir-spec.zip

<Tony> https://hl7-fhir.github.io/elementdefinition.html

FHIR metamodel

Tony discussed the FHIR metamodel described at https://hl7-fhir.github.io/elementdefinition.html

and how the Content table on that page itemizes the things we need to cover in OWL.

This table will help us ensure that we have complete coverage of FHIR in our mapping to RDF.

Binding strength: https://hl7-fhir.github.io/valueset-binding-strength.html

Tony: I'll make a table based on the table at https://hl7-fhir.github.io/elementdefinition.html , showing the representation in OWL.

David: This would be a good way to ensure that we have full coverage.

Eric: In principle we could also use it to generate the FHIR ontology.

Summary of Action Items

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