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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 18 June 2015
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+Present glenn
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zakim, present+ pal
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I don't understand 'present+ pal', pal
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present+ pal
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zakim, agenda+ Action Items
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agendum 1 added
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zakim, open agendum 1
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agendum 1. "Action Items" taken up [from pal]
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Glenn: no update
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Glenn: no update
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14:12:57 [pal]
pal: started the process but not done
14:13:12 [pal]
14:14:29 [pal]
tmichel: initial draft completed. bugs remain. welcomes review and feedback.
14:14:45 [pal]
14:17:12 [pal]
tmichel: wiki setup at
14:17:26 [pal]
tmichel: some dates are missing perhaps
14:18:32 [pal]
... so not clear if all comments were on the FPWD
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14:19:36 [pal]
discuss in agenda 3
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zakim, agenda+ Issues
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zakim, open agendum 2
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agendum 2. "Issues" taken up [from pal]
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no objections to resolution as implemented
14:21:52 [glenn]
close issue 369
14:22:05 [pal]
close ISSUE-369
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Closed ISSUE-369.
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no objection to proposed resolution
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close ISSUE-390
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Closed ISSUE-390.
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no objection to proposed resolution
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close ISSUE-392
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Closed ISSUE-392.
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no objection to proposed resolution
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close ISSUE-393
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Closed ISSUE-393.
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no objection to proposed resolution
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close ISSUE-394
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Closed ISSUE-394.
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no objection to proposed resolution
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close ISSUE-394
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Closed ISSUE-394.
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close ISSUE-395
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Closed ISSUE-395.
14:27:41 [pal]
pal: no suggested topics raised on open issues, moving to next agenda item
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zakim, agenda+ IMSC1 Status
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agendum 3 added
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zakim, open agendum 3
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agendum 3. "IMSC1 Status" taken up [from pal]
14:29:30 [pal]
14:30:07 [pal]
Thierry: proposed initial draft at
14:32:21 [pal]
pal: since the letter is intended in part to implementers that are not W3C members,
14:32:58 [pal]
... what about introducing W3C, TTWG, how the results will be used, etc...
14:33:20 [pal]
... might be an opportunity for W3C to reach out to new members
14:35:26 [pal]
thierry: respondents can choose to remain confidential separately at the TTWG level and implementation report
14:38:28 [pal]
thierry: nigel asked what the final date is for the questionnaire... we should put a date like October to drive responses... we can always change the date
14:38:42 [pal]
pal: October sounds fine
14:39:42 [pal]
... October it is
14:40:04 [pal]
zakim, agenda+ HTML Cue
14:40:04 [Zakim]
agendum 4 added
14:40:15 [pal]
zakim, open agendum 4 atai2
14:40:15 [Zakim]
'4\ atai2' does not match any agenda item, pal
14:40:19 [pal]
zakim, open agendum 4
14:40:19 [Zakim]
agendum 4. "HTML Cue" taken up [from pal]
14:41:16 [pal]
atai2: re: ACTION-401, kicked-off discussion with glenn, pal, Erik Lindström and nigel
14:41:38 [glenn]
14:43:51 [pal]
atai2: proposal is to prepare strawman for October TPAC
14:44:26 [pal]
q- glenn
14:45:16 [pal]
glenn: HTML WG uses "extension specifications" to extend HTML
14:47:17 [pal]
glenn: suggest working within HTML WG directly
14:49:17 [pal]
glenn: the conversion of TTML and WebVTT to HTML is separate from definition of HTMLCue
14:53:13 [pal]
pal: whether the strawman is published as a TTWG Note, liaison, wiki page, etc... it should follow the extension specification
14:54:06 [pal]
atai2: initial draft available end of July
14:56:00 [pal]
chair: pal
15:00:59 [atai2]
I seem to be disconnected from the audio
15:01:06 [atai2]
I will dial in again
15:01:23 [pal]
action: atai2 to follow on creating a strawman re: HTML Cue extension specification
15:01:24 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-406 - Follow on creating a strawman re: html cue extension specification [on Andreas Tai - due 2015-06-25].
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate tmichel
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